Sunday, January 30, 2022

"A Rare and Direct Warning" - Vox Popoli

 It would be difficult for China to make it any more clear what will happen if the USA continues encouraging the Taiwan island authorities to seek independence from China:

In a recent interview with US media, Chinese Ambassador to the US Qin Gang said that if the Taiwan island authority, emboldened by the US, keeps going down the road for independence, it would most likely involve China and the US “in a military conflict.” He also compared the Taiwan question to “the biggest tinderbox” between China and the US.

The ambassador’s words sent shockwaves to the US. US media believe this is a rare and direct warning from Chinese mainland to the US and Taiwan.

This was the first one-on-one interview of Qin as China’s ambassador to the US, and the audience was the Americans. The views he expressed were not only a clear signal to US political elites – he warned them not to continue to play with fire on the Taiwan question or they will face dire consequences – he also intended to let more Americans realize the seriousness of the consequences of “using Taiwan to contain the Chinese mainland” and who the real destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits is.

The US government can appeal to democracy, the new neo-liberal rules-based world order, or Mighty Cthulhu all it likes, but there are certain geopolitical realities it is going to accept, one way or another. First, Russia is not going to permit NATO expansion or US missiles near its borders. Second, Taiwan is part of China.

Whether it has to accept those realities the hard way or not is the only question. If the neocons remain in control and remain hell-bent on war, Russia and China will give it to them. But the war is very unlikely to proceed along the nice little controlled path that the neocons have in mind.