Sunday, January 21, 2024

Made in a Lab - Vox Popoli

 The global pandemic was a fraud and Covid-19 was made in a lab. This is precisely why Clown World wants to be able to thought police Substack. Dr. Robert Malone publishes the smoking gun that conclusively proves Covid 19 was a synthetic virus, which is to say, a bioweapon produced in a laboratory:

Many moons ago I was on a podcast with Alex Washburn regarding his paper

“Endonuclease Fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2”

This was the first data that really cemented the synthetic origins of SARs-CoV-2. The ZooCrew went into high gear with the typical smoke grenades and even published other fraudulent associations with the wet market to distract from this (Pekar, Worobey and Andersen to name just a few). Worobey has a history of covering up state leaks with HIV. Everyone is likely aware of Kristian Andersen’s sudden about-face with Fauci regarding his opinion on the synthetic origin of SARs-CoV-2 with the Proximal Origins paper. He went on to be awarded a healthy multi-million dollar grant for reconsidering his position and manifesting it in the Nature paper. These folks are conflicted and aggressive online. They behave very similar to Peter Hotez with his demands for military intervention against anti-vaxxers.

These antagonists were just delivered a final blow.

The argument that Bruttel et al. put forward was that SARs-CoV-2 was unique in its even distribution of certain enzyme cut sites that are commonly used with Golden Gate genome assembly strategies. I previously put together a substack on the nature of these interesting TypeIIs restriction enzymes that helps explain why they are such handy tools for generating scar-less or ‘no see-um’ synthetic genome assemblies.

The ZooCrew screamed “Coincidence“.

But now, Emily Kopp from The US Right to Know (USRTK) has obtained additional detail about the DEFUSE proposal that is far more than a smoking gun but ,in fact, is more analogous to finding the gun, fingerprint and confession note in one place.

Emily found evidence that this proposal also listed the very restriction enzyme (BsmBI) that Bruttel et al. claimed could build the virus. Not only did Bruttel et al. notice that BsmBI sites were conveniently evenly spaced throughout the viral genome and this spacing was not only NOT observed in other CVs but that this approach made complete sense as a logical path to manually assembling the genome.

Lo and behold the DEFUSE proposal actually contains NEB R0580S part numbers to order these very enzymes to construct the virus in the manner Bruttel et al. predicted.

This is a case closed event!

There is no more debate. C19 was made in a lab. Which lab and when is still a hot topic but it didn’t come from a pangolin courting a bat.

The Smoking Gun, ROBERT MALONE MD, 19 January 2024

I never, ever, even imagined for one single second that “Covid 19” was anything other than a manmade bioweapon. The “eating bats from a Chinese wet market” was always far too absurd to take seriously. The only reason I didn’t come right out and articulate that forcefully at the time, rather than repeatedly imply it, was because I had absolutely no evidence supporting my position other than logic and history, which I have learned over the years is never sufficient to convince anyone of anything.

But I did leave certain clues concerning my true opinion about Coronachan…

The only thing that really surprised me about Covid-19 was the bioweapon’s relative lack of lethality; without the ventilators and deadly treatment protocols that killed so many elderly people, the so-called pandemic would have been too obviously harmless to inspire hundreds of millions of innocent and excessively gullible people to submit to having their genes altered and their lifespans and fertility reduced with the mRNA “vaccine”.

Again, I think it’s important to give full credit to Karl Denninger and everyone else who repeatedly, and indefatigably, warned people against getting vaxxed and thereby saved tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of lives. In a just world, St. Karl would be recognized as one of the great heroes of human history and Hollywood would make movies about him.