Sunday, January 7, 2024

ISRAEL inciting WWIII to Deflect A BRICS Alliance RESET - by Helena

 Israel has just picked WWIII attacking Iran and killing over 100 in the process.  Two bombs were remotely detonated at an Iranian Holy grave site for martyrs.  The perpetrators are believed to be the Mossad and possibly the CIA.   The reason?   The Western Cabal is losing.   Losers tend to bomb without strategy.  They fight randomly – like mentally unstable psychopaths.   The only thing missing from the Doctor Doom scenario is his white cat.   But that was just a movie…

What did Iran do to cause this maelstrom?   They exist.   Palestinians are Sunni.  Iran is Shia. This is NOT a war against terrorists, this is a war against the entire Middle East to deflect from the Zionist takeover of the West World.   To deflect from the Mossad involvement in the creation of Epstein Island.   To deflect from their involvement in taking down the Twin Towers and blaming the Middle East – resulting in the largest most costly war in history.   To deflect from their creation of ISIS to kill everyone – but Jews.

In 2022, Blinken, Egypt, UAE, Morocco, Bahrain and Israeli officials met in the Negev desert to discuss how and when they would destroy Iran and Palestine.  They posed for a group photo all giggles and hand holding to solidify their alliance in wiping earth of these Muslim peoples – Sunni and Shia.

Oddly, Iran, Egypt, UAE and Ethiopia just signed on to the BRICS alliance.   Israel is persona non grati.   The BRICS allegiance is purely peaceful trade, there is no other agenda other than mutual prosperity.   A novel idea that infuriates every Western Cabalist government.  Which is likely the main reason Israel attacked Iran.  Rage.

Despite the monarchial governments of the Middle East juggling ties with the US and Israel, the people of these nations are in solidarity with their Muslim brothers in Palestine.   Thus a schism widens unless these monarchies clean house and realize allies are only allies as long as they do the bidding of Zion.  Otherwise their lavish cities will become fodder of bombs.  Like Iran.  Like Yemen.  Like Lebanon.  Like Syria.

The Cabal has no honor or loyalty, they only have Power.  Extending the War in Ukraine – extending the war in Israel – are the last hurrah of the fireworks display before it ends.   There may be a fire or two on the ground, but too much information has been released to retract.   And the House of Cards is tumbling like dominoes.   Just ask Kevin Spacey.

Iran has already stated that vengeance will be swift citing US and Israel complicity in the strike.   Hezbollah has vowed revenge for the Israeli drone strike in Beirut killing seven.  Turkey has arrested 34 Mossad agents in the country and Israel just keeps bombing without any consequence.   The pressure cooker is going to explode and the CIA and Mossad will be central to aftermath.

The strategy of giving aged stockpiles of weapons to Israel and Ukraine so that the US can deflect the ‘aid money’ back to the Pentagon and new weapon production was the brainchild of Blinken and Austin.  The problem?   They depleted inventories before consigning new contracts.  Thus the US, Israel and Ukraine are staring into the abyss of drag time.   It is no different than quitting a good job before lining up a new job…  But then neither Austin or Blinken are strategists – they are desk jockeys.  Blinken graduated with a bachelor in history before earning his law degree and never practicing…   Oddly, Columbia Law School doesn’t recognize Blinken in any of their notable graduates.   Nor do they seem to recognize Obama in their notable alumni.

Democrat, Bob Menendez, is accused of taking bribes from Egypt and Qatar.  Gold bars, a Mercedes, Cashola, are a few of his favorite things.   And suddenly the impeachment on Biden is moot and mute.   But Biden just extended US allegiance to Qatar…  via a ten year extension of of the largest Middle East military base operation of the US.   What bribe was offered?   Where is Mike Johnson?

Good ole Mikey is at the border taking a photo-op with 60 cabinet members as they look at the nonwall crisis.   Fark, the nonwall crisis has been ongoing for THREE YEARS!   Looking at it – again – is not going to stop the flow.   It is not going to do anything but scrape a nail on a chalkboard.  Ouch that hurt my ears.   So how much did my stocks make today?  Johnson has proven to be yet another blowhard.

Israel’s Netanyahu has come up with a solution for the Palestinians…   he wants to voluntarily send them to the Congo.   Voluntary means go or I will shoot your brains out and every living relative.   The Congo is a death trap.  The Congolese are now one of the major illegal immigrant marauders crossing from Mexico into the US.   Africans have replaced Hispanics.   Africans with diseases unchecked.   County health officials are now warning staff that immigrant health centers in the US are overwhelmed with Malaria, TB, Dengue, Polio, and unknown diseases.

The CDC is pushing every vaccine imaginable.   But 60 Cabinet members are visiting the Border…

Surely, it will all be blamed on Putin when the dust settles.   When the BRICS are the New RESET and the Cabal goes into its cave dwellings plotting their next overture into society – 2050 – when everyone will have forgotten what they did and they rebrand calling themselves The Holy Wings of Baal.