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Israeli Mossad And Anti-Defamation League Connections To The Assassination Of Martin Luther King - Christians for Truth

[CFT NoteMartin Luther King Day this year provides us with an appropriate occasion to republish this article as a gentle reminder of the “hidden hand” behind King’s assassination.]

During the October 7, 2010 edition of the “Piper Report,” the late author and investigative journalist Michael Collins Piper discussed the connections between the Mossad and the Anti-Defamation League to the assassination of Martin Luther King — a subject that very few researchers have ever dared to broach. 

In fact, as Piper points out, even James Earl Ray himself was hesitant to directly discuss these connections — connections that were factual and irrefutable.

Here we present our transcription of Piper’s comments — the only transcription as far as we know — and well worth preserving.  The audio recording of Piper’s comments can be found following the transcription below.

Michael Collins Piper:

“Back in 1994 when my book Final Judgment on the Kennedy assassination was first released, there were a lot of people who attacked me — and I’m not talking about the Jews.  I understand why the Jews, and the Israelis, and the friends of Israel would attack this book — because, of course, it contends that Israeli Intelligence performed perhaps the pre-eminent role behind the scenes in orchestrating the Kennedy assassination — because of JFK’s obstinate refusal to support Israel’s drive for nuclear weapons, which all authoritative sources will tell you is the cornerstone of Israel’s geopolitical and military policies.

But I was amazed at the number of people who — people in the White Nationalist and White Separatist Movements — who attacked the book because it implied that there was something good about John F. Kennedy.  They said, “Well, how could Piper write this book. He’s rehabilitating the Kennedys. He’s saying nice things about the Kennedys — and the Kennedys were Liberals.  Dontcha know the Kennedys were Liberals?  How could you write something like this?”  Completely disregarding the bigger reality.

It was very much the same thing when I wrote a number of articles for the American Free Press and The Spotlight about the Martin Luther King assassination.  I was again attacked because people were saying, “Don’t you know that Martin Luther King communist? Why would the Mossad want to kill Martin Luther King? Why would the Jews want Martin Luther King out of the way?” I was just presenting some anomalous facts — facts, folks — that had appeared in a variety of literature, which just had never been noticed.

I just want to run a few things by you in regards to the assassination of Martin Luther King — that I pointed out in Final Judgement — in a question and answer section of the book.

Now we all recall that James Earl Ray had a handler named “Raoul” — well, even William Pepper in his book An Act Of State, which outlines a high-level conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King, has drawn connections between Jack Ruby — who killed Lee Harvey Oswald — and James Earl Ray’s handler, Raoul.  Now these links [between the two] go back to 1963 at which time both Jack Ruby and Raoul were involved in an arms smuggling operation that was linked to Israel’s Mossad — it involved the theft of armaments from American military bases that were then being channeled off to Israel…

That is a Mossad connection any way you cut it.

Here is something remarkably interesting — William Pepper, in his earlier book on the King assassination, Orders To Kill, described his inquiries into the background of this Canadian fellow — Eric Galt — whose identity James Earl Ray adopted during part of his wide-ranging travels.

Here’s what Pepper reported,

I learned that Galt — who as we know was the executive warehouse operator for Union Carbide’s factory at Toronto — had top secret security clearance.  The warehouse he ran housed an extremely top secret munitions project funded by the CIA, the U.S. Naval Service Weapons Center, and the Army Electronics Research and Development Command.  The work involved the production and storage of proximity fuses used in Surface-To-Air missiles and artillery shells, and LAWFs.  The company was engaged in high-security research projects controlled by the U.S. parent Union Carbide Nuclear Division, who ran the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

I made a passing reference — according to Dick Russell in the book The Man Who Knew Much, on July 26, 1963, someone signed the name “Lee H. Oswald, USSR, Dallas Road, Dallas, Texas” into the register at the Atomic Energy Museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  However, according to the FBI, they later determined that this was not Oswald’s signature.  Well, isn’t that interesting?

But going back to this guy — Galt.   According to William Pepper, Galt was quote “cooperating with another 902nd Military Intelligence Group operation that involved the theft of some of these proximity fuses — and their covert delivery to Israel.”  According to Pepper, Galt obtained “a confidential memorandum issued by the 902 MIG on 17 October 1967 which confirms and discusses this operation. The project Mexpo, which was defined as “military exploitation project of scientific and technical division in Israel.”

So there it is — somehow James Earl Ray was steered into the use of the identity of a real-life individual who did indeed have ties to Israel — in scientific and technical research, which, of course, points in the direction of nuclear development.  Note, likewise, that the real-life Galt is linked to the scientific and technical division in Israel.  And note also that Galt’s company was indeed linked to Union Carbide’s Nuclear Division.

In his own book Who Killed Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray addressed his suspicion that his mysterious handler Raoul may have been traveling in the company of a figure that Ray believed to have been financier David Graiver.  Ray mentions Graiver’s involvement in the looting of the American Bank and Trust Company of New York — but does not mention something that he most assuredly also knew — the fact that ABT was the restructured Swiss trade bank originally founded by Mossad figure Tibor Rosenbaum.

Ray knew that the looting ABT by Graiver was determined to have been a classic mob-style bust out in which funds stolen from ABT were used to finance Israel’s secret nuclear arms program.

In my correspondence with James Earl Ray — we had a back-and-forth about David Graiver.

Now here is something you need to know about — it is a matter of record that prior to the King assassination, James Earl Ray had been given two [telephone] numbers by Raoul — that Raoul indicated Ray may contact if necessary.  One of the numbers in New Orleans, Ray definitely remembered to end with the numbers 8757 — and vaguely remembered to begin with 866, but he wasn’t certain.  In fact, Ray later determined that — on his own — the New Orleans number during the relevant time was the number of the Laventhal Marine Supply Company.

[Editor’s Note: the Laventhal Marine Supply Co. was owned by a possible Mossad sayanim — Samuel Laventhal, a member of the Zionist Organization of America and B’nai B’rith in New Orleans.  View his obituary here and below.]

And Ray stated — this is a matter of record — in his little-mentioned, self-written early appeal of his conviction that “the resident listed in New Orleans was, among other things, an agent of a Mideast organization distressed because of King’s reported forthcoming — before his death — public support of the Palestinian-Arab cause.

Of course, Ray was referring to the Anti-Defamation League.

Later when Ray testified before the House Assassinations Committee, he referred again to this mystery number and commented,

I don’t want to get into this libel area again and say something that might be embarrassing to disservice some group or organizations. He — referring to King — intended like Vietnam to support the Arab cause.  Someone in his organization was making contact with the Palestinians for an alliance.

In other words, Ray was talking around that matter, but what he was saying was that it was his understanding that, in fact, he believed there was a Middle East connection behind the MLK assassination conspiracy.

On his website, assassination researcher A.J. Weberman — who has been associated with the pro-Israel Jewish Defense League — has suggested this all reflected Ray’s “hatred for the Jews.”  But Weberman concluded that Ray “blamed the Mossad for King’s assassination” — a fact that very few assassination researchers seem to be aware of.  Ray was seemingly reticent to talk about it, knowing full well that he had enough on his hands to start making accusations about the Mossad.

I’m not here to say the Mossad ran the whole operation, but we do know from a former ADL official that the Anti-Defamation League had a bone to pick with Martin Luther King — and they considered him a “loose cannon.”  They wanted to get rid of him — thought he’d become too powerful.  They thought he had a popular following.  They thought he controlled a major block of votes in this country, and for years the Jewish community — and yes, it was the Jewish communitynot just the Zionists — the Jewish community perceived itself to be the owners of the Black vote in this country.

And, lo and behold, here comes Martin Luther King who is suddenly a leader in his own right — whether you like him or not — I know a lot of you out there don’t like him — he was a womanizer, he plagiarized his doctoral dissertation, he was a communist, he was a this, he was a that — I’ve heard it all — but it’s pretty clear there was a high-level conspiracy involved in that assassination.

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