Sunday, April 17, 2022

Dear Fellow Christian: Do we profess Christ while worshipping the State - while that State is planning for war – with or without our consent?

After posting the four articles in the Limbraw archives this morning Ma and I attended our local church Easter service celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior as we do annually. Of course we were reassured of our own resurrection at the service – but as I sat there I could not get out of my mind those 4 posts from this morning.

Other than a few scattered old veterans, I bet there were hardly any others in that congregation who ever experienced war. The word wasn’t even mentioned as if it doesn’t exist – and yet we are at WAR and have been at WAR for decades – because the LEADERSHIP that WE supposedly elect has chosen to do so – all without our CONSENT!

Or do they actually have it? How would we know?

The Lies... and the Eyes...of Ukraine, by Brett Redmayne-Titley - The Unz Review - The dead, the wounded writhing, their screams rising until silent, their words testimonies I don’t understand, but yet I do, the views of the barbarian AFU planting mines, shooting at civilian targets, at the occupants of the buildings, or just the buildings, the bloodied faces screaming for vengeance into the camera, the artillery strikes into buildings as white flags wave, the slit throats, the tears, the children clutching dead mothers, mothers holding dead sons, husbands, brothers for the final time or breath, the blood, so, so much blood, and all the time too, too, too much horror. There must be a better singular word to use, but I am speechless. It is simply, purely…Horror!

…..And then I see them, staring back at me with pinpoint accuracy, my testimony to the brutal truth of this war. There, in the mirror, staring back at me, I see…

Those Eyes!

Eclipsed: The Church & the State have overshadowed real Christian values – OffGuardian - by Jordan Henderson

The reality of people across the USA pledging their allegiance to the flag of the US federal government while wearing a Covid facemask was my initial inspiration for the painting above. I then remembered where I first learned the pledge of allegiance as a child…in church.

On This Easter: You Must WANT A War, America - by Karl Denninger

Now that refusal, which you, I and everyone else are directly responsible for, threatens the literal survival of a quarter or more of the population of this land and the government itself via a potential nuclear exchange that comes from escalation which thus far has occurred for exactly one reason: The Government has refused to follow the highest law of the land when it comes to war and support of same and you have refused to make them do so.

We have before us what may be one final chance to put a stop to this lawless mess and this time if we don't it is no longer about money -- it's about cities, infrastructure and a huge percentage of all living things in or near same being literally erased.

If we fail to act this time then if we find ourselves at war with Russia we will have earned it.

War Is Over If You Want It – The Burning Platform - Guest Post by Raúl Ilargi Meijer - Here’s thinking it’s up to you after all. “War Is Over If YOU Want It.” But you have just been through 2+ years of believing and following the leader with Covid, so which part is actually your opinion, and which part are you just parroting? Might be a good idea to make up your minds, and soon, because your leaders are itching to push a few consequential buttons, and make up your minds for you.

You may actually need to go into the streets to demand that this war be over. And you will have to do it without a mask on. Can you handle that?

Who Wants War?

Did anyone ask you?  Have you ever asked the fundamental question?