Tuesday, April 19, 2022

CIA Lies, Deep State Lies - By John McClain

 It seems like perhaps ten percent of Americans are willing to know the truth, and the rest adamantly stand against it being let out, while everyone who pursues it, is cancelled.

Dear Lew,

I had the pleasure of attending a “Sun rise service” in town yesterday, and the regular service, for the first time since my wife died, during this plandemic.  I’ve followed this, and other wars, since my enlistment, with most having been pure bullshit, pretty much precisely as “The Bay of Pigs”, and it struck me, last night, withdrawing from the prescription drugs my doctor prescribed without explanation, pretty much every bit of it has simply been “American professionals” ignoring the truth, refusing to state what they know, Doctors, nurses, reporters, news personnel, all simply willing to go along with the lies to not have to challenge them.

I don’t have bifocals, because my eye doctor wouldn’t deny efficacy of masks, and do his job, they couldn’t get my reading lens proper with a mask on, no apologies.

I’ve been writing against the wars of opportunity since Beirut, something not welcome, while on active duty, or retired.  I’ve left treatment for my “gulf war disease, multiple sclerosis”, because my neurologist continuously lied to me about the infusion, the Jab, my life, and that is how I’ve come to put the prescriptions aside.

Our reporters know far better than to accept propaganda, yet have gone along the last forty years, no questions.  I can’t think of any venue “America’s Professionals” haven’t utterly failed to tell the truth, and stand against the lies.

It seems like perhaps ten percent of Americans are willing to know the truth, and the rest adamantly stand against it being let out, while everyone who pursues it, is cancelled.

I’ve been thanked for my service constantly during this plandemic, mainly because I use my title as a jarhead, to secure my place in speaking out, or because I park in a “veteran’s parking spot”.  I’m totally disgusted, and this “war crime” is simply the last straw.  All these “people” have stood by, pretending the truth, while half of America has been run out of business, gone bankrupt, or been cancelled, professionally, all to “save their own skin” never mind the fact “the other half” have closed down.

I was disgusted with war in 75, when I enlisted.  I’m now simply disgusted with my country, and what We have allowed to bamboozle ourselves.  I have to tell people, I didn’t serve two decades, to watch a Fascist America rise, I haven’t lived, happily, with thirty years of drugs, interferons, monoclonal antibodies, arguing against the criminal wars, so we could enjoy “a great reset”.

I feel kind of stupid, parroting “we must certainly all hang together in this, for if we don’t, we most certainly will all hang separately”, Ben Franklin’s statement to the other “conspirators” who set fire to the hearts and minds of our ancestors.

I just bought a 1978 Triumph 750, and I am retiring, quitting, and going to go out and enjoy the sun this summer, I intend to live fully, and enjoy what’s left of our freedom.  I’ve not gone cross country in seven or eight years, haven’t gone to see my mother buried, or my father, things I gave up to continue my treatment, and to live “in harmony” with all those unwilling to confront the terrorism done by the CIA, our media, and our “professional class”, willing to support “deep state”.

I’m tired of yelling at my fellow Americans, “it all our asses, not just yours”.  “Thank you for your service” just isn’t worth a shit anymore, not hardly ever was.  I just had to let it loose, to someone who wouldn’t puke.