Monday, April 18, 2022

Critical Thinking in Troubled Times - By William Bernard Butler

 In a matter of about a month, the United States federal government silently and unilaterally exited from a two-year war on an illusory, and perhaps illusionary, virus, and pivoted toward fomenting and provoking a kinetic war with a nuclear-armed Russia.  While many people in the U.S. unquestioningly and dutifully removed their masks and started using the Ukrainian flag emoji on their iPhones and social media feeds, the rest of us are left with trying to discern between whether we are on the precipice of a kinetic World War III or simply witnessing a bankrupt and petrodollar-dependant Leviathan in its death throes.

Or perhaps both.  

As a sign of the times, this week I witnessed a 40-something year old black cop at a gas station speaking to the 50-something white station owner when the cop said, "I am so sick of this fear bull*@$t, as soon as they put the Covid bottle of fear back on the shelf, they take the Ukraine fear bottle off and put it in front of people and yell lies at them until they are actually afraid!  Don't people know that all this BS only benefits the people trying to control you!"  He was wearing a mask strapped absurdly far under his chin.  When asked why he was wearing a mask, he said:  "So I can ask everyone who two weeks ago was asking me to pull up my mask why they aren't wearing theirs anymore!  I'm going to keep wearing it like this until they wake up!"  


Acknowleding this reality, the CDC is now rapidly revising its statistics, admitting that "the pandemic" was a non-event health-wise.  The brilliant saints who recognized at the outset that "Covid" was always the 2020 Seasonal Flu dressed up and repackaged for purposes of maintaining political control have now been vindicated.  The pandemic narrative was and is a story, a story that appears to have been authored in order to distract the public from the pain and discomfort associated with an economic decoupling from China.  It is now fairly clear that the Powers That Be (PTB) used the pandemic story to hold, gain, and consolidate economic and political power through an economic crisis that they knew was already upon us in January of 2020.  

Although much ground has been lost in terms of loss of personal liberty in the last two years, much has also been gained in terms of accurate risk information--exposing precisely who the pandemic plotters and promoters were and are.  The political and business leaders who were complicit in fostering the pandemic narrative are not qualified to lead going forward.  As compelled vaccination injuries manifest and it is exposed and recognized that there never was a federal or state law or any other legitimate legal authority that would compel innocent and healthy people to submit to a dangerous, Nuremberg Code-violating experimental drug therapy, these political and business leaders must, and inevitably will, be removed from positions of power.  We could not agree more with Dr. Robert Malone who advocates that these people be outed, removed from power, and monitored to ensure that they never be afforded the public's trust in the future.  As just two examples of the plans of the Davos clique, both the CEO of UPS, Carol Tome, and the CEO of Wells Fargo, Charlie Scharf, are World Economic Forum alums who were shoe-horned into their positions in late 2019.  I suspect there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people like this.  

Looking at the past two years with vision unclouded by fearful messages pulsating on every screen, the facts confirm that "Covid" was much more of an economic event than a health event.  In January of 2020, before the first "case" allegedly appeared in the U.S.,we saw midnight videos from workers at the Port of Los Angeles showing that the port mysteriously had almost no shipping containers.  We felt then that something was afoot.   Also in January of 2020, we heard from U.S. CEO's in Davos that U.S.-China trade had broken down and U.S. exports had come to a standstill.  In March 2020, before the pandemic narrative had gotten its sea legs, we saw the Federal Reserve throw out its playbook, violate its charter and federal law, and engage in direct purchases of U.S. Treasuries and unprecedented money printing.  Now an ever-increasing plurality of people (including the cop at the gas station) understands the psychological game being played when they hear a maskless Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock and World Economic Forum graduate, tell us that globalization is over and that the pandemic caused economic decoupling with China.  

Going forward, we will be more aware and look for and seek to identify the "unseen" and potentially very dangerous and destabilizing second-order effects of things like lockdowns, and PPP money printing.  Now add to this list military provocations intended to interfere with trade relationships between the EU and Russia and China and, perhaps most relevant, the very real threats to the international petrodollar system caused by U.S. seizure of Russia's Forex reserves.  If you want to understand why the Russian threat to the dollar is important, read this and this, and most importantly, this.  In short, Putin's so-far successful attempts to demand Russian roubles for Russian gas and Saudi Arabia's coincident agreement to accept Chinese yuan for its oil rather than the U.S. dollars has the potential to cause an international run on the dollar.  The second order domestic effect of this roubles-for-gas cause may mean significant, long-term inflation, and short to medium term stagflation as people and governments holding internationally weakened petrodollars bring them back to the U.S. to buy things that will hold value better than the dollars themselves.  

What concerns us most about the recent events in the Russia-Ukraine drama is that the hopelessly outmatched people leading the U.S. have unwittingly taken actions that have resulted in petrodollar destablization and that this will result in an unexpectedly fast decline in U.S. living standards.   We are also concerned that the PTB/Davos crowd will do something even more rash and reckless in an attempt to distract us from this reality and/or present a "false cause" for the domestic economic destabilization that they have created by stealing Russian Forex reserves.  Whatever the case, the Keynesian fiction of a "consumption-based economy" is likely over.  Consuming more than we produce is also therefore over.  This will be a very difficult for everyone because all of us have "benefitted"--really been made weaker and more fragile--by an unstable monetary that has lost domestic trust (see the price of Bitcoin) and now has lost international trust.  For decades, foreigners, particulary China, Japan, and Russia have been subsidizing the U.S. federal government and U.S. living standards by buying U.S. Treasuries that the U.S. has never had the capability to pay off.  Those days are over.  

A final concern--a concern that exists only because we have witnessed in the pandemic narrative that our political and business leaders have no allegiance to the United States, its people, or the Constitution--is that the PTB use dollar destabilization to conduct a controlled demolition of the domestic U.S. economy.  This would allow fiat money insiders--the same people who benefitted from the 2008 financial bailouts and now include the many Davos/WEF-installed CEOs--to be first in line for the newly printed money and buy up U.S. assets for pennies on the dollar much like Russian oligarchs did following the December 25, 1991 lowering of the flag of the Soviet Union.  

This is already happening.  Just as in the post-2008 financial crisis, bailed-out Wall Street cronies are using first-in-line-at-the-new-money-trough to buy up U.S. assets.  Goldman Sachs has a subsidiary named MTGLQ ("mortgage liquidator") that is in the process of buying improperly securitized mortgages from Fannie and Freddie and then stealing the homes of people who were pushed out of the job market by Covid.  All well under the mainstream media radar.  Nothing to see here.  Don't look at your neighbor's house being stolen by banksters, rather pay attention to the failed comedian dressed up in fatigues in front of a green screen playing the part of "President" of Ukraine.  


This is the opinion of billionaire Charlie Munger, partner of Warren Buffet and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.   This video is important viewing.   Although Mr. Munger's "emperor" comments about Fink have already been edited out of the interview, Munger relates the reality that the Fed's money printing, particularly since 2020, is unprecedented and that dishonest money and inflation/loss of purchasing power has historically led to societal collapse.  He also points out the self-evident fact, echoed by John Hussman, that when asset prices are historically inflated, expected future yields must necessarily be lower.  If stagflation is all that we experience in the next few years, we will be lucky.  

At the time of Mr. Munger's interview, the US had not yet seized Russia's FOREX reserves.  Now it has.  Russia's demand to receive Russian roubles in exchange for Russian gas--and probably soon to be oil and other Russian exports--expedites and makes Munger's fears more real and imminent.  

We must recognize that the international petrodollar system in which the U.S. could export its inflation by selling U.S. Treauries to China and Japan in exchange for cheap consumer goods has ended or is at least moribund.  Vladimir Putin, a Judo black belt, over the past decades has witnessed the United States violently overthrew any foreign leader who attempted to sell oil for anything other than dollars.  The U.S. then killed that leader and seized that country's gold.  The U.S. did this to both Iraq's Saddam Hussein and to Libya's Muammar Gadaffi.   The U.S. also removed Egypt's Hosni Mubarek and Sudan's Omar al-Bashir--both supporters of Gadaffi's plan for a gold-backed African currency free of U.S./IMF/World Bank interference--albeit in softer coups.

Putin also recently witnessed the U.S. seize the Forex reserves of insufficiently subservient Afghanistan and Venezuela.  Russia and Putin appear to have weighed the known, serious risks and fully war-gamed their actions.  It was the Rand Corporation's plan to use Ukraine and NATO encroachments to incite Putin and push Putin and Russia militarily off balance.  Putin and Russia have instead used U.S. sanctions and U.S. theft to push the petrodollar off balance.  Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddaffi are dead and lost their wars against the petrodollar because they did not have their own recognized currencies, were not in a position to sell multiple vital commodities (gas, wheat, oil, uranium) in exchange for their own currencies, did not have nuclear weapons, and did not have at least 3 billion people (China and India) rooting for them.  Russia and Putin have all of these.  

In the "if...then" Ukraine wargaming process, Russia likely did not have as its original goal to destablize the petrodollar.  That was probably a dream scenario which the U.S. has now given to Russia on a silver platter.  Russia's goal more likely was to stop NATO provocations and prevent Ukraine from entering and invading ethnic Russian areas and slaughtering the ethnic Russians who had recently declared their independence from Ukraine.  Russia's first order goal was likely to finally put and end to NATO's encroachments on Russian borders.  The "if...then" escalation planning process clearly came to "if the Americans are stupid enough to treat us like a vassal and seize (steal) our reserves like they did to Afghanistan and Venezuela, then we start the process of taking out the dollar."  

The U.S. "intelligence" establishment apparently failed to recognize that stealing Russian reserves would give Russia the motive and opportunity to do harm to the dollar.  Or maybe they did and are themselves only using the Russia-Ukraine conflict to create chaos and distract the U.S. population as their Wall Street partners buy up U.S. real estate and resources.  Time will tell.   Whatever the case, the Russians probably had to pinch themselves when they saw how stupidly the U.S. was willing to act.  It is now clear that because the U.S. treated Russia like a vassal and seized Russia's Forex reserves, Russia has successfully broadsided the petrodollar.  

Napoleon stated that, in war "the moral is to the physical as three to one."  The U.S.'s theft of Russian reserves not only gave Russia motive and opportunity, it also recklessly gave Russia the ethical high ground in a global monetary war.    

Further, as the U.S. attempts to goad unwilling NATO allies into World War III, the fact is that Germany buys about 50 percent of its natural gas from Russia.  Mr. Market clearly wants Russia to sell its gas to Germany.   Mr. Market will get his way.  The successful Russian roubles-for-Russian gas play makes it very easy for Mr. Market to avoid U.S. bully tactics.  

On the kinetic war front, thanks to the U.S. theft of Russian Forex reserves, there is now little need for Russia to militarily occupy or control any physical area of Ukraine beyond the ethnic Russian areas and the Black Sea coast.  Because of the U.S.'s financial miscalculation and blindness to ethical casuistry, Russia has already achieved much more.  By successfully pulling off the Russian roubles for Russian oil play, Russia has simultanously:  (1) weakened, and perhaps crippled, the petrodollar's international reserve currency status; (2) exposed the economic fault lines (one currency, multiple sovereign budgets) in the unsound EU structure that will likely expedite the EU's breakup (note that Hungary is not on the Euro and appears to be on it way out of EU, a la Brexit); and (3) shed light on irresolvable economic conflicts of interest within NATO (Germany needs affordable heating fuel) that will likely expedite its breakup.  A Russian three-fer thanks to either U.S. incompetence or corruption, or perhaps a combination of the two.  

The U.S./Rand Corporation's plan was to unbalance Russia by making Ukraine another Afghanistan tarbaby.  This assumed petrodollar supremacy and an ability to attrit Russia with sanctions.  Russia has flipped the script and U.S. leadership appears to be unaware of the consequences.  Russia will likely drastically limit its territorial ambitions in Ukraine and spend the next few years ropa-a-doping as long as an angry, bankrupt, and flailing Leviathan continues to support a bloody kinetic battle when it has already lost the much bigger economic war.  Russia would be smart to defend the ethnic Russians in Ukraine for a time and absorb  punches while the U.S.--standing on a shaky petrodollar foundation, facing a debt-to-GDP of 135 percent and possibly double digit domestic inflation--pours its remaining treasure into a military industrial complex black hole.  As weakened petrodollars flood back into the U.S. looking to buy things that hold value, we can expect currency controls that will further alienate the U.S. internationally.  The weakened petrodollar turns the tables and makes Ukraine a potential tarbaby to an already economically weak U.S.   The biggest losers here are, of course, the Ukrainian Average Yuri pawns with Nazi bayonettes in their backs and U.S. Average Joes with MTGLQ servicing their mortgage loans.  

84% of the world--including many countries that have in the past been burned by the IMF/World Bank/U.S. abuse--did not support Russian sanctions.  Before Iraq War II in 1992 the EU was divided about whether to invade Iraq.  This is because the real reason for the war was protecting the petrodollar--Saddam Hussein had told the world that he would only accept Euros for oil.  France and Germany opposed the U.S. invasion because they, as Euro countries, stood to benefit.  The UK and Tony Blair cheerleaded the U.S. invasion because Britain was not a Euro country.  The same threat to the dollar is playing out again, only this time successfully.  The U.S. overplayed its hand and may have alienated itself to 84 percent of the world by stealing Russian reserves and showing itself to be a dishonest money partner.  The Mexican peso's sharp rise against the dollar is just one example of a world that is in the process of pivoting away from the dollar.      

Before we cheer for Putin too loudly, however, we must remember that Putin is also a World Economic Forum graduate and good friend of Henry Kissinger.  It was Kissinger who devised the petrodollar system (Saudi Arabia agreed to sell its oil for only dollars) and used Richard Nixon to implement it.  Putin has not promised the world a sound, redeemable, currency.  The Russian roubles for Russian gas move is, on one level, just a move away from a petrodollar and toward a petrorouble or a petroyuan.  Although at the moment the Russian system has the appearance of moving in the direction of the "Real Bills" system envisioned by Antal Fekete--international transactions backed by goods (here, commodities) and the domestic currency backed by gold--there is no indication that roubles, or anything else, will be redeemable in anything, and certainly not gold or silver.  Although it appears to be a move in a long-term healthy direction, a redeemable currency governed by Mr. Market, not any central bank, is the ideal we should all be aiming and hoping for.    


What we can take from the Ukraine conflict:  (1) mentally prepare for a more realistic economic life where we all consume less than we produce and at the same time deal with a desperate federal government trying to retain power and control after it has lost trust and legitimacy both domestically and internationally; (2) beware of the possibility of Financial Crisis 2.0 in which the media attempts to distract us with "horrific images" from a faraway land while, under our noses, the banks and courts conspire to execute yet another leveraged buyout on America; and (3) finally, we must recognize that Russian leadership is much smarter, more farsighted, and more effective at executing its plans than current U.S. leadership.  The evidence shows that U.S. leadership does not intend to protect U.S. citizens from the globalist Davos Man.   Indeed, current U.S. leadership appears to be making every effort to make the Larry Finks of the world our emperor.  The pandemic narrative has revealed this.  If the U.S. experiences a violent attack in the next days or months, Russia will not be behind it.  Russia now has no motivation to attack the U.S.  It has already won more than it probably expected to win.  

So let's hope and work toward a President Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Secretary of State/Secretary of Commerce Ron Johnson and also Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or perhaps a Dr. Robert Malone somewhere in federal leadership.  The only people qualified to lead going forward are those who are not associated with Davos or the World Economic Forum, and were not fooled by the pandemic narrative.   These people are few and far between.