Thursday, April 21, 2022

We Are Now Debating The FORM - by Karl Denninger

 It's pretty clear -- and now admitted -- is it not?

It’s no longer unusual to hear of someone getting COVID-19 even though they’re fully vaccinated and boosted. Yet, many Americans are still shocked when it happens to them.

Early data showed the mRNA vaccines were highly effective against infection, but experts say the virus has changed over time and people need to reconfigure their expectations. The vaccines may not prevent all infection, but they still protect against the worst consequences of the disease.  

There was never any evidence that Covid-19 vaccines produced durable immunity.  The trials were specifically too short to show whether they did and through human history we have never managed to do it before.  In fact in every previous trial of a coronavirus vaccine either the vaccine failed within the required 1 year period to keep at least 50% efficacy against infection, which is the lower legal threshold for licensing by the FDA, or worse it promoted more-severe infections in either the original or mutated strains.

This is not limited to human trials either; the same story has played out repeatedly with animal coronaviruses, including those that infect cats.  Further, it was known very early on that Covid-19 could also infect cats, and therefore there was plenty of reason to believe that the same problems were extremely likely to occur with the Covid-19 shots being developed.

“We were letting the data drive the conversation … because we really didn’t know anything about what the variant would change,” he said. “When the vaccine efficacy went down, we may not have done as good a job of explaining why and putting the blame on the virus as opposed to putting the blame on the vaccine.”

Unlike measles or polio, which are caused by stable viruses, the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has dozens of strains, said Dr. John Swartzberg, a professor emeritus of infectious diseases at the University of California, Berkeley, in the school of public health.

That is a lie.  Every coronavirus mutates rapidly.  All of them.  There has, in fact, never been one that doesn't and every one of these so-called experts knows it.  All these people who claimed that this was a "surprise" are lying.  Indeed they are now trying to save their own necks; they believed, without evidence, that these "new technology" mRNA shots would remain effective even with the expected high rate of mutation of coronaviruses.  They had zero evidence behind that "belief" and in fact decades of knowledge from previous attempts to create a vaccine against coronaviruses that it was almost-certainly FALSE.

Indeed the very premise is, absent hard evidence, idiotic: The virus mutates faster than you can produce a vaccine; thus you are always jabbing people with "yesterday's news" which fails to work well, or even at all, against what is circulating today.  That is the history of coronaviruses; the "Wuhan wild strain" that all the vaccines are made to intercept is effectively extinct and was before the first shot went into the first arm.

The proof of durability, in short, was theirs to show, but that takes time and got in the way of both making money and jackbooted assertions of authority.

So despite the lack of any such evidence they pushed the jabs anyway both in the media (including USA Today) and among so-called "experts" and not just as a belief -- AS AN ARGUMENT FOR THE USE OF FORCE, WHICH WAS THEN  DUTIFULLY EMPLOYED BY BOTH THE GOVERNMENT AND EMPLOYERS.

And make no mistake folks they knew they were lying about the jabs preventing spread, upon which ALL argument for mandates rests, before the very first mandate was put into place and now they're admitting it in print:

By April 2021, the number of infections in vaccinated people was so common that the CDC stopped tracking them. 

In April 2021 the CDC and these so-called "experts" knew their thesis was blown; the vaccines did not produce durable immunity, it was targeted at a variation of the virus that no longer circulated in the population and they did not prevent spread of the virus.  They didn't think it might not prevent spread they knew it did not.

Yet they pushed for mandates ANYWAY despite knowing their claims were false and were becoming more obviously-false by the day.

“(I) still don’t know how good or effective the vaccines are,” he said. “I have friends who were boosted and had a much worse experience (with COVID-19) than I did.”

That data is also out there, particularly in Israel.  Indeed the data from Israel shows that "boosters" lose effectiveness within a mere eight weekswhich strongly implies that not only may be worthless they may do harm by enhancing rather than suppressing infections.  Exactly how much harm is yet to be determined.

It is well-past the time that we talk about fraud and specifically insist that those who promulgated said fraud be held to account not only economically but also criminally for those who were expelled from their jobs and education or even died as a result of these actions.

Never mind that now both of the CDC's mandates -- the rent moratorium and the transportation mask mandate -- have been ruled illegal not just on procedural grounds but on jurisdictional ones -- that is, there never was authority for them, nor for the OSHA mandate which was also tossed on jurisdiction.  Every one of these mandates screwed millions of people in ways that are immeasurable.  Small landlords got hosed out of a year worth of rent, people were fired for refusing an unlawful order and millions were forced to wear masks which they had to purchase just to travel, never mind the never-ending assault on their person from said mandates.

The entirety of this fiasco was one of unproved, unfounded claims used to back mandates.  It is one thing to present a choice to people, give them both the knowns and unknowns in historical context and let them choose.  If you choose poorly, either through lack of attention or just bad luck that's on you.  We all have the right to make bad choices in that form and fashion and, if we do, the outcome is ours.

But if you tell me that a vehicle has airbags in it that are tested and known to fire under severe collision conditions, and that their doing so may help me avoid serious injury, and instead they explode in my face and kill me with shrapnel, you get sued.  If you knew they might explode because you also knew that testing them over the life-cycle of a vehicle required certain environmental tests to be done and you didn't bother doing them, yet you claimed they were "safe" despite decades of knowledge that said testing has to be done to know if indeed they are you should be sued out of existence and then go to prison for manslaughter.

This is true even if the airbag doesn't blow up in my face randomly -- that is, even if it only goes off when there is an actual wreck which the manufacturer, of course, is not responsible for occurring.

I am not going to adjust my expectations.

I am going to expect that both federal and state governments enforce long-standing law on both and civil and criminal sides, indicting and suing every single mandating entity along with all of the involved pharmaceutical and medical industry hacks involved and if they don't, given these admissions -- starting right now -- then as far as I'm concerned if someone else decides to take out the trash on their own then I will turn just as much of a blind eye toward said act as the government turns toward their job of enforcement.

I will not be satisfied until every single one of these employees loses their house, their job and is rendered homeless with their only possession being one pair of underwear upon their body.  Until and unless that happens they all go straight to Hell and this goes double for all the cackling Karens who egged all of this on.

Society only has a duty to remain within the social contract so long as the parties charged with maintaining and enforcing it in the government do so.  That is their job and if they refuse to discharge that duty with malice aforethought then (and only then) it is in fact the responsibility of the citizens to take care of the problem on their own.

In addition it is time to demand that every one of the mandating organizations be dissolved -- yes, this means the CDC, NIH and FDA for starters, along with every so-called "public health" department -- with every employee of same within local, state or federal governments losing their jobs and be statutorily barred from any future public employment of any sort.  If said organizations need to be reconstituted to provide some other sort of legitimate function we must insist that each and every such employee be personally bonded in an amount sufficient to pay any future damages and that statutory criminal penalties be added and enforced should such "mandates" be attempted in the future.

If this is not done forthwith once again I do not care if people in this nation who got screwed decide to take retribution on their own; that is their call since attempted application to the law in our so-called "civil society" has been unlawfully refused.  I shall do no more than shrug at each and every such refusal to suffer for said lack of justice.

The only way this sort of crap ever stops is when there is accountability for those who pull this sort of garbage.  Their motive is profit and subjugation, particularly in the latter case when it comes to employers and screaming ninnies within governments and policy organs who, in the natural course of business, always seek control.  The reason we have a system of laws with the highest of them, the Constitution, is that without same the history of mankind is that "employment" and indeed civil activity between people does not remain voluntary; it trends toward slavery either directly at gunpoint or economically by forced labor at threat of starvation.  You need only look at the myriad claims of economists and political hacks otherwise that formed the basis of both China's MFN status and NAFTA, both of which have been conclusively proved false over the last thirty-plus years.

So which will it be, America?

Political, economic -- or physical -- death?

And will it be theirs in the first two, here and now for them, or are you going to sit on your ass once again until the latter -- death -- is yours?  You already let them slaughter your loved ones so isn't it time that they pay for what they've done before they get to you?