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Evidence Relating to NASA Moon Landings, Unexplained Flaws: What Is Reality? What Is Illusion? - Global Research

 Below is the carefully-researched analysis of Mark Keenan based on his book entitled Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-fiction?

In recent developments, A US Spacecraft was involved in the First American Attempt to Land on the Moon in More than 50 Years. 

“Doomed … on Collision Course with Earth”?

Reported by The Independent

“The private mission by Pittsburgh-based space company Astrobotic, dubbed Peregrine Mission One, set off from Earth last Monday [ January 8, 2024] and was scheduled to land on the lunar surface on 23 February.

But a fuel leak sealed its fate, and about 30 hours after launch the company admitted the spacecraft had “no chance” of achieving a soft landing on the Moon.

In its latest update on the spacecraft, the firm said it was “on a path towards Earth” and that it would “likely” burn up on re-entry.

Click here to read the full article on The Independent.



This article is largely based on my book Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-fiction? and is a continuation of the topics detailed in my recent article Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science Fiction? 

In that recent article, I described that:

  • the India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) claim to have landed on the moon on August 23rd 2023, yet, there is a lack of evidence for this claim. 
  • We were presented with CGI representing the vehicle’s purported orbit of the moon. The black and white picture of the space vehicle on the moon looks more like a few yards of barren desert that could just as easily be Nevada or a Hollywood film set. The ISRO black and white picture and CGI-like video of their purported moon landing is not evidence of anything. 
  • ISRO provide no visual evidence – no reference point in the picture or brief video that would justify their assertion that they landed a spacecraft on the moon. It appears that nothing presented enabled us to verify this moon landing as an event that ‘actually happened’. Why did ISRO not put a single camera on board pointed at the Earth to give us some high-quality pictures and video footage of the Earth from the moon or from space that would provide proof? We are expected to believe they can put a spectrometer on the moon to test the surface, along with the apparatus for several additional scientific experiments, but they could not put a single high-quality camera on the vehicle or the rover and point it at the Earth?
  • ISRO’s ‘moon landing’ has resulted in a spate of videos being posted online ridiculing the project.
  • and given that many people have identified fakery and anomalies in the NASA footage indicating that the NASA Apollo moon landings were faked, it is incumbent upon ISRO, and all space agencies, to provide clear evidence of any claimed moon landing.  

In this article, I:

  • explore some of the unexplained flaws in the evidence for the NASA moon landings; 
  • detail methods, technologies and technical trickery that Hollywood uses to simulate space and zero-gravity in movies; 
  • and examine technical trickery and augmented virtual reality technology that space agencies, such as NASA, appear to have used to ‘fake’ space and zero-gravity, as well as live video feeds from the International Space Station (ISS). 

The NASA missions to the moon reportedly cost the US government, and thus the American tax payer, in the region of $2400 billion, yet all NASA have to show for it apparently is some moon dust and a few small rocks that they claim came from the moon.

That is a lot of money to obtain a few rocks. They also tell us that “All the moon rocks were stolen including the safe they were in” at NASA Headquarters. Following Freedom of Information requests in America NASA admitted it had lost original video footage, voice data, bio-medical monitoring data, and telemetry data to monitor the location and functioning of the spaceship, and original plans/blueprints for the lunar modules, space suits and lunar rovers, and for the entire multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets[1]. Is it any wonder that over the past decades there has been a growing consensus that NASA faked the Apollo moon missions in the 1960’s – that it was only a hyped-up TV show.

Shadows on the Moon Pointing in Different Directions

From an analytical standpoint, let’s examine photographic anomalies in the NASA photos of the astronauts on the moon. These anomalies have to be analysed with an understanding of lighting and shadow.

When objects are lit solely by the sun as all the scenes on the moon were said to be, then all shadows regardless of the landscape will run parallel to each other. However, in the above photos of the moon landings obtained from a NASA archival site, the shadows point in different directions, proving that there were two different lighting sources – it is clear the scenes were lit with artificial light. One of the shadows is of the astronaut; and the other shadow appears to be of a pole. There are additional examples of this mistake by NASA. The argument that shadows can point in differing directions in uneven terrain does not explain the significant differences observed.

NASA Brought Three Lunar Vehicles to the Moon, but Never Brought a Telescope to View and Photograph the Earth

Furthermore, you would think the view of the stars would be magnificent from the moon, yet, there are no stars in any of the pictures or video footage from the moon – ever. When asked about the stars at the NASA post-flight press conference it was the only question to which Armstrong responded with an absence of memory. Furthermore, we are led to believe that over the course of several missions to the moon NASA brought three lunar vehicles that cost $60 million dollars each, but never brought a single telescopic telescope to view and photograph the stars or the Earth. 

In addition, there is the anomaly in the NASA video footage of the US flag blowing the wind, twice, on the ‘atmosphere-less’ moon. In addition, when the footage of the astronauts walking and jumping along on the moon is doubled in speed, it is clear that they are walking in Earth gravity and are no more leaving the ground than they would on Earth. There are numerous documentaries exposing these, and other anomalies[2]. Furthermore, how did the moon buggy fit inside the spaceship? and why was there no blast crater under the lander module. The reality is that, there is way more evidence to support the assertion that man never went to the moon than vice-versa. 

NASA Astronauts Are Walking in Earth Gravity – The Video Speed Appears to Have Been Slowed and Adjusted

One independent researcher produced comprehensive video analysis[3], in which the slow motion movement of the Astronauts on the Moon is examined in detail, as well as many other mysterious and questionable aspects of the footage of the Apollo Moon mission. This includes analysis of sand falling from the astronaut’s hands during the Apollo experiments. He had the following to say: 

“I measured the speed of falling objects… in the Apollo television footage… And, based on my evaluation for how the footage was captured and altered into slow-motion, the measurements are precisely consistent with Earth gravity. My measurements are reproduce-able by independent scientists, and I give clear reference to the source footage so that this can be done with the least amount of effort.”

Another independent researcher stated: 

“The Apollo “astronauts” appear to move as if underwater, walking along the sea floor. All in slow motion. Even when they jump upwards it’s all shown in slow motion. But there is no scientific basis for this. There is no reason that someone walking or moving on a low gravity planet or moon would be moving in slow motion like this. At least not while jumping upwards. What would slow them down? They are supposedly moving in a low gravity, no atmosphere environment. What is there to slow them down? … The problem is that free falling objects in low gravity would move more slowly than on earth but other motions would move at normal or perhaps even faster-than-normal speed. This must have presented a technological nightmare for a 1960s film maker. 

So, the probable solution was to create and release a major motion picture just prior to Apollo 11 showing men in space and on the moon, all moving in slow motion and tell the public that this is the most technologically accurate movie ever made about space travel. They would even include a short scene showing men walking on the moon, also in slow motion of course… That movie, of course, was 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

NASA Even Admit that All NASA’s Pictures of the Earth Are Composites

Furthermore, incredibly, it appears that all pictures of the Earth, supposedly taken from outer space by NASA, are actually composites. NASA even admits on its website that the NASA pictures of the globe earth are composite computer-generated images, i.e., composites of multiple images taken by satellites or (they claim) by the international space station. 

See the NASA images of the Earth at the weblink[4], these images are clearly computer generated. We are expected to believe that NASA can send probes with high-definition cameras to take pictures of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn etc., but they cannot turn the camera around to take one full shot of Earth? The following text is quoted from the NASA website:

“Image composites are the fusing of several images together taken in an overlapping sequence. The images in this collection feature several composites from the International Space Station taken of various beautiful features around the Earth. The green markers on the map indicate the locations of all of the composites listed in this collection, and the dropdown menu below also showcases all of the image composites available.” – NASA[5]

“The new image is a composite of six separate orbits taken on Jan. 23, 2012 by the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite. Both of these new ‘Blue Marble’ images are images taken by a new instrument flying aboard Suomi NPP, the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS).” – NASA[6]

During my research I was not able to find a single picture of the ‘whole’ earth as a globe that was not a CGI composite, or subject to tampering, i.e., there is no ‘actual’ picture of the whole Earth taken from ‘space’.  Surely with the NASA moon missions and claimed launches of probes into ‘deep space’ there should be hundreds of such pictures.

NASA’s Earthrise Photos – Claims of Photographic Tampering

The famous ‘Earthrise’ photos, which claim to show the earth rising above the moon’s horizon were allegedly taken during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The official NASA website blurb states: “Taken aboard Apollo 8 by Bill Anders, this iconic picture shows Earth peeking out from beyond the lunar surface as the first crewed spacecraft circumnavigated the Moon.”[7] However, various researchers and photographic experts have provided evidence that the NASA photos have been tampered with[8]. These analyses show telltale marks where parts of a photo were copied from another source and pasted in, where parts of a photo have been reworked, and where a globe-shaped earth has been pasted into the photo.

The Old and the New Way to Fake Space

“Space maybe the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement…” – Lyric from the song Californication by the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers

It appears that, traditionally, Hollywood zero-gravity movie scenes would also be shot in a ‘NASA issued’ KC-135 aeroplane nicknamed the ‘vomit-comet’. The plane would taper off at the top of it elliptical arc at around 32,000 feet resulting in about 20 seconds of weightlessness.

I also note a video presentation detailing the complex and clever design tricks utilized in Hollywood filmset rigs that simulate zero-gravity[9]. These rigs include ‘vertical corridors’ built upwards like chimneys. 

Actors are suspended on wires from the top of the corridor and the camera faces up – this stops the audience of seeing the trick of how this is done. The camera looks up at the actor and it looks like the actor is floating down the corridor in zero-gravity. The wires are then edited out of the video using CGI technology.

Note that video footage from inside the International Space Station (ISS) also has this corridor-like setting. The picture below is a screengrab of video footage from the ISS. The quality is not premium, but you can clearly see the corridor-like appearance of the setting in the picture below. Furthermore, in this case, it can be clearly seen that wires are connected to the ISS actor (AstroNOT) who is wearing a harness. As he stoops over, his clothes are seen protruding in two locations where two wires are suspending him. 

Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

It appears that this is one of the various mistakes NASA have made in their live video feeds from the ISS. You are unlikely to find such videos via searches on the mega-corporate-owned plaforms, such as google, Facebook, twitter etc., as all the major platforms utilse algorithms to decide what information will be presented to you, and what will not be presented.

However, over the decades many people have downloaded such videos. As the saying goes “the cat is out of the bag” – NASA has been lying to us. Such corporate media censorship has also been the rife in relation to the fake Covid-19 pandemic and the climate CO2 hoax. For more details see the books No Worries No Virus and Transcending the Climate Deception – Toward Real Sustainability.

Augmented Virtual Reality Technology – It Becomes Difficult to Discern What Is ‘Real’ and What Is Actual Computer-generated Image (CGI) Video

It also appears that virtual reality technology has advanced so much we have now entered a time in which space agencies, such as NASA, will be able to produce very realistic looking CGI, and few people will be able to tell the difference between ‘real video’ and ‘computer-generated imagery’ illusion. NASA, by the way, receives funding of over $60 million per day from the US Government/US taxpayer[10] and can certainly afford the latest virtual reality technologies. According to the research presentation[11]: 

“In 2012, NASA got tired of faking weightlessness by using the zero G plane and started soliciting companies that specialize in real-time augmented virtual reality… so they could fake weightlessness and floating objects in real-time… They found a company called Telemetrics… and our (US) Government has a contract with these people… in Telemetrics, basically what they do is they bring broadcasts together in real-time and they are able to create sets, cities, anything you want in a virtual reality world and make it look absolutely 100% real… here we see (on the Telemetrics website the news statement): “Telemetrics provides latest camera robotics technology to NASA’s government television at mission control”. Why do you need to fake virtual reality sets at mission control in Johnson Space Center? I think we know the answer to that when we saw Tim Peake on the grided blue screen.”

The Request for Information from the Johnson Space center displayed below, states “John Space Center (JSC) is hereby soliciting potential services for… advance human-computer interfaces… the services are currently provided under the Intelligent Automation Systems Services contract… in support of the Software, Robotics, and Simulation Division (SRSD) at JSC.”, and is listed on[12].

If you watch the video referenced in Endnote 11 through to the end you will see clear examples of the augmented virtual reality technology not working correctly, and the ISS actor is ‘seen’ in the livestream footage to be grabbing objects in the video that are not actually there. In this example, a virtual reality glove is used to grab objects that are seemingly floating in real space, but ‘in reality’ these objects are not real, they are virtual reality objects overlayed onto the actual video feed.

The resulting video presentation looks quite ridiculous and these type of glitches in the ISS presentations are a clear indication of the virtual reality hoax. Videos of these glitches and mistakes have become difficult to find via internet searches. However, it appears there is a time coming with this technology when most of us will not be able to tell the difference between what is real video and what is CGI fabricated illusion. 

Furthermore, there are documentary videos available online exposing NASA’s use of blue screen technology to fake the activities onboard the ISS[13]. Additionally, via television programmes we are regularly informed of various phenomena, such as images from the Martian surface, transmissions from a space probe as it travels the solar system, newly discovered planets, black holes, etc. Yet the only evidence we have for any of this is what NASA tells us.  

The Ancient Vedic Texts State It Is Impossible for Human Kind to Physically Travel to the Moon

Many people realize that NASA have been lying about landing on the moon and that it was just a TV show – after this realization, why would you believe a single-thing NASA tell us about space and the universe we live in? 

The ISRO’s 26 Kg moon rover is called Pragyaan (a Sanskrit word for wisdom). However, based on the dubious evidence ISRO have provided, I also do not think it is ‘wise’ to accept ISRO’s moon landing claims. Given the significant publicity the event received in the corporate-owned news networks, many people in India and worldwide, have been celebrating ISRO’s moon landing, yet, others are cognizant that the ancient Vedic texts (often associated with ancient India) describe that it is impossible for humankind to physically land on the moon.

I note below the writings of A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, a famous spiritual leader and scholar who translated many of the Vedic texts from Sanskrit to English. Srila Prabhupada rejected reports of the NASA 1969 moon landings stating “they never went to the moon planet”, and in relation to the so-called moon rocks that “It is simply cheating. They found this in Arizona… and laboratory work.”. He also stated:

“The sputniks or the so-called man-made planets made of mechanical arrangements will never be able to carry human being in the inter-planetary outer space. Even they cannot go into the so much advertised moon.” – Srila Prabhupada

[Aside: Srila Prabhupada is regarded as a saint and acharya in the tradition of Vedic Vaishnavism in a line of disciplic succession from Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who lived in the 15th-century. Vedic Vaishnavism is a process of devotion to God. Srila Prabhupada was born in Calcutta, India, and founded the modern-day Hare Krishna movement in 1966.]

Fake Moon Landings – Part of a Paradigm of Godless Fake Science

Furthermore, the ancient Vedic texts describe the current time in human history as ‘Kali-yuga’ – a time dominated by large-scale illusion, cheating, lying, and demonic pursuits.  In this current Kali-yuga society there is much fakery and deception. Yet, to challenge the mainstream narrative is almost unthinkable for the ‘connected’ masses hypnotized by the mainstream mega-corporate media and scientific orthodoxy peddling fake science.

For more information about the overall agenda and why such large-scale well-funded deception exists in current society please also see my books: Godless Fake Science and Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science Fiction? and CO2 Climate Hoax – How Bankers Hijacked the Real Environment Movement. In addition, the Covid-19 fake pandemic was another engineered deception in which mega-corporations sold billions of vaccines. As I described in my book No Worries No Virus, for people that have for decades placed their faith in mainstream corporate-media to realise and fully accept that Covid-19 was a fake pandemic is almost impossible. 

In the book Godless Fake Science I describe that much of the scientific narrative we have been taught from our school days onwards, is based on falsehood, and that the institution of ‘science’ itself has in many ways been hijacked by financial interests seeking to advance their own narrative and agenda.  For the past many decades, what many believe to be science is actually paid promotional narratives and ads by trillion-dollar industries that make up their own science. This includes many sectors such as climate science; the fake Covid-19 pandemic; the biopharmaceutical sector; and neo-Darwinian evolution. Modern science, like economics, banking, and corporate-owned mass media, has become part of a paradigm borne by deceit, and corporate greed; and which paints God out of the picture.  


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Mark Gerard Keenan is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. He is author of the following books:

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Moon Landing 2023 - Science or Science-Fiction? by mark-gerard Keenan | GoodreadsMoon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-Fiction?

By Mark Gerard Keenan


Publisher: ‎Independently published (November 2, 2023)


Paperback: ‎93 pages

ISBN-13: ‎979-8866274680

The India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) claim that their Chandrayaan Mission-3 spacecraft landed on the moon in August 2023. Given that millions of people assert the NASA moon landings were faked, the author examines the evidence for the claims of ISRO and NASA, and exposes the moon landing deceptions. Despite having received $2400 billion of US tax payers money, NASA even say they ‘lost’ all the technology and telemetry data.

We see how Hollywood and space agencies utilise technical trickery, fake science, and augmented virtual reality to fake space and zero-gravity; and to propagate the concept of space travel and the globe heliocentric doctrine. The subjects of satellites, flat earth, Vedic cosmology, freemasonry, the knowledge filter in modern science, censorship in the corporate-owned media, and the atheistic forces behind the deception are detailed. In this spiritual war between truth and illusion, the author references the ancient Vedas – the true spirit of science which is the basis of all knowledge.

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