Saturday, April 16, 2022

Testing the Hypotheses - Vox Popoli

 Over the last decade, a lot of theoretical hypotheses have been subjected to real-world practical tests and failed. Unfortunately, this hypothesis appears to be holding up over time as the evidence comes in:

Hypothesis: The jabs not only don’t work they ruin immunity, and the more of them you take the worse the odds (by some factor, either linear or exponential — but with an unknown exponent) of one of the following outcomes:

Immediate death or serious disability due to clotting disorders or other serious systemic dysregulation.
OAS imprinting, such that each new insult confers and strengthens an incorrect antibody response (that increasingly fails to neutralize the infection.)
OAS imprinting as above coupled with evolutionary pressure that results in ADE (binding antibodies overwhelm neutralizing), and the infection kills you outright as your body is unable to fight off the acute phase at all.
OAS imprinting as above which results in an inability to entirely clear the infection. This is a nightmare scenario as low-level damage continues to accrue from the virus itself, much as occurs with AIDS. It’s not AIDS and those claiming it is are wrong on the facts, but it bears a resemblance to it and so will the outcomes (nasty infections that ordinarily don’t bother someone become ugly to the point of serious or even lethal results.)

There is evidence for this already, and its getting stronger over time. We knew this might happen too because the first three have occurred with every single attempt to vaccinate against a coronavirus in history, no matter the mechanism used to deliver the antigen production and as a result of same showing up in animal trials, given enough time, they were halted before humans got ****ed.

This time we didn’t bother with the animal trials which require a year or two to find out. We’re finding out in animals — human animal trials — that the evidence is emerging for exactly the same outcomes.

Yes, that’s bad.

It’s not Case Nightmare Kitty, but it’s looking a little worse in the long run than I had hoped after the worst scenarios were quickly ruled out. That being said, it will be necessary to keep an eye on a) all-cause death rates and b) birth rates over the next five years to understand the full extent of the ongoing damage to the populace.

As Karl Denninger says: “The nature of this sort of issue is that it is likely to reveal the boundary of the horror slowly rather than rapidly.”