Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Why Do Seculars and Most Churchians Hate Christian Nationalism?

Christian Nationalism is becoming more controversial – why? Recently, a religious writer at least implied that it must be proven as a proper activity for Christians from the New Testament.

Just what is Christian Nationalism? Seems like everyone has their own definition – so how can you oppose something when you don’t even agree as to what it is?

So, as usual, DaLimbraw Library to the rescue!

Prove it? I'll start with Matthew 28:18-20, with emphasis on the 'make disciples OF all nations' part after 'all authority' etc.

However, this proof will not be in 25 words or less - it has taken me literally 20+ years to arrive and affirm my position, which began publicly - - in 2015 and has been expanded into a library linked from the website. It covers Government Religion Politics Culture and includes such topics as Gary DeMar's question: How is it Possible to “Only Preach the Gospel”? BY GARY DEMAR - -  and that is just another starter - we've only just begun.

Then, in order to group essays already archived in DaLimbraw Library, I had to choose a word topic to search the library - I chose Christian Nationalism - a term which is increasingly becoming more controversial among both secular and churchian circles. Here is the result - - a list of headnotes to articles which have to be read full text. This is NOT for casual readers or short attention spans. Like I said earlier, this did not come to me from a road to Damascus experience.

"Faith comes by hearing and understanding comes from knowledge, which comes by sight." - Augustine. He wasn’t the only one  - "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!" - Hosea.

In summary, I do NOT claim total understanding or knowledge - we all see through DaGlass DARKLY - but that does not mean we shouldn't look.

Discovering truth is a process - not an end state for us mortals - just as discerning good from evil takes practice - Hebrews 5:11-6:2.

Shall we begin?