Wednesday, December 16, 2020

COVID stats demonstrate that very little COVID is transmitted through bars and restaurants - By Jack Hellner

When will the media and government officials show the actual scientific data, instead of just repeating the talking points, that they base all their strict mitigation and lockdown decisions on science? It's clearly a lie. The answer is 'never' because neither facts nor science have mattered for a long time.

All that matters to this bunch is power over the people. Taking freedom and prosperity away is what power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats do.

On COVID, and its lockdowns, shutting down gyms, hair-cutters, bars, and restaurants, they're particularly dishonest. Look:

What New York’s Contract Data Show:

Schools are safe, but living rooms less so during the pandemic. 

The vast majority of coronavirus cases in New York are spread by contact in living rooms and social gatherings, according to contact tracing data released on Friday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

The data made public by New York officials offers one of the more specific glimpses into how COVID-19 is transmitted in the state.

Nearly 74% of cases in New York are the result of transmission in households or social gatherings, a metric Cuomo has warned about in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Health officials, including the nation's leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, have warned of a surge within a surge of COVID-19 cases due to gatherings at Thanksgiving and later at Christmas. 

Elementary and high school students, meanwhile, represent less than .50% of the cases, underscoring the relative safety of attending school during the pandemic.

New York has had more than 700,000 COVID-19 cases confirmed overall since the pandemic began in March and contact tracing has been a challenge amid a widespread outbreak.

Those are statistics from New York which is based on a large sample of 46,000 data points out of around 210,000 COVI cases from September through November:

So let's get this straight: They close down bars and restaurants but only 1.43% of the cases could be traced to them.

They close hair salons from which were attributed 0.14% of cases.

Gyms contributed to 0.06% of cases.

Churches and religious houses which are severely restricted and blamed contributed 0.69%.

Teachers and other school employees 1.5%.

College students 2.02%

Travelers in and out of state 1.6%.

First responders of all sorts, including the military 1%.

Stores, including big ones and small ones 0.61%.

Hospitals and nursing homes: 7.81%.

So where did over 74% of cases occur? Why, in private homes where politicians and bureaucrats say people should stay and be quarantined.

How stupid is that? It is as bad as Governor Andrew Cuomo and other governors forcing nursing homes to take in COVID patients, without testing, whom they knew were sick, to infect and kill the most vulnerable.

When will politicians and bureaucrats stop the intentional physical, mental, and financial destruction of individuals and small businesses? When will they stop permanently destroying children, especially the poor and special-needs kids, whom they only pretend to care about? They are permanently destroying the kids based on nothing other than their whims and beliefs?

The only way to stop these lockdowns and permanent destruction of the economy is to cut off the spigot to politicians and bureaucrats. Stop paying “non-essential” government workers their salaries and benefits and the politicians will get such grief, just like Hollywood gave California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, that the economy would open. Make government workers suffer in the same way the private sector is and the nightmare will end.

If Republicans cave and reward the tyrannical politicians in states with massive bailouts, the nightmare will continue and compound.

When will the media and other Democrats stop claiming, without scientific evidence, that humans and oil consumption, control the climate? The answer is never because it has never been about science. It has always been about power for the government and controlling our lives.

Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists, continually show that they don’t care about science, facts, or corruption. They care about power for leftists and their radical agenda to transform and destroy America. Nothing more. Trump got in their way so no matter how many lies they had to tell and how much election fraud they had to commit to get rid of him, it all was somehow justified.  The end result is all that mattered. And the end result now was to elect a corrupt, incompetent man who will just be a figurehead.