Monday, April 18, 2022

Solving the Recurrence Riddle - Vox Popoli

 One of the consequences of the vaxx that has been observed by many people is the way in which cancer patients in remission have been seeing their cancers come back, and coming back at an alarmingly aggressive rate after being vaxxed with the mRNA technology. Neon Revolt brings to our attention a scientific study that may explain why this is happening.

The Covid vaccines nuke the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells. Give it 5-10 years. Everyone who took the jab will be growing tumors. I’m not even joking or being hyperbolic. THE VAXX NUKES the body’s ability to destroy cancer calls.

The report spends two pages describing the chemical pathways through which apoptosis is induced in the body. Apoptosis, for those who don’t know, is cell death. It’s how the body recognizes, regulates, and kills mutated (read: cancer) cells, before they get out of control.

Tumors and cancer are what happens when those regulatory and immune systems are overwhelmed.

The Jab disregulates a ton of these chemical pathways, effectively neutering the body’s ability to fight any kind of cancer.

You’re going to see people dropping dead from this within the decade. THAT is the implication of this report.

This is precisely the insidious, slow-acting, but reliably lethal sort of approach that I anticipated from the depopulationists. They needed something that would reduce the population over time, but would not do so too quickly or catastrophically, lest it spark violent resistance that would be directed at them. Also, the more plausible deniability for the vaxx, the less likely it would be for the responsible parties to be held liable for their actions.

So, rather than triggering cancer, inhibiting the human body’s ability to resist the cancer cells that eventually pop up in most people over time is a method that would fit the depopulationist’s requirements. Neither the study nor the logic are conclusive proof that this is what has happened, but it does present an increasingly coherent picture of the depopulationist program.