Sunday, January 30, 2022

justin trudeau: a portrait in cowardice and projection - the cure for the big lie is the "big, simple fact" - el gato malo

what’s going on in canada right now is amazing. it’s a genuine uprising of peaceful people retaking their society from aristocratic usurpation. it’s an inspiration. it’s a template. i am excited. i think you should be excited too.

trudeau has been a nasty little despot. he has championed the politics of division, vilification, and uncivil discourse masquerading as some search for the common good as he presumes to speak for the collective.

he has repeatedly presented a failure to submit to imposed governmental diktat as something “unacceptable” and urged people not to tolerate it.

he has described those seeking freedom as racists, sexists, extremists, and bigots of all flavors.

and he has many fellow travelers in this echo chamber happy to help carry this putrid water for him.

but justin is a liar and so are all his filthy friends.

the denizens of his echo chamber have spent so long hearing only one another and believing that they are the only voices speaking that i’m not even sure they can tell when they are lying anymore.

the good news is that as with so many other of the vast half-baked claims of the pandemic from “lockdowns work” to “vaccines will stop the spread” his recent claims of “this is just a small, fringe movement” fell apart almost as fast as he spoke them.

because there is one surefire cure for the big lie, and that is the big, simple fact, the fact so plain, so obvious, and so unavoidable that you cannot miss it.

you can hector people all you like about how well the fauci ouchie jab is going to turn you into a “dead end” for the virus (and this they surely did, we have the receipts) but when literally everyone knows 20 people who got jabbed, boosted, and then got covid, well, the jig is up for you. everyone can see you for what you are.

they can see that you lied. and now, they are not going to trust you anymore.

credibility is hard won and easily lost. that’s the game. thanks for playing.

and so when you describe incipient protests that are literally on their way to you in the 10’s and 100’s of thousands as “small” and “fringe” and get your tame media to film them from bad angles to make them look tiny so that you can push this narrative, well, when ottowa starts to look like this a couple days later, well, you look a right fool, don’t you?

just more lies from the lying liars who know no else.

what’s happening in canada right now is among the most important events in the world. this is a genuine uprising for freedom. it’s a template for everywhere. and yet it’s hard to even find it discussed in the US mainstream media and when it is, it’s mostly minimized and vilified. they downplay the size and play up the “fringe” and “unacceptable views” angles. to hear AP tell it, you’d think this was a pro slavery rally.

this tells you all you need to know about what’s being done to manipulate your perceptions and hide this rising of we the people from the rest of us the people. this is exactly what the globalist class can least tolerate: it is the clear, obvious fact that not only are the people not with them, but of where the real power resides.

they suppress this because this is what you need to know. the suppress this BECAUSE it is the template for everywhere.

it tales an awful lot to wake this many lions. that but they did it, and now they are playing desperate defense.

so what comes next? why, more lies of course. more vilification. more attempts to claim some moral high ground. but this is as tawdry as it is threadbare. the false, hollow viciousness of it stands testament to the moral bankruptcy of the debased ideology it tries to occlude through relentless attack and absurdist projection

this is what losing it in the bunker at the end of the war sounds like.

it’s the point where the echo chamber is nothing but a cascading screech of feedback.

justin is out of rope. and justin is afraid.

this is no longer some semantic squabble in the salon where the cultivated “rightthink” and self delusion can shelter you. this is the real world. and these are the real people. and that have had a bellyful of you and then some. and your time here is done.

because this is not 500 trucks. and you know it.

and so you flee. and you hide. gone are any vestiges of bravery or leadership. that was charade. that was sham. now we see the true mettle, and it is soft, it is weak.

he sees the people in peaceful assembly and all he can imagine is this, because justin inhabits a hallucination.

he claims to fear violence, but there is no violence. that’s projection. frankly, it’s wishful thinking. trudie would LOVE for this to turn violent because it would allow him to respond in kind, declare a riot, bring the troops, crack down and war upon his own people. because that’s what tyrants do and he has no other cards.

but these are not your people justin.

this is us.

we’re the other guys, the peaceful but implacable people who are not here to break windows and loot a best buy. we’re here to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

these are the patriots. these are the heroes. these are the free people who will not be ruled by hectoring cowards and their smug condescension and presumption.

and we stand with them and against you. this is a simple and clean act of bravery and determination.

it’s a thing you wouldn’t understand.

these are the REAL people. you’ve probably never met one, so it’s not a surprise that you have no idea what to expect from them. it’s not a surprise that you did not know what they want, what they think, or how they feel about you and your odious oppressive narcissism.

so now you see the sincerity and depth of their convictions.

and now, as you slink into hiding and try to blame a covid rule that does not even apply to you, we see the sincerity and depth of your character as well.

we see the bully flee with tail betwixt legs. you were not even chased.

but you ran.

do us all a favor and don’t come back.

les jeux sont faits.

you’ve lost. the people are not with you. they do not serve you. they have remembered the rightful order of things and in that order the state serves them and not they it.

they are citizens, not subjects.

and that means that they have no use for you and your ilk any longer.

go find some sinecure at a WEF talking shop where you can keep yourselves and your poisonous ideologies away from we the people and drown your sorrows in groupthink and indignation that the damn proles were too benighted to accede to your grand designs for them.

you’ll probably like it.

but remember also that out here in the real world, the real people know you now and their answer to you is not going to change.

now and always, that answer is: