Sunday, January 7, 2024

AI and Truth - Vox Popoli

 Chris Langan responds to a recent Torba post discussing Jordan Peterson’s critique of an AI chatbot:

Narratives, propaganda, and false dogma are the stock-in-trade of the techie elite, who exist in order to purvey it and block any competition for the minds and hearts of the public. AI (“artificial intelligence”, an oxymoronic misnomer) is merely a tool to be applied in pursuit of their abominable social-engineering / world domination agenda.

This much is obvious. That’s why Jordan Peterson’s rich, powerful employers let him talk about it. He was told what he could or couldn’t talk about by Academia Inc. as a university instructor shilling for the oligarchy, and in this sense little has changed – the same bunch owns both academia and the media. This evidently includes the Daily Wire, Mr. Peterson’s partners.

In any case, it’s really all about Truth. Many of those who complain about the oligarchy would merely prefer to have their own brand of truth promoted. But to promote one’s own brand of truth while bypassing Truth-with-a-capital-T isn’t much better than lying, both by commission and omission. Lower-case “truth” is what the techie elite are all about these days.

Those who understand Truth are not usually allowed to engage with establishment carnival barkers paid to promote BS narratives disguised as “truth”. On the other hand, rubbing elbows with establishment shills entails the risk of spiritual contamination, and some prefer to avoid it.

No matter who ends up writing the “AI” programming, we can depend on a constant flow of “useful” ideology (as in “attractive to useful idiots”).

AI text and image generation is just another tool being utilized to obscure the truth. It’s no different than the way Wikipedia is now describing the Rothschild family as “European” instead of “Jewish”. Technology is now firmly in the service of the Zero Historians, who are intrinsically inimical to both the truth and the Truth. So what Torba is doing, what we are doing, has to be dedicated to consistently preserving and expounding the truth and the Truth.

Anyone, no matter what he calls himself, who is opposed to the exposure of the truth, is either in service to, or enslaved by, the Evil One.