Saturday, April 16, 2022

In Theory, High Karl Denninger (Dear Christian: Is it time to acknowledge our guilt and repent? - CL)

 Allegedly, at high noon today, Christ was taken to Golgotha and crucified.

On both sides of him were notorious criminals, sentenced to death as well.

The Christian mythos is that Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for man's sins.  Such ends the Good Friday missive in every Christian church across the land.

One thing churches do not like is people who can actually read.  There are plenty who claim that actual study of the Bible is not to be undertaken on your own; that doing so will lead to error and thus you must have a "guide" who is wiser than you.  Isn't that an interesting perspective; you're too stupid to understand, supposedly.

Or maybe too much introspection with the Good Book would lead you to a different conclusion then would be desired.  Such as, for example, that Christ knew full well he wasn't really going to die -- at least not like you and I die.  You see we die once, yet he can never die, can he?  Indeed Luke 20:36 makes exactly that statement.

The admonishment is in reference to teachings of marriage with respect to brothers, but the point stands.  These words were allegedly spoken by Christ himself; ergo, he knew he would not die as one thinks of death.

So what, then, was the sacrifice?

Well the pain of being scourged and nailed, I'm sure was real. Thorns to the skin over the skull can't have been exactly pleasant.  But really, did he know that was all it would be?  It appears so, does it not, by his own words.

Are you truly Christian?

I ask today because you who claim to be, along with the rest of us, willingly participated in screwing every single child -- and adult -- for the last two years.  You voided over a year of their education, gifting them deficits in learning that, in the very young, may well be permanent when it comes to language development by forcing masks on them -- after closing the schools entirely.  The data is now in on a conclusive basis; the number of children who failed to meet benchmarks for even basic language and development is off the charts, and those who failed to meet educational standards have skyrocketed.  Many have taken their own lives in despair you deliberately imposed on them.  Even more have fallen to addiction from said despair you, once again, deliberately imposed on them.

You did this and you did it on the basis of a lie; that said children were "materially at risk" from a disease.  They were not; in fact fewer than 500 children died of Covid-19 across the entire period of time.  They were not at risk at all and this was evident within the first couple of months.

You screwed them because you were afraid -- not for them, but for you.

And then you went further and let people coerce the use of experimental drugs that cannot be reversed in their effect.  How dangerous are those?  We're not sure yet -- but what we do know and knew before using them is that every healthy child was at less risk from the virus than the jab and worse, that the drug companies involved covered up many of the facts and the regulators refused to force that into the open before shoving it in your arm.  Rather than force the government and private parties to stop this crap many of you not only went along with it you cheered it on and some still do, especially those of you in the media, public policy, political realms and anyone participating in virtue-signaling in public, such as on social media.

You're a monster and should stand accused at Golgotha.

Oh, you think not?  You trusted "the science", you say?  No, you trusted frauds -- and formed yourselves into a woke mob that cared not for facts.

So did the Jews; they nailed an innocent man to a tree because they trusted the very same woke mob you worship today and which you put before God -- just as they did.

The cause changes over time but the premise of being "woke" never does.  You know, they don't.  You have the right to enforce because you know, and they don't have the right to refuse.

That's the lesson of Good Friday, and you stand accused.

Take your place next to Christ and let's see if you believe those words in Luke 20:36.  After all, if you do then you should have no fear of death, as much better awaits you, right?

Somehow I suspect you know damn well what awaits you is a date with the man in the Red Suit, and there's not jack and **** you can do about it either.  May it come soon for those of you -- numbering in the tens of millions in the US alone -- who deserve it.