Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Retardery of Clown World - Vox Popoli

 No wonder all the nations of the world are contemptuously rejecting the post-Western Enlightenment ideals such as “democracy” and “the rule of law”. Even the Swedes are finally beginning to realize that their post-Christian humanitarian superpower society is not merely dysfunctional, but dyscivilizational. At this point, anything looks better than rule by Clown World’s retardery:

In a shocking twist, five police officers are being forced to pay a fine to a Syrian migrant who was convicted for severely injuring one of them during riots related to a Quran burning during Easter of 2022. The officers will have to pay out a total of 12,650 Swedish crowns (€1,122) from their own pockets to the 45-year-old convicted Syrian who has been sentenced to two years and seven months for his role in the riots.

The officers have reacted with near disbelief over the outcome of the case.

“It feels like something has gone terribly wrong in the legal system here. We are there and doing our job, yet individual police officers must be forced to pay out of their own pockets to people who really wanted us dead,” says Aleksandar Jeremic, who is a group leader in a civil suit involving the Botkyrka local police area and is now one of the five police officers ordered to pay court costs to the foreign national, according to Danish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The case stems from the Quran riots, which began in Örebro’s city park over Easter weekend in 2022. They were preceded by far-right activist Rasmus Paluden burning a Quran in Sweden, leading to the violent riots that lasted several days.

However, the judge in the case is defending the decision to fine the police officers, saying he is sticking to the letter of the law.

“I understand if it appears offensive from the police’s point of view. But there is no mistake that has been made, the rules are as they are. The issue of damages was separated into a civil case, and the police withdrew their claims, so they are considered the losing party and must pay,” said Johan Nordgren, councilor at Örebro district court and the judge who made the decision.

Something has gone terribly wrong. Something is terribly wrong. What we’re seeing everywhere across the West from America to New Zealand isn’t Christendom. It isn’t Western civilization. |
It isn’t even civilization. This is pure Clown World chaos, the inevitable result of rule by satanic globalists who are religiously opposed to order, who reject the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

The rivers of blood that are going to flow around the world, as predicted by St. Enoch in 1968, are not the fault of the nationalist leaders upon whom the burden of restoring civilization will fall, anymore than the bloodshed in Ukraine is the fault of Vladimir Putin, who spent eight years seeking a non-violent means of freeing the Russian people in the Donbass from the madness of the Clown World regime in Kiev.

The blame for WWIII falls squarely upon the clowns of Clown World, the neoliberals of the neoliberal world order, who falsely claimed that nations were an evil historical anachronism rather than the integral building block of civilization.