Friday, December 18, 2020

Vox Popoli: It's perfectly safe!

Only confirmed idiots will be getting this "vaccine". It hasn't been comprehensively tested for efficacy, it obviously hasn't been tested for long-term health effects, it hasn't gone through the normal scientific testing routines, and most damningly, the manufacturer is not liable for any adverse effects. And it's being relentlessly pushed by a group of people who very publicly advocate lowering the global population, so it won't be even a little surprising if scientists eventually "discover" that it inhibits fertility.


This YouTube comment pretty much sums up the current situation: 


Now guys look, I know this looks bad, yes. I know that the nurse who took this vaccine that was developed in under a year and has no long-term testing, has fallen completely unconscious five minutes after taking it. And sure we faked the first nurse getting the vaccine by just having him get poked with a needle while the guy administrating it pretended to inject him with an empty syringe. Sure we're threatening the medical licenses of doctors who express even the slightest reservations about this vaccine and actively silencing and banning the accounts of people who are saying they don't trust the vaccine and shitposters making memes about it. But I think you're just being paranoid and engaging in misinformation and contributing to the formation of baseless conspiracy theories.

But let's be fair. These covid vaccines may well have a positive eugenics effect over time, as only the less intelligent will be dumb enough to take it.