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The Road To Tyranny Is Paved With Dementia - Good Citizen

You kids hear about Corn Pop? Corn Pop was a bad dude.

Block quotes = WebMD stages of dementia.
Italics = Inner Dialogue + quotes from the film Memento.

You'll notice more changes in their thinking and reasoning. They may have trouble making plans, and they may repeat themselves a lot. They may also have a hard time remembering recent events.

So, Where are you? You’re inside an oval office. It doesn’t look like the oval office when Barack was here. It looks like a pretend staged version. Why are you here? There’s a man on a screen who appears to be talking to me. Who is he? Don’t ask me a question, don’t ask me a question…

Papa Dementia
There are all kinds of generous Papas in the world. At Christmas much of the western world knows the most generous chubby bearded fella who zips around the world with gifts as St. Nikolas but in France he’s Papa Noël. The Soviet Union had Joseph Stalin, also known as Papa Joe. He brought all kinds of gifts to people too, often meted out after long train rides to nowhere. What the last election in the U.S. really boiled down to (aside from some vote rigging in five counties in five states to swing it in favor of management’s choice, something we’re not allowed to talk about) is an unaccountable rogue state apparatus of intelligence agencies and party apparatchiks who work for unelected foreign global interests to have the greatest gift they could ever hope for, a puppet President who doesn’t know what day it is. He was selected on the third day of the eleventh month and glory to the regime they called him Papa Dementia.

Papa Dementia likes ice cream and young children. He licks one and caresses and smells the other. Disgusting? Yes, his own daughter agreed in her diary after some “inappropriate showers” she was unable to suppress. Remember undemented readers, that was the man before dementia. The one who had an affair with his campaign fundraiser’s wife, the now devoted handler to dear Papa, Dr. Jill. Doctor of palliative care? No. Doctor of mediocre community college reformation dissertations and spousal and elder abuse. The esteemed Doctor Jill whom the corporate media drools over incessantly after spending four years ignoring the deplorable immigrant first lady who wanted to be best. Immigrants are only sometimes a strength.

The man before dementia could hide behind his power as legislative gimp to the credit card industry in Delaware, signatory of the patriot and Iraq war acts, the urban crime bill, the telecommunications act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and numerous other legislative calamities that have rendered the United States of America a constitutional republic in history books only. The demented condition now is a good excuse for the devil to part ways with any responsibility for his past disgraceful behavior. Ten percent for the big guy. Fire that guy or you don’t get the money. Never underestimate his ability to F things up, his good buddy Barack said. He was always incompetent, but now he has a convenient excuse.

Management loves a demented devil. He reads their scripts with the eloquence of an Irishman the morning after St. Patrick’s day. We’re not even asked to play along and believe that logic and reason are never needed. There will be no questions about inconsistencies or hypocrisies in their scripts from Papa Dementia, he won’t even bother to practice reading them. He doesn’t know the meaning of his utterances. The words will be read on command from an oval office playroom adjacent to the real thing. When he’s incapable of reading the mask covered faces of his hand picked Pravda audience he might turn to deep whispers commanding his subjects to do something because it’s so obviously the correct and decent thing to do otherwise his handlers would not have written those words down for him to recite. “Get vaccinated people, get vaccinated, do your patriotic duty and get vaccinated.” His whispering or yelling improvisation skills are deployed in direct proportion to his declining approval ratings.

I’m looking for Peppermint Pravda, she’s my press secretary, has anyone seen her? Did I say that already? I’ve probably told this to you, but I have this condition.

When the results of an election are make believe, so is everything that follows - press conferences, photo ops, conference calls with world leaders who play along, mandates that follow the science, patrolling borders, enforcing laws, respecting the constitution, transitory inflation, vaccine safety data, caring for the working or middles classes, an insurrection worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined, believing white supremacy and domestic terrorism are real threats to the country. An entire national agenda and its astute managers in the pentagon and intelligence communities engineering one Papa Dementia play date after another, each one followed by pollsters unable to hold the artificially approved line. The people won’t play along so easily, chanting something about a Brandon in packed bread and circus houses across the country. Management gathers the Pravda workers and asks them to change the narrative and be more positive. It is Pravda’s fault Papa Dementia isn’t adored.

This is Joe B. He can’t be trusted. He has the same condition I have.

Potemkin regimes require a lot of make believe. Make believe becomes endemic to keeping power and pretending to have solutions to problems that never existed until management kept pointing them out. In the wake of the occupy wall street protests the media started mentioning race and racism as if it were a national crisis. As if on cue from the bankers in the hot seat, the media and the parties of wall street engineered a moral racial panic. Google searches for “racism” skyrocketed after 2012 and the bankers were no longer in the spotlight. A ‘hands up don’t shoot’ Pravda fantasy burned a St. Louis suburb to the ground and everywhere people imagined they heard, or rather that someone told them about somewhere there were some racist cops indiscriminately shooting unarmed black men. ‘Oscars so white’ went viral two years later and casting directors responded. Campus ideological incubators fueled the panic across the nation. In a nation with a deficit of real racism, imaginary racism, historical racism and systemic racism become make believe substitutes for the real thing, and the solution to the make believe racism is more racism. The same follows for sexism, and all the identity ‘isms’ and ‘constructs’ that give make believe solutions their pretend validity.

We are all just supposed to play along as if it constitutes reality. It’s easy to ignore reality when Papa Dementia is the perfect executive national embodiment of our continued denial of reality. Men can compete in women’s sports. Gender is a construct. The U.S. is still a constitutional republic where “democracy matters” yet is consistently under threat from fantastical forces conjured out of thin air by political committees, DOJ apparatchiks and their Stasi enforcers in the FBI. The 2020 election was the most secure and honest election in history, and yet Congress must immediately pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act now or the future of our “democracy” is in peril, and the only way to do that is to immediately dispense with the Senate filibuster which is a Jim Crow era racist relic…that democrats used 22 times in 2020. The problem with playing make believe all the time is you can never keep your story straight.

When real problems like inflation, evacuating Afghanistan or a border crisis come along they are so thoroughly ignored or dealt with ineptly you would think Papa Dementia was really in charge of handling them. Maybe the handlers want people to think that because they have other plans for Papa Dementia before he is put out to pasture. The perfect political pawn doesn’t know what he said the day before. A pawn’s approval ratings never really matter in the quest to destroy all institutions to maintain and hold absolute power. We can all pretend those institutions still matter, are still relevant. The Supreme Court just mandated experimental toxic injections for healthcare workers or they lose their jobs. Are there any institutions left unscorched? When management is standing victorious on their ash heaps they will believe that the ends justified the means. They will commission McKinsey for a report that confirms it.

They'll have more problems with making plans and remembering recent events. They may have a hard time with traveling and handling money.

Where am I? We’re going to the beach again. I’m supposed to wear my mask for the cameras. Where’s Jill? Where’s my mask? Hey, come here Sergeant, Commander, Captain, whatever your name is, thataboy, that’s a good pup.

Great Insurrection Dementia
It was worse than pearl harbor, 9/11, and the civil war combined. Never mind that nobody died other than the indiscriminate execution of a protestor by an incompetent cop. She deserved it, she voted the wrong way. Everyone there that day voted the wrong way. January 6th was a stain on our great democracy and the insurrectionists who terrorized the capital that fateful day will be held in solitary confinement without charges as political prisoners to show the world just how much the regime loves democracy.

We are all asked to play along, to pretend there was an insurrection, that was a “danger to our democracy”, that lives were ever threatened or that criminal seditionists should rot in solitary confinement without charges or a trial. What are countries called throughout history that have political prisoners kept in solitary confinement for not following the ruling regime? Castro had them. Chavez, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pinochet threw them from helicopters into the pacific ocean. At least in Washington D.C. they have a bed and something resembling food a few times per day. Isn’t that what healthy democracies do, feed political prisoners rather than throw them from helicopters? It’s in the bill of rights for sure: Feed political prisoners who exercise their first amendment rights in the people’s house against a rigged election.

We’re supposed to just pretend the FBI and Homeland “security” didn’t orchestrate the events of January 6th with dozens of plants in the crowd tossing barricades and smashing capital building windows. You could see the trained B&E artists glowing nuclear green with their Quantico issued expandable batons breaking the glass flashing their badges to capital police to clear the way.

Every great pretend crisis engineered as a pretend coup d'état by political enemies needs a thorough examination of the events that unfolded by a completely partisan kangaroo committee with subpoena power to steer the inquisition in the proper direction, toward more make believe and fantasy and away from reality. People will be questioned under oath, lists will be made, political enemies will face swift and unequal justice before the regime media and the whole world watching what a model “democracy” really looks like. A final commission report will be filed with an official narrative of what everyone is supposed to believe really happened that day.

𓏲 𓂄 𓂁 on Twitter: "Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento, 2000" / Twitter

Natalie: Must be tough living your life according to a couple scraps of paper. You mix your laundry list with your grocery list and you might end up eating your underwear for breakfast.

Lenny: Look I’m sorry I don’t remember you, it’s nothing personal.

Border Crisis Dementia
When management tells you to open the border you open it. You tell the whole world during the campaign that when you’re elected, anyone who wants to cross that border is welcome to do so with no repercussions. Unvaccinated and sick with Covid? No problem, come on in. Criminal rapist or murderer on the lamb? Bienvenido! Step right up world, the open border spree is here, come and get your free one-way walk into our crumbling corporatocracy, step right up! And so two million did step right up and got a free federally funded shuttle to the purple state of management’s choice plus some debit cards, housing, food stamps. When management has total power they’ll simply make voting for illegals legal, like New York City just did for a million illegals, then they’ll finally have their thousand year woke Reich.

When the Pravda media failed to do their jobs and shut up about the crises at the border, and too many people started asking uncomfortable questions management in all its brilliance decided to hand it off to Kamala. They knew it was a lose-lose issue for them so they gave it to her, the one who called their dear Papa a racist during the democratic debates. With the party of woke having aligned itself with the mob of infantile bedwetters who see wayssism everywhere (a catastrophe of their own making) you simply cannot even pretend to care about enforcing the border or border laws because that would be considered racist. The solution is to do what you do with every other crisis, ignore it and make believe it isn’t really happening and when that doesn’t work any longer you dump it in Kamala’s lap. Poor Kamala doesn’t have Papa’s condition to excuse her incompetence so her approval rating is worse than his. She was appointed as an incompetent place holder and virtue signal so Papa could score points with the 90% of his party which is now completely obsessed with skin melanin and pee pee parts. She checked both boxes and was so thoroughly mediocre she could be counted on to be worse at whatever Papa appeared to be struggling with, which made him look just a little less useless.

Has Kamala been to the border yet? Ahh who needs a border anyway. Any great country can withstand an open border. It’s what gives us our strength. That’s what they told me to say. Does it?

They may not remember their phone number or their grandchildren's names. They may be confused about the time of day or day of the week. At this point, they’ll need assistance with some basic day-to-day functions, such as picking out clothes to wear.

Watching 'Memento' Again for the First Time - The Ringer

Natalie: Even if you get revenge, you’re not going to remember it.

Lenny: Just because there are things I don’t remember, doesn’t mean my actions are meaningless. The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?

Pandemic of The Unvaccinated Dementia
If you repeat a lie often enough to Papa Dementia he’ll never know it’s a lie, no matter how much new information he gets. You can tell him to question the vaccines ordered by his predecessor under operation warp speed during the campaign, and say he doesn’t trust them. A few months later you can tell him those same vaccines for a virus with a survival rate of 99% are essential to “return to normal” and that it’s the patriotic thing to do for “health and safety”. You tell him in February it will never be mandatory and then have him change his position four months later. You can order him to threaten people’s health care, jobs and livelihoods if they don’t get it and find some obscure federal agency with no constitutional authority to write the official order. You can divide your political enemies with more mandates and separate those who are obedient to the regime and those who are dissidents, so the latter can end up on the favorite tool of all totalitarian regimes - watch lists. You can use the mandates to purge all dissidents from as many industries as possible to engineer misery for them and make sure only compliant automatons and loyalists are in power everywhere.

You can get him to believe the virus is dangerous and only the federal government has all the solutions necessary to fix the problem. Even if he forgets, or doesn’t care, it won’t matter because by golly he was born for the job and knew it was his destiny ever since he was a plagiarizing ‘C’ student at Syracuse Law School. How convenient it is to engineer the solutions and narratives to the very thing that helped install Papa Dementia in power without anyone to ask any inconvenient questions about the science which is only to be interpreted by Pfizer-controlled CDC, FDA and NIH. You can keep scaring the shit out of the nation, forcing schools to stay remote and needlessly destroy childhoods for another year, and when they do go back make sure their parents are still scared enough by making their kids suffocate under bacterial diapers so they sacrifice their little ones on the alter of Big Pharma’s perfectly safe and effective experimental vaccines, for a virus that was never a threat to children at all.

You can get Papa Dementia to say things to his political enemies that solidify his role as Commander and Chief of Unity like “It’s going to be a dark winter of death for the unvaccinated.” None of it ever has to be true or rooted in facts or science, and that’s the entire point of Papa Dementia’s placement on the regime throne, that’s what makes him so necessary and essential to management’s agenda. Everyone can look at him and say, “Oh, crazy Joe is at it again” and then you can transmute his demented condition toward an accepted normality, as it becomes easier to weaponize his words against your enemies. Nothing is off limits, everyone can just play along, nothing is a liability to the regime, not even his crackhead son.

You may also see changes in their personality and emotions. They can no longer speak their thoughts.

Crack Is A Lonely Hunter Dementia
As if on cue the corporate media in service to the regime completely ignored the President’s son and all his adorable antics for months leading up to the big day. Their favorite smear was deployed to any beltway dissidents who wandered off script, “Russian conspiracy theorist!” His laptop emerged with compromising photos, videos, documents of double dealing, enriching himself on his father’s connections and with his father’s blessing. Ten percent for the big guy. Deals in Ukraine, in China, even in Russia. Lots of smoking crack in hotel rooms with underage hookers and rotten teeth. The secret service even bailed him out of a federal gun crime when he lied on his application. A trail of credit card payments, even to high class escorts prove it all and yet not one ounce of curiosity out of the corporate regime scribes, or the regime police at the FBI, or the regime law enforcers at the DOJ. Silence. Make believe. Pretend. It never happened, the fact checkers all agreed. The tech companies will take down anything that goes against the regime fact checkers.

America loves a comeback. When the sad sack got his act together it was to scribble shit with oil paints and sell them to the highest anonymous bidder. Five hundred thousand here, five hundred thousand there. The comeback story of the decade and again no critical questions from the regime scribes. From a crack smoking, hooker chasing, lap top losing, teeth crumbling side dealing bum who fathered a child with a Louisiana stripper and romanced his brother’s widow just after his death, to a quiet family man with a soft touch for the canvas that even Degas would appreciate, how inspiring and uplifting. A book deal followed and by golly he got a few million for that too. It helps when half the country pretends you’re something you’re not and your Papa Dementia doesn’t care as long as you get him that ten percent, $2 million in just one deal with a Chinese property developer. When some of the richest people in the country are in public service, on public servant salaries it’s the first sign you might not live in a constitutional republic anymore.

Nine months later after Papa Dementia was placed on the throne they relented. “Okay, maybe all that with Hunter did happen but what does it matter now anyway, the election is over.” Time magazine ran an entire piece bragging about how the tech monopolies colluded with legacy media companies and the democrat party to nudge the results in the direction management wanted. They openly confessed to rigging the election, even if there was no funny business in five counties in five states which there clearly was, Google and Facebook alone could swing enough voters in one direction just by manipulating their algorithms. They covered all bases to make sure Papa Dementia got selected, ignoring his biggest liability, the lonely crack Hunter. If all institutions of power can make believe something that happened didn’t, by ignoring it and pretending it didn’t happen, anything is possible. The political reality is after all, whatever management says it is and that is the only thing Papa Dementia and the American people ever really need to remember.

The perfect puppet President could never comprehend the damage he never remembers he does…

Peppermint Pravda there you are! Where’s Commander?

Commander’s in Delaware Joe, the new dog is Captain.

Well where’s Captain?

The trainer took him to Fauci’s for some tests.

Why don’t the people like me Peppermint Pravda? I’m reading all the words you tell me to read. I appointed all the unqualified LGBTQWERTY and people of color and women you told me so they can see how tolerant and virtuous I am. Why don’t they like me?

It’s not you Joe. It’s them. They’re against authority. They’re white supremacist antivaxxer domestic terrorists and we’re going to do what all regimes do with domestic terrorists who won’t obey authority, by using the DOJ and FBI…

Where’s Commander Peppermint Pravda?

Oh, take a nap Joe.


Now, where was I?


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