Sunday, December 13, 2020

Vox Popoli: The apotheosis of evil

Bruce Charlton explains how evil has reached an incoherent unity and has now turned against the very concept of human society:

When this world view of negation of the Self, penetrates the soul and has been internalised; we get the Sorathic form of evil. Evil as the negation of The Good - any good. So, evil loses any positive goal and becomes directed-against Truth, Beauty and Virtue; against life and consciousness, against the natural and spontaneous, against Beings and their relationships. 

Sorathic evil's only 'satisfaction' (because it has become incapable of 'pleasure') is in this destruction of anything that is of-God; anything created, anything capable of creation....

What we are therefore seeing here is a very pure form of Sorathic negation. Even the Global Establishment themselves, the people who are imposing societal destruction on the world, do not understand why they are doing this work of societal destruction. 

They insist upon its necessity; but they cannot coherently explain it!

The reason is that the 'need' for societal destruction cannot be explained in materialistic terms - which are the only terms possible in public discourse; and among those who deny the reality of God and creation. 

The true reason for societal destruction is that human society is Good and therefore needs to be destroyed... In this burgeoning world of Sorathic evil, we need to stop looking for the 'advantage' in evil. Need to stop trying to 'explain evil' in terms of it (for example) making more money for Them, or giving Them more power...

From now, evil needs gain no advantage by its action: evil thrives purely on the destruction of whatever is Good. 

Evil has therefore ceased to be a triad, and has become a unity - the unity of negation; the unity of simple destruction of Good.

We see this on a daily basis, in the irrational rantings and rages of the gammas, in the fear and fury of the corona complicity theorists, and in the willingness to shut society down in order to give granny six more months of life in solitary.

If you do not consciously choose to serve the good, the beautiful, and the true, this is the pit of the despair to which you will eventually damn yourself, because evil is the drug and you are the junkie. And this is why the Apostle Paul instructed us that we are not given a spirit of fear. Fear is the prison of the damned.