Thursday, January 13, 2022

Indiana Alex Jones and The Last Conspiracy Theory

Big Collusion, Parallel Realities & Stubborn Certainty In Our Hijacked Information Age

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“You must choose. But, choose wisely, for as the true information will bring you life, the lies and propaganda will take it from you.”

You Must Choose Wisely
We hear a great deal about mass formation and mass psychosis these days. The psychological theories are palatable and familiar enough to be distributed amongst those who can recognize truths, associate them with our two-year nightmare and easily communicate them to others. Free floating anxiety, personal anxiety, isolation, segregation, engineered fear through propaganda for social division and control. These are all interconnected but they require greater examination for comprehending the machinations of our information age, especially the propaganda side of the equation which is really the wellspring of resultant psychological responses. The propaganda of today is not your grandmother’s propaganda.

Here one could dive into the nature of propaganda, its history and all the literary staples of propaganda studies, but in trying to convince others that what they believe to be true is actually propaganda, this methodology might be as effective as that David Foster Wallace story about fish comprehending what water is. With the ubiquitous nature of propaganda today, a life source for millions of misguided world views and beliefs, a different approach is required.

The most impressive and fascinatingly spectacular thing about propaganda today is the people trapped in its spell believe they are simply and passively engaging art, education, cinema, late night entertainment, online news and information searches and consumption. This is how the powers that be can socially engineer a catatonic state of blissful ignorance and total obedience in millions of people around the world through one series of events. Their lives are constantly controlled. Their impressions and stimuli always carefully managed. Their perception of it all is under the spell that they are freely making choices for information that haven’t already been made for them through behavioral conditioning and predictive engineering.

All of the above is related to the process of passively accepting information, rather than discerningly choosing information. The former is done for you, the latter requires a dedicated effort that results in not being a manipulated ignoramus. I don’t mean to insult you reader but this is a far more profound collective crisis than a virus, and most of the past two years does not happen if the majority out there were not lazy, passive acceptors of information.

Now that the introduction is concluding and your attention spans are fading, the impulse to depart this essay and return to your regularly scheduled programming is going to be too overwhelming soon, if I keep writing you’ll leave, another sentence and you’ll be gone…Let’s play a game!

Only one of these three options below is true. You must accept choose wisely.

A. A novel coronavirus was transmitted at wet market in Wuhan, China through a bat and an intermediary animal before infecting humans. The novel virus was first identified from an outbreak in December 2019, and attempts to contain it there failed, allowing it to spread across the globe. To protect their citizens governments across the west had to lockdown societies to keep the virus from spreading and hospitals from becoming too overwhelmed with patients. In addition to necessary lockdowns, health experts implemented other safety measures to slow the spread of the virus, including masks, social distancing and contact tracing using human and digital surveillance technologies. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs in biotechnology vaccines were quickly developed, tested and approved for mass distribution around the world. The vaccines are safe, effective and necessary to protect the health and safety of citizens, especially the most vulnerable. They should be mandatory for everyone to participate in society to protect the health of everyone else.

B. A coronavirus may have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China in December of 2019, where important research on bat coronaviruses was being conducted. The virus was identified and sequenced by the Chinese government and distributed around the world for companies to begin the process of developing vaccines. Government imposed lockdowns were necessary to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients. Other measures and safeguards were put in place to buy time until the vaccines could be safely tested and then approved for emergency use. Some of these measures were more effective than others but governments and policy makers did the best they could with a rapidly evolving situation. The masks turned out to not be as effective as we were told, and the vaccines not as effective or safe as they initially believed but are still a useful tool in protecting the health and safety of those who want them.

C. A lab engineered coronavirus that was not novel was intentionally released in Wuhan, China in September or October of 2019 during the world military games. The virus is a bioweapon with a deadly spike protein inserted to make it highly transmissible and toxic in humans. As it spread across the globe governments across the west coordinated harmful policies and measures that intentionally did far more harm than good and sold it to the people as necessary for their ‘health and safety’. Early effective treatments were ignored or suppressed, cases manipulated with false positive results, and for the first time in human history ‘harm’ was collectivized to retract civil liberties while the only government ‘cures’ were experimental “vaccines” already in waiting which would be forced on entire populations through human rights violating coercive measures. The entire purpose of all of it was to usher in vaccine passports so governments could have total control over their populations, whose liberties would now be contingent on them doing whatever they were told for “health and safety” and “the common good”.

And only one of these two options below is true. You must accept choose wisely. One will nurture your immunity to engineered fear and the other will nurture your immunity to common sense.

D. It could be argued that I’ve created three paragraphs littered with intentional lies and propaganda to discredit two of them and enhance only one of them.

E. It could be argued that I’ve created three paragraphs littered with conspiracy theories and misinformation to discredit two of them and enhance only one of them.

Some of you will choose the correct option D, and others will choose the correct option E. You will all be certain that you have chosen correctly. This ability to exist in parallel realities is rooted in a stubborn certainty, which is the technologically algorithmically socially engineered illusion of our maladroit hijacked information age. The arrogance and now cruelty that is derived from this stubborn certainty will be the end of us all.

Big Collusion
Under the lies and propaganda of option ‘D’ one could insert the names of corporate media sources and their legacy media conglomerate owners. In the U.S. there are only five conglomerates that control all information - Disney, Newscorp., Comcast, Viacom, Turner. This is down from THOUSANDS of companies just 40 years ago. These big five have global partners in international news desks - Reuters, AFP, Associated Press, and state partners in CBC, ABC, BBC, NPR, and their big five surveillance and intelligence agencies CIA, GCHQ etc. Their Big Tech partners are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and all their subsidiaries, Instagram, YouTube etc.

This is one giant Big Collusion propaganda machine that serves global corporate interests by creating narratives, omitting facts and blatantly lying and smearing those who challenge their information cartel, notably independent and alternative sources of information that are not corrupted by corporate or global state powers. Their preferred methods of smearing those who challenge their power are to label them “conspiracy theorists” and their information as “misinformation”. This is their smoke and mirrors operation reinforced by oligarch funded Orwellian “fact checkers”.

One essentially has two choices: You can get your information from their “authoritative” sources of Big Collusion and be completely misinformed as to sound delusional like some Supreme Court Justices, while being certain you have the correct information, or you can ignore the pejorative “conspiracy theorist” and get all your information from non-corporate sources that have been labeled by corporations “misinformation”.

If your mind has been open, and you are an objective and rational person you’ll see that over the past two years everything that was once considered a “conspiracy theory” ended up coming true, from government mandated vaccine passports, to compulsory injections to keep one’s job and participate in society, all the way down to the crazy “depopulation agenda” theories that cannot be ignored as nations force experimental injections into children age 5-11 who have a 20000%1 greater risk of harm from that injection than they do from death with any variant of the virus. For those who love their misguided traffic safety analogies this would be like dumping your kids in the car without seat belts and racing through yellow lights across every intersection in town while downing shots of vodka every ten minutes. No sane person would do that to their children, and yet there are millions who believe it’s for their children’s own good to take them to be injected with what they’ve been told is a “vaccine”. Having bad information today, and being so certain it is good information, is extremely deadly.

Is this stubborn certainty rooted in how we acquire and process the information that are the sources for what we believe?

Parallel Realties
The certainty paradox of our hijacked information age results in the creation of ‘parallel realities'. Some will recognize one of the three choices above to be more truthful and accurate than the others, while recognizing people they know who believe another choice to be more truthful and accurate than what they believe. During our pandemic crisis this has been a frustrating source of animosity between colleagues, friends and families, all of whom are far too certain that only they are correct and they alone. They become so desperate to convince others, and they are devastated when they do not succeed. They simply cannot comprehend why these friends and family cannot see what is so obviously glaringly true and vice versa.

Information Sources
All major technologies we once relied on for information acquisition have been hijacked for psychological operations relating to propaganda dissemination for manipulation and control. This is nothing new. In the past it was much easier to control methods of information dissemination through analog technologies like the printing press, radio and a single television in each home with four channels. The propaganda was more overt rather than cloaked. The rising digital tides have eroded old methods and led to adoption of new propaganda strategies and tactics that are no longer reserved for nations alone but work like a globally interconnected propaganda machine. How we acquire information, consume information, process information and redistribute that information through our attention networks, formerly known as ‘social networks’, is very different from how propaganda was unleashed in the past for psychological manipulation.

Information Acquisition
Our understanding of truth and ‘reality’ is only as good as our methods of information acquisition. The majority of people still use the Google Truth Machine2 known as Google Search. Facebook and YouTube have their own truth machine search engines that will only show Big Collusion sources. Your chances of getting any facts to help you understand an issue or story is by design impossible. Wikipravda, formerly known as Wikipedia has also been completely hijacked by Big Collusion forces. It could be argued that entire fields of academia are also working directly for corporate interests or ideological allegiances rather than for truth and enlightenment. All of these preferred methods of information acquisition have become hijacked by Big Collusion.

How easy it is with a global centralized truth machine to engineer the ignorance and inactions of people, and get them to believe they arrived at their compliance and obedience all on their own.

Attention Networks
Ten years ago social scientists were sounding the alarm on Facebook when more than half of Americans used it as their primary platform for news and information. By the end of the decade this figure reached 8 out of 10 people. Big Collusion sources dominate the platform while alternative sources are banned or blacklisted for spreading ‘harmful speech’ or ‘misinformation’. People who share Big Collusion sources on Facebook or Twitter are amplifying the lies and propaganda to their “followers” who in turn amplify them until the network effect sends them around the world. The attention networks have Oligarch funded “fact checkers” who also amplify the lies and propaganda and smear alternative sources that challenge the Big Collusion engineered narratives.

Algorithmic Echo Chambers
These networks are designed to trap users into a ‘false reality’ of their own clicking. Their views are catered to using predictive algorithms to extract their attention. Attention is capital. The more time and attention users expend on these platforms the more they enrich the shareholders and executives who are not interested in open honest debate with a multitude of viewpoints. They are controlled platforms to reinforce confirmation biases and push users into greater and greater certainty without being challenged by opposing views. The first warning of this certainty reinforcement process was issued by Eli Parser in his book The Filter Bubble. The consequences of information echo chambers today is far worse than anything he could have predicted.

Balkanized Attention Platforms
This is how certainty is reinforced when one platform censors the wrong think of individuals, many of whom share the same views or ideological predispositions. Once marooned from one ideological platform they run to the next one where they see like-minded individuals fleeing, like Gettr. Twitter may be as Jeremy Clarkson called it, “…a place where far left individuals go to agree with other far left individuals.” Political labels aside it has also been weaponized by the global forces whose hands are recognizable in engineering our present predicament to censor, label, “fact check”, chill, suspend or blacklist anyone who dares challenge their lies and propaganda, while Big Collusion sources of legacy media conglomerates are permitted to spew their authoritative “misinformation”, slander, lies and propaganda with absolute impunity. Fleeing to other platforms will only enhance the stubborn certainty and parallel realities of differing tribes. This is not just the balkanization of attention and confirmation bias reinforcement, this is the surest path to Balkanizing societies and nations through the civil strife that spills from the reinforced and misguided digital world to the physical world.

Politicization of Everything
Under these conditions it becomes easy to make masks political, to make vaccines political, to make children attending school, effective early treatments, mandates, passports, everything becomes political and people will refuse to believe something based on their political tribal allegiances. The ideological lenses that paint our subjective realities are being weaponized against us to enhance social divisions. As long as we are at each other’s throats, those responsible for the most grievous crimes of this young century are able to continue on their path of destruction without resistance or consequences.

Big Collusion wants us to take the blind leap of faith. You must believe the “authoritative sources”.

The Three Paths
As a teenager I was the preferred babysitter of neighbors with two young boys whose favorite film at the time was Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I got so sick and tired of popping this cassette into their VHS player every time I came over to babysit, because it was all they wanted to watch, over and over and over. Perhaps all that viewing will finally serve a greater purpose.

At the end of the film Indiana Jones must pass three tests to get to the cup of eternal life and save his father.

  • The penitent man will pass. The humble man kneels before God.

  • Witness the name of God. Jehova, in latin it is spelled Iehova.

  • Belief. Take the blind leap of faith.

Assume these three tests are what the information gatekeepers of today want everyone to undertake - witness, submission and a blind leap of faith. They are the almighty whose words we must blindly accept. For the millions who take the leap of faith and believe what the Corporate-State information overlords tell them, there is no bridge to support them when they leap. They are leaping into a deep, dark ravine of mass psychosis and brain washing.

If science and truth cannot rest on assumption and faith than this is a certain path to superstition and folly, which is what we are constantly asked to accept, at the expense of actively choosing sound information rooted in fact, reason and reality. This path they want us to follow is not the path to eternal life, but eternal darkness, and it’s all being engineered by design.

If you believe option C. above is closest to the truth then you’ve developed nurtured immunity to engineered fear derived from lies and propaganda. You chose, wisely.

If you chose A. or B. you keep passively accepting bad information and you’ve been engineered to keep playing the global medical totalitarian squid game our managers have prepared for their benefit and humanity’s detriment.

We’ve known for 5 weeks that Omicron is the common cold. People who get their information from Big Collusion still do not know this. They will wait in line in winter weather for hours to be told whether they have a cold or not, something we used to tell ourselves without a test by simply assessing our own symptoms. Having bad information has many consequences, the least of which makes you look like a damn fool. This is what nurturing immunity to common sense looks like.

The Last Conspiracy Theory
We are so bereft of conspiracy theories today that Alex Jones is now the mainstream media. This is not a joke, as every night more people tune in to his show for the truth than bother to watch CNN, MSNBC or most alphabet networks, state (CBC, BBC, ABC) or corporate (ABC, NBC, CBS). This drives the Oligarchs mad. It of course terrifies NPR and BBC devotees who believe Alex Jones is lying and those corporate-state colluders are telling the truth. What these people don’t comprehend is who benefits from the lies, and who benefits from telling the truth. If Alex Jones lies he gets sued in court and loses millions, while losing millions of followers. If he tells the truth, then conspiracy theories collapse and more people will tune into his show seeing him as a prophet and slayer of conspiracy theories. If the corporate-state information gatekeepers lie, their lies are spread far and wide through global attention networks without consequences for these corporations but with grave, dire consequences to those who believe their lies. These entities also enrich themselves with their lies. It’s a billion dollar global propaganda machine with self reinforcing enrichment mechanisms.

Believe Alex Jones and you win or are at least entertained and you can still dismiss whatever you want with a discerning ear and critical mind, while he still needs to sell vitamins to pay his bills. Believe Big Collusion and you lose badly while enriching those whose goal is to intentionally deceive you so they can manipulate and control you.

Seven hundred years ago were the last crusades. Seven hundred years from now historians will remember this moment as the time of the last conspiracy theory. The only conspiracy theory remaining in our divided world full of recognizable lies and propaganda is that there are any remaining conspiracy theories at all. It wasn’t Alex Jones who slayed them. It was the Corporate-State propagandists and their oligarch owners who made them come true.

Only a shared reality based on objective truth and rationality sought through open minds thinking critically can break the destruction of parallel realities. You must actively choose rather than passively accept information in our hijacked information age. It takes effort, but it’s worth it. And don’t take my word for it.

*If you know people still passively accepting Big Collusion’s lies and propaganda and it seems like they live in a parallel information reality then invade their inbox with this piece. Friends don’t let friends passively accept lies so corporations and governments can manipulate and control them.