Friday, April 15, 2022

Conspiracy and Intrigue: The lives of JFK and King David - By Jim Fedako

 An open letter to my fellow Christians

My Fellow Christians –

Reading two books concurrently can lead to a confluence of thought. Take, for instance, the two books I have open, the Bible (specifically 1&2 Samuel and 1 Kings) and Jacob Hornberger’s new volume, An Encounter with Evil: The Abraham Zapruder Story. Both are tales of conspiracy, intrigue, and betrayal. Yet, many of my Christian brothers and sisters can only conceive the first being true. Why is that?

In his book, Hornberger details the sordid history of Kennedy’s assassination – a tale of government actors subverting our federal republic by committing regime change – in a manner that many may pejoratively call conspiracy theory or revisionist history. Yet Hornberger includes sworn statements and irrefutable facts. Simply, he tells the truth.

Many Christians are incredulous when confronted with a non-mainstream history of the US. The belief is our government would not and could not commit purposeful acts of evil. You see, the US is the shining city on the hill, blessed by God, doing good works throughout the world. Of course, the occasional and regretful tragedy has occurred, but all were accidents, the inadvertent mistakes of sinful people trying to do good in a fallen world.

Given this view, it is inconceivable that elements inside government would conspire to assassinate the president. And that others would remain silent and go to their graves with the truth. It just couldn’t happen here. No way. Never.

However, when confronted with the life of David, a man after God’s own heart, all manners of deceit and scheming are accepted as truth. Those three books of Samuel and Kings recount David’s rise to power, reign, and death – a history of vile treachery inside the house of a righteous man.

We, as Christians, do not say, “These tales about David are pure conspiracy theory. They are lies written by those whose agenda is not of God.” No, instead we say, “Do you see the wickedness that can happen to and by a man of God? The scheming, double-crossing, and backstabbing. It never ends.”

Yet, it does end, once the subject is changed to our federal government. However, believing our officials would never commit acts similar to those noted by Hornberger is akin to believing our politicians and bureaucrats stand above David and his house.

Now, I am not saying you must believe Hornberger. I am simply saying you need to read his book, and read it with the life of David in mind. You may not accept Hornberger’s case, but you must accept his facts. And you must accept that what happened in the David’s life could have happen in DC.