Thursday, April 14, 2022

The more you vax, the weaker your immune system becomes - by Steve Kirsch

Independent data from the UK and New Zealand show the same thing: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting infected. It was supposed to be the other way around, wasn't it? Solution:

It doesn’t get any more insane than this: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting COVID. Vaccinate 3 times and your risk of getting COVID is 3 times worse than an unvaccinated person.

Government data from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, shows that the more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to being infected:

  1. The Covid-19 Scam & Vaccines (see section entitled “Fully-vaccinated infected at twice the rate of the un-vaccinated” for the UK data)

  2. NZ Ministry of Health data shows Triple Vaccinated are now more Vulnerable to Covid Infection and Hospitalisation than the Unvaccinated

  3. Record breaking wave of Covid-19 across Australia sees deaths 1700% higher than the start of the Pandemic; & the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of them

  4. UK Government COVID-19 vaccine surveillance reports: Look for Table 13 or 14 entitled: ”Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.” For Weeks 4 and beyond, look at the first two columns. You’ll see that the numbers get worse and worse and worse over time. There is no way to explain this effect other than the vaccine is making people more and more susceptible to infection over time, likely by destroying our natural immunity. Here is the most recent table (from Week 13):

So the vaccine is working exactly the OPPOSITE of what it is supposed to do. It is helping you to get the virus!!!

In any rational world, we would stop the vaccines immediately.

But, hey, this isn’t a rational world.

Instead of stopping the vaccines, the UK government stopped the data

I’m serious. You can’t make this up. Check this out:

Unreported Truths
The British are now officially hiding Covid vaccine data
Until last week, the British government offered the best source of raw data on the efficacy of the Covid vaccines. Each Thursday, the UK Health Security Agency reported the number of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccine status. Since last fall, and especially since the Omicron variant hit, the reports have presented an increasingly dis…
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When the numbers show the vaccine not only don’t work and are harming people, they fix that by stopping the collection and release of the data.

This is how science now works. It’s about belief in authority, not data transparency and evidence. The latter is “old school” thinking.

Your government wants you to know that they can always be trusted to do what is good for people and you shouldn’t ask questions, but just blindly follow what you are told to do.

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