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At This Point, Are Americans Anything More Than Lab Animals? - By Gary D. Barnett

“We slow the progress of science today for all sorts of ethical reasons. Biomedicine could advance much faster if we abolished our rules on human experimentation in clinical trials, as Nazi researchers did.”

~ Paul Nitze

The idea of brutal experimentation on animals has always been justified by claiming that it is necessary in order to benefit the health or mental wellbeing of humans. This propagandist thinking could and would lead to a public acceptance of experimenting and torture of living things in the false name of human progress. But it was also meant to condition man to accept harm to one species in order to better his own. It stands to reason that once this mindset was in place, it could be argued that human experimentation could enhance that ‘progress’ much further, thereby becoming a necessary evil that could be seen as beneficial, especially if it began with psychological experimentation, and not physical. Now that the psyche and body are in many cases being seen as one and the same, why not use medical testing of some humans so as to benefit the collective? In this scenario, the individual would be destroyed in favor of the group, and this could easily lead to sacrificing some for the good of all. The result of this progression would be that we are all lab animals now.Buy New $321.99(as of 05:13 EST - Details)

In this era of the fraudulent coronavirus ‘pandemic,’ most are well on their way to becoming a nation of mindless drones that will be accepting of human experimentation. This is in fact already happening, but it seems that it will get much worse very soon. Fear can breed aggression, but considering the herd mentality of the human species, it is much more likely to breed passivity and compliance, both very detrimental to survival in what could be considered any normal way of life. It is not that this government and its controllers have not used its citizens and others for these purposes in the past, but today it is becoming rampant, and is even out in the open concerning current policies in place.

Most all that is now being mandated by the political class is based on experimentation. That experimentation is predicated on compliance testing, this regardless of the gross harm caused. You see, when experimenting with the human animal, it is first necessary to gauge the psyche of the average person in order to know how far the experiment can advance. Because of this, it is crucial to perform psychological experimentation prior to physical experimentation. This of course is not necessary with animals, but is vital with ‘reasoning’ humans. With mass compliance, it becomes evident to the ruling sector of society that the people are prepared to become guinea pigs, and therefore are ripe for abuse. These lockdowns, distancing rules, mask wearing, voluntary business closings, virus testing, and restrictions to liberty at every level, are simply tests to see if the people are willing to follow ludicrous and dangerous instructions in order to gain some sort of false safety due only to pre-planned government propaganda. It has been obvious that Americans in large part have been willing to do absolutely anything they were told to do, including allowing their older family members to be psychologically tortured, and effectively murdered, due to forced isolation by the state.

The ultimate goal of the state here is to first destroy the human spirit, leaving an empty mind and a blank slate so that the people at large are ready and willing to become the test subjects for their claimed masters. The day of the first significant physical experiment on this population is fast approaching, and at this time seems imminent. That experiment will rival many of the heinous and torturous ‘scientific’ persecutions of the past, but will be unique in that it will be made to seem voluntary instead of being done through incarceration and brute force. But there is a sinister aspect of this feigned voluntarism that exposes a heinous psychological manipulation.Best Price: $105.40Buy New $152.98(as of 05:13 EST - Details)

I am speaking here of course of the coming poisonous ‘Covid-19’ vaccination. The contradiction and foretelling of doom is obvious, so why are so many already willing to be used as lab animals? The first sign of great danger lies in the fact that the state has exempted the pharmaceutical companies developing these experimental toxins from all liability. The state with your money is also paying for the development of these virulent injections, while allowing unlimited profit to its partners in crime. In addition, the government is claiming to be liable, but that is a lie, as government has nothing, and produces nothing; it only steals from those that do. So each and every citizen guinea pig taking this deadly and experimental vaccine is personally liable for any and all harm. What this means is that vaccine manufacturers, deliverers, and the government have zero risk, while the people retain all the physical, mental, medical, and financial liability. This is a true government coup d’état, in that the human lab animals take all the risk, contract all the sickness, disease and even face death, and also pay for all the damages.

While the political class will crow loudly about this not being mandatory, they will at the same time threaten every single individual that does not bow down to the state and take this vaccine. Those threats will be brutal, and meant to destroy any that do not comply. So this vaccine will really be mandated in that those that disobey will be abused, and attempts by the government to force consent will be completely inhumane. The ability to get daily necessities including food will be eliminated, as will most all travel, working and supporting family without an immunization pass, gaining medical care, access to any service, all public entertainment and activities, and most anything vital to life. Does this sound voluntary to you?

But this experimentation will not end here, but will also continue as long as the people allow it to continue. There will be new experimental vaccines, new updated injections, injectable nanoparticles, chips, property confiscation and redistribution, RNA and DNA experimentation, universal basic income, governmental digital money, tracking devices, and many other intrusions said to be necessary for any citizen wanting to be able to move about or function in any ‘new normal’ manner. So long as the people comply with these orders, the list of demands by the state will be innumerable.Buy New $165.99(as of 05:13 EST - Details)

We are all facing one giant experiment where the powerful controlling ‘elites’ and their pawns in government are the mad scientists, and the common masses are the lab animal test subjects.

There is only one answer to this madness: Disobey every government order and be prepared to defend at all costs your life, your family, your property, and your freedom!

“The enrichment center would like to announce a new employee initiative of forced voluntary participation.

If any Aperture Science employee would like to opt out of this new voluntary testing program, please remember; science rhymes with compliance.

Ted Kosmatka, Portal 2: Lab Rat

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