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Dr Tess Lawrie is a COVID hero with a powerful vision - by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Be part of building a better future for humanity – it begins here

I have never met Dr. Tess Lawrie in person, but the fight for truth and integrity in scientific endeavor has brought us together and today, I consider her an ally at the front line. You may already know Tess. She used to work as a consultant to the WHO, evaluating evidence and developing recommendations. When she saw Dr. Pierre Kory testify before Congress about ivermectin, she gave up her Christmas holiday to run one of these reviews (unpaid) and see if the evidence really did back what Pierre was claiming. It did, so she went to work, writing to health authorities and governments around the world and sharing the great news.

I don’t need to tell you how that went down. Thankfully for all of us, Tess doesn’t give up easily. Since then, she’s worked without a break to get the message about ivermectin and early treatment out to the public. I asked her to write about her experiences in my new book, but you can read her chapter right now on her Substack (worth signing up to, if you haven’t already).

What strikes me most about Tess is her unfailing positivity in the face of darkness. She’s in the trenches with the rest of us, bloodied and bruised, but she’s also one of those smiling and pointing to the dawn. We need people like Tess to remind us that we’re not just fighters, we’re architects of the future. If we want a fairer, kinder world for ourselves and our children, we need to work out what that looks like and how to make it happen. Tess has been busy creating frameworks through which we can start to build this brighter future. She’s part of the team behind World Council for Health, a grassroots initiative offering clear information and guidance on how to stay healthy and live well. Every Monday they have a General Assembly meeting where physicians, scientists and campaigners openly share the kind of information you should be able to get from your government, doctor or media channel, only hell hasn’t frozen over just yet.

Now the World Council for Health is hosting their first conference this May in Bath, UK. Called the Better Way Conference, the event is exclusively focused on finding solutions to the mess we’re in. The US will be strongly represented, with Drs Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Richard Urso, Katarina Lindley and also Bret Weinstein and myself will all be there. It’s an opportunity for all of us to take a break from the battle, wash the mud off our faces and get excited about designing new ways of operating that put the health of humanity first.

The conference will consist of seven conversations. I’ll be participating in the first one: Reclaiming Science Together. As you can imagine, I have a few things to say about that. Other conversations will cover managing Covid-19 health consequences, fostering active communities, revolutionizing media, sovereignty, law, justice, and so on. If you’re interested in attending, you don’t have to fly to Bath: online tickets are available soon via the conference website.

We need events like this, and initiatives like the World Council for Health – but they need us too. That’s partly why I’m writing to you today – to ask if you would consider supporting their work by making a financial contribution.

Like so many of us, Tess is operating on a shoestring. Her company, EBMC Squared – home to World Council for Health – is non-profit and relies exclusively on donor funding and a small army of volunteers. They’ve achieved so much already with minimal funds and a lot of goodwill. Now, I’d like to help them get better funded so they can continue their work and do even more. If it moves you to do so, please join me in making a donation.

You can donate directly to support the conference via their website here.

There are many demands on all of us and our resources, so I would not ask if I did not consider this important. If we want a better way, we need to invest in a better way, through our individual efforts and also by supporting projects like this one.

Please feel free to share.

You can donate to the world council of health here.

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