Sunday, April 24, 2022

Bits and Pieces of the New Normal?

Cheering On The Soap Opera War – OffGuardian - by Gillian Dymond

Today, as both parliament and the State-funded media continue to push a public with no experience of the brutalities of actual warfare into demanding, from their seat in the grandstand, nothing less than outright victory for brave little Ukraine, it seems that the powerful interests which appear to be set on prolonging hostilities will continue to enjoy all the popular support they could possibly desire.

Europe Waves the White Flag - Vox Popoli

Considering that democracy no longer means democracy and free trade no longer means free trade, there’s no reason why sanctions should actually mean sanctions.

The Project for a New American Century and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror, by Matthew Ehret - The Unz Review

Once all of the facts are taken into account, anyone still obsessed with labelling China an evil “complicit” partner in the Great Reset plans for global depopulation due to Beijing’s lockdown without taking any time to evaluate the reality of the US-run bioweapons program and how it is perceived by the leadership of Russia and China, then I would have to conclude that such a person is either a fool, a liar or both.

Brace yourself for what’s coming to American libraries

Washington is a rerun. In Paris in 1788 , creeping toward the Terror, the aristocracy was, like Washington’s upper crust, wealthy and schooled and cultured and cared not a withered farthing about the peasantry, as neither does Washington.

Why Didn't A Catastrophic Mudslide At Babi Yar In 1961 Unearth Millions Of Bones Of Nazi 'Holocaust' Victims? - Christians for Truth

The Russian Central Bank recently announced that until the end of June, it stands ready to buy gold for rubles at the exchange rate of 5000 rubles per gram of gold. The move has been hailed as revolutionary, heralding a regime change from fiat currencies. If only that were true.

Worried about WW3 and transmitting coronavirus, Japanese bought 20 million house pets | The Vineyard of the Saker - A horrible coping strategy for the childless nation. And the sidewalks are not cleaning themselves, Tokyo learns

How Much Are We Prepared To Sacrifice To Help The US Win A Propaganda War Against Putin? - Are we willing to commit to being a civilization for which the primary consideration with any piece of data is not whether or not it's true, but whether it helps undermine Russia?

This is a conversation which should already have been going on in mainstream circles for some time now, but it never even started. Let's start it.