Sunday, January 7, 2024

Too Satanic for the EU - Vox Popoli

In case you didn’t realize just how crazy and evil the Kiev regime is, it is now threatening to go too far for even the satanic Babelists of the European Union to accept:

Kiev’s attempts to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) could have “dire consequences” for the nation’s hopes of joining the EU, The Telegraph newspaper quoted lawyers as saying on Saturday.The Ukrainian parliament is expected to vote later this month on closing down the country’s biggest church, with its 12,000 parishes.

Western lawyers have written to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US President Joe Biden and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen urging them to put pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to “suspend efforts to ban this historic institution,” the paper reported.

Such a decision could cause “serious harm to Orthodox Ukrainians” and call into question whether Ukraine can meet its commitments as a candidate for EU membership, according to a letter to Western leaders penned by international lawyer Robert Amsterdam, and quoted by the Telegraph.

“This will have dire ramifications for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union and its place in the Western world,” Amsterdam wrote. He added that Kiev had “falsely accused” the UOC of collaborating with Moscow and expressed concern about “arrests of clerics on spurious charges.”

It’s always informative to note how massively deceptive Clown World is. While it’s justifying outright devil worship in the name of “freedom of religion” in the USA, it’s funding the defense of a government that has outlawed its two largest Christian churches.

Which example is yet another proof of the intrinsic falsity of the various Enlightenment “freedoms”