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Prophecy and the American Economy by Rev Michael Bresciani, July 21, 2008

 The Bible certainly does not have a section specifically relating to America's economy. In the most general sense, every nation's economy is referred to in scripture. The promise is that any nation that seeks God will see a better economy. That said where is America in this picture?


As I sat one morning pondering a prophetic message I received over thirty five years ago about the American economy I wondered if it would even be worth it to write about it yet once again. I have explained it countless times over the years and some of those years were during the Reaganomic boom times in which no one including me could see how it had any significance at all. I set aside the question and perused through the mountain of emails I get daily and there found an impassioned request from a reader for me to elucidate further on what God had related to me about America's economy. That email was the clincher.


After my conversion to Christianity almost 40 years ago I started to have hundreds of dream visions. Each one had to do largely with my own life or the lives of those around me. In between those dreams came larger more disturbing pictures of events that would affect our nation and the entire world. I have never doubted the more universal dreams mainly because the personal dreams were never wrong. Not once in all these years has one prophetic dream ever been wrong.

Three part vision


The very first prophetic dream I had came in three installments all in the same night. It was God's way of showing me that he both could and would speak to me about the future. That night I awoke three times with three separate dreams. The first and second were easy to understand because they were clearly things that had previously happened and that were presently happening respectively. The third dream was the unknown.


I puzzled over the third apparition and finally in desperation I decided to give up and go back to sleep. First I said a little prayer in which I asked God if he could help me understand what all this dreaming was about. When my head hit the pillow it hit me, I saw the past then the present so the third dream must be the future. I felt an immediate sense of peace but that was only the beginning. Eight days later the dream happened in every detail to the letter.


After that I only needed one dream to see the future not three. With some rare exceptions I always saw events exactly as they happened; no interpretation needed. Like a full color preview it is always a "what you see is what you get" revelation and never a "what on earth does that mean" kind of thing.

Feeling alone - Not so bad when considering


As the dreams increased I found myself un-nerved because I could find no one in my church or elsewhere who had any experiences like mine. It drove me to question God. I pleaded with him to show me somehow why I had this acute ability to see the future as clearly as some men see the past. I found no consolation until God pointed me to a specific scripture passage that put the question to rest. In Numbers 12:6 the Bible says "And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream."


So far it has been mostly dreams that show me the future with a few exceptions. Those exceptions were the four or five times I heard God speak in an audible language, in English and that too came with a first time confirmation so I wouldn't doubt.

Proof I didn't see coming


After praying my self to sleep one night imploring God to hear me about my need to find work I fell asleep almost assured that I would have a guiding dream vision that would solve my problem. I was a hard worker and I hated to be out of work even for a little while when I was young. But I awoke in disappointment knowing I had not seen a thing in the night.


I sat up in bed and started to feel my heart sink a bit when I sensed a presence in the room with me. Then I heard a voice speak three separate times slowly, succinctly and deliberately. First were the words "Michael you are beloved of God." After a pause those words were followed by "All your prayers have been heard." Finally after another pause I heard a one word message that I had no way of understanding. It was the single word, "Weiss."


The word Weiss had no meaning to me at all, I knew no one by that name and if it meant something else I was not aware of it. I quietly dressed and went to the city to search for work. Within an hour I found someone who agreed to hire me and I was to start the following day. I cheerfully exited my new employer's place of business thanking God. Halfway down the block I remembered that I didn't even know my new employers name. I returned stuck my head in the door and said "I'm sorry but I didn't ask you your name. His reply was "my name is Julius Weiss."


After that just like the initial first three prophetic dreams I only needed one voice or message not three. Until now I have heard such voices less than a handful of times but I have learned not to doubt. I have always been thankful that I don't hear such messages more than I do because it is hard enough trying to convey to others the messages or the few revelations I did have. In this world people who hear voices are usually thought to be serial killers, quacks and self appointed seers with dubious motives.


The two most powerful compunctions that come with prophetic utterance are first that you do not want to tell anyone what you have seen or heard. The second is that you know you must tell everyone what you have seen and heard!

America and the coming economic disasters


In the mid seventies I heard a four part message that at the time seemed impossible. It was prior to the economic boom of the eighties when home values were skyrocketing and the stock market was reaching to the stars. The message was in English and said "Michael you are a prophet" then came the words "you will speak to the American people," followed by "This is the message you will speak, Ov, Ov Penury," the final word was "not many will come out."


All of my ideas of becoming a humble teacher in the public schools went south along with my secondary hope that I might want to became a gospel missionary in some foreign land. The message made no sense to me not only because America wasn't experiencing shortages of almost anything but also because I hadn't a clue what "Ov" meant. The word penury wasn't even in my vocabulary and I had to look it up.


I finally found that Ov is an old English contraction for "overmuch" which more commonly means "a lot of." The word penury means, a state of extreme poverty or scarcity. America, in a state of extreme poverty and scarcity! Try telling that to the American dream crowd pounding away at the house in suburbia with two cars, strong college funds for the 3.5 kids, good pension plans and success in careers or business.


I took some consolation in the fact that the exact same message was given to Pastor David Wilkerson of New York City's "Times Square Church." David Wilkerson became a household name in the sixties when the story of his life was portrayed in the movie "The Cross and the Switchblade." Actor and singer Pat Boone played the part of Wilkerson in the film. Not long after the film was produced Wilkerson published a book called "The Vision." In The Vision Wilkerson detailed the amazing events that God revealed to him after he fasted and went into a long prayer vigil.


From then to now every single element of the revelation given to Wilkerson has already happened with the exception of one. That part of his vision seems to have been delayed until now just like my own. He saw a stock market dive and other economic disasters that would leave the country reeling. Like Wilkerson I was early but at least I wasn't alone!


So what does it all mean? Remember WYSIWYG that would be the short version. The detailed version is this. The world's greatest "super power" is in for an awakening. It is apropos that judgments, chastisements and corrections should come to America through economic hardships but why. Put simply it is the only language we never misunderstand. The American dream consists of everything we hold dear, the home, the cars, plenty of everything and untouchable security. You can speak of the threat of terrorists or the explosive situation brewing in the Middle East but our own economic woes are as close to home as it gets.


My view of what God has told me has been colored, reinforced and given more particulars by a careful comparison of our history, other biblical prophecies and the general moral state of the nation over the past forty years. My view is that we will undergo a deepening of the economic crisis until the fluff is blown away. What fluff you say?


Almost everything that we take for granted will no longer be granted. Jobs will dissolve by the tens of thousands; goods will be harder to find including ordinary food supplies. Grain will not be used for fuel because it will be too precious. Banks will close, fortunes will be lost and the precious metals purchased for backup will be useless. The line from an old Christian song says it best, "A piece of bread would buy a bag of gold." Pension funds will collapse or be diverted and securities and bonds will diminish rapidly in value. Stocks will plummet from blue chips to tech stocks. The word survival will once again take the place of success and riches as keywords in our everyday conversations as they did during the great depression.


The message was appendaged with the words "not many will come out." I have never doubted what that means. Clearly the modern apostate church and the world at large will not haste to heed this warning. Human nature is ancient but little has changed in it. As in the old world today folks will cozy up to the voices that promise great things to come with no downside attached. Ancient prophets always gave their messages to point people to the Living God not to gather adherents to their own doorstep. Today it would be possible to preach the gospel of salvation of the divine pumpkin pie if you have a good enough publicist and access to some major TV time. For that "they will come out," not God's words but mine. But don't worry there will always be "Philadelphian" type churches throughout America until the very end. (Rev. 3: 7f)

Stuff will never be enough - Look for God


Some have asked where they should put their money. In keeping with the biblically derived formula that money saved is usually money wasted, money spent is money used and money given is money saved; I have only one answer. Give it away, as much as you possibly can. (Mt. 6:19) Find some organization that feeds and clothes children or drills wells in villages without clean water or give it to orphanages or ministries that are getting the gospel out. You will become rich in ways that have nothing to do with personal gain.


The poverty or scarcity God speaks of has nothing to do with hurting or harming the nation. It is a wake up call or what the bible calls "chastisement" for the most obvious reasons, God loves us. In the famous story of the prodigal son in the fifteenth chapter of Luke one element of the story that is almost always overlooked is what caused the prodigal to get so low that he had to feed pigs and to avoid starvation he was even tempted to eat some of their food. The element not often mentioned is the fact that he squandered the fortune that was given to him from his inheritance. He wasted the blessings of his father without regard to the future. He lived riotously and the party seemed like it would never end. All parties end.


Why does God send prophets, messengers and preachers to us so steadily so faithfully? I'll let him answer that for himself from a passage found in the illustrious version of the bible known as the "Message."


"Think about this. Wrap your minds around it. This is a serious business, rebels. Take it to heart. Remember your history, your long and rich history. I am God, the only God you've had or ever will have - incomparable, irreplaceable - From the very beginning telling you what the ending will be, All along letting you in on what is going to happen, Assuring you, I'm in this for the long haul. I'll do exactly what I set out to do." (Isaiah 46: 8-10)

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