Friday, April 29, 2022

YOUR Congress Just Declared WAR……on Russia.....ah correction....on YOU!

In addition, it is with YOUR treasure, YOUR blood and without YOUR approval – so STFU and bear DaConsequences…that’s an order!

So how’s that TV war in Ukraine going?

MoA - Ukraine - Doubling Down - Ukraine is a victim here but not a victim of Russia but of much bigger plans in the U.S. which did its best to instigate this war (recommended).

What does it all mean? Bearing that in mind, may this be the war that kills America, not Russia?

DaEveningNews that YOU watch does not tell you….. On Ukraine, The World Majority Sides With Russia Over U.S., by John V. Walsh - The Unz Review

We Are Now At War With Russia - by Karl Denninger – really?

Good God, I hope everyone in Congress recognizes what this bill, which apparently has now passed and Biden will sign it (seeing as he asked for it directly), means.

Let's recap.  Per our Constitution the military is under civilian control.  That is, the actions of the military, including weapons used by same or suitable for same, are under the control of Congress and The Executive.

Congress must authorize anything that leads to expense, and such must come from The House.  Again, this is basic Constitution stuff.

Just think – we won’t just see war on TV – we might even experience it in real life! Excited yet? What do you mean you don’t want it? YOUR duly elected reps in congress representing YOU vote according to YOUR wishes…..don’t they? They say they do!

Oh yes and BTW – in case we forgot - You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you - and it’s coming! (The economic side is already here.) – a review from a month ago.