Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Decline is Observable - Vox Popoli

It’s rapidly becoming readily apparent to everyone, not just me, Wang Hunin, Simplicius, and Andrei Martyanov, that the decline of the imperial United States is both a) inevitable and b) observable.

The best indicator of real GDP per capita is energy usage per capita, because everything about a comfortable modern lifestyle takes a lot of energy, energy comes into everything people do and consume. This was rising exponentially to 1972, when the rise suddenly halted. It then started fall, slowly. And suddenly it has now started to fall rather more quickly and dramatically. It looks like three trend regimes: Exponential growth starting in the seventeenth century, then stagnation and slow decline starting in 1972, and now it looks like the beginning of dramatic collapse, looks like the beginning of a sharp break in the trend of slow and gentle decline.

This reflects a regime ever more hostile to the men who made it great, to the faith that made it great, the culture that made it great, and race that made it great.

Notice that no matter what metric is used, 1972-1973 keeps appearing as the high water mark for the USA. That’s not an accident. 1972 was, from an economic, industrial, and demographic perspective, the moment of Peak America.

Everything since then has been nothing but decline disguised by the collapse of the Soviet Union.