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NATO – Deal No Deal Stoltenberg Threatens War in EU Posted on January 22, 2024 by Helena

 Jens Stoltenberg of NATO has openly declared that previous peace and expansion agreements with Russia don’t exist.   Archived documents – disagree and contradict the statements being made by Stoltenberg.  

“In early February 1990, U.S. leaders made the Soviets an offer. According to transcripts of meetings in Moscow on Feb. 9, then-Secretary of State James Baker suggested that in exchange for cooperation on Germany, U.S. could make “iron-clad guarantees” that NATO would not expand “one inch eastward.” Less than a week later, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to begin reunification talks. No formal deal was struck, but from all the evidence, the quid pro quo was clear: Gorbachev acceded to Germany’s western alignment and the U.S. would limit NATO’s expansion.

Nevertheless, great powers rarely tie their own hands. In internal memorandums and notes, U.S. policymakers soon realized that ruling out NATO’s expansion might not be in the best interests of the United States. By late February, Bush and his advisers had decided to leave the door open.

After discussing the issue with West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on February 24-25, the U.S. gave the former East Germany “special military status,” limiting what NATO forces could be stationed there in deference to the Soviet Union. Beyond that, however, talk of proscribing NATO’s reach dropped out of the diplomatic conversation. Indeed, by March 1990, State Department officials were advising Baker that NATO could help organize Eastern Europe in the U.S. orbit; by October, U.S. policymakers were contemplating whether and when (as a National Security Council memo put it) to “signal to the new democracies of Eastern Europe NATO’s readiness to contemplate their future membership.

Boris Yeltsin, Dmitry Medvedev and Gorbachev himself protested through both public and private channels that U.S. leaders had violated the non-expansion arrangement. As NATO began looking even further eastward.” ~

“Deal or No Deal? The End of the Cold War and the U.S. Offer to Limit NATO Expansion” ~ Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson.

Angela Merkel made the same Deal No Deal when the Minsk Agreement was signed between Ukraine and Russia.  In 2022, she admitted that the Minsk deal was a joke and they never intended to actually uphold it.   The Russians relied on a gentleman’s handshake deal and a legal written deal – both of which the West now claims never existed despite national archival details to the contrary.

In 2015, Russia declared that the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe signed by 22 countries was no longer valid given that NATO had continually violated the Convention.   When Deals and Agreements have zero value –  party’s learn the consequences.  When Merkel and Soros ruled the Minsk Agreement was a joke, and allowed Ukraine Nazi’s to murder thousands of Russian speaking east Ukrainians, Putin defended The People.

NATO, in a meeting with Ukraine’s Chief Defense Minister, has declared that the largest ever NATO military exercises will take place utilizing 90,000 of its 300,000 troops on Russia’s Border from now until May.  The decision was based on Ukraine’s Ministry statement that Russia was losing the war.

General Cavoli of US Command stated in the NATO meeting on January 18 that last summer Allied heads of state and governments gave the green light for the US to offload its military equipment on Ukraine in order to modernize US inventories.   Cyber and Space are considered the newest means of destroying an enemy and have been implemented with the land, sea, and air protocols.  Collective strength is necessary because of the nature of distance.   North America needs Europe for its proximity to Russia and Europe needs the US for its military might – which will be expanding with the new illegal immigrant recruits.

Within the vein of expansion, NATO announced the creation of the Allied Reaction Force (ARF) temporarily based in Italy which is a new multi domain military force in training capable of responding quickly to threats in Alliance territory.  It is anticipated this ARF military will be ready to deploy in July 2024.

Suggesting that NATO intends to go to war with Russia over its Alliance – Ukraine.  And Europeans are being warned to prepare.

Of course, all of this comes with a price tag.   And Stoltenberg is attempting to whip up support by declaring Russia persona non-grati – forever.  As in; either Putin gives up Russia to the Zionists or war is the inevitable outcome. 

China remains the uninvited guest at the party given that a China/Russian alliance would make taking Russia in a war much more difficult.   That means ensuring China refrains from providing lethal aid to Russia and pressing China to deny inaccurate narratives pushed by Russia.  Taking the doubt out of the scenario, The Wilson Center & Stoltenberg declared that, “An increase in China’s material support for Russia could dramatically tip the scales of the conflict.”    It is anticipated that the next Summit to be held in DC in 2024 will determine that China is now a systemic threat…

And 2024 will determine if ARF can be NATO’s default army against Russia and China.

Problem:   The US and EU depleted their weapons significantly for Ukraine and now Israel.

Stoltenberg is demanding that member countries get off their arse and push for greater than the 2% mark for defense spending.   To date only 7 of the 31 NATO member countries even meet the basic 2% requirement.   While the US picks up the tab.  Germany is currently in a recession.  France is on the brink of economic deterioration.  The UK and Italy are also in crisis financially.   According to Reuters, the decline in Europe is likely to continue thru 2027.   Making Stoltenberg’s war seem like either a pathetic propaganda scheme, or an incapacitated intelligence daydream, or a means for ‘election interference 2024’.

Print money.

While shares of Lockheed, Northrop, General Dynamics and Boeing rose on the exact same day in October 2023 based on news of new contracts, shares have been relatively flat since.   Perhaps economic numbers and a budget deficit of $2.6 Trillion for FY 2023, contributed to the pause.

The West is ill-prepared for a war against Russia and China.   The military intelligence for all commands failed miserably in Ukraine, the PR campaign is laughable, and the propaganda is rife with ignorance.   But The Order is desperate and desperate people act with folly and futility hoping to recapture past Control.   That gamut has passed them by via Social Media – and censorship will not deter the New Wave.