Thursday, December 3, 2020

Will President Trump Cross the Rubicon?

Vox Popoli: At the Rubicon

Read the whole thing. It is time for the God-Emperor to cross the Rubicon and put an end to the facade that has permitted demons and literal devil-worshippers to rule over the American people. Iacta alea, et transire Rubiconem!

Trump at the Rubicon - Contemplations on the Tree of Woe - Alexander Macris


Translation: He is not going to rely upon the courts or the state legislatures to do the right thing. He is well aware that they cannot be relied upon.

Vox Popoli: The people sue the governor

It won't do any good, even though it absolutely should. But it, and many other similar legal actions, will retroactively justify the actions that the God-Emperor appears on the verge of taking. Once it is sufficiently clear that the courts and the legislatures have completely failed to perform their constitutional duties, the President will perform his.

Vox Popoli: Outside the normality box (The courts have been warned. The legislators have been warned. )

The courts have been warned. The legislators have been warned. But I don't think they are listening to the warnings, any more than a big tech company listens even when it is bombarded by hundreds of notices from its users, because they simply don't believe that anyone will dare to think, let alone step, outside the normality box.

Crush Limbraw predicts: This part of the quoted text: "He knows what is waiting for him on the other side of Biden's inauguration - humiliation in front of the whole world, many civil lawsuits, State and Federal charges, asset seizure and prison." = REALITY!

It is becoming increasingly clear, Trump is running out of options - he has to act.

While it may be hard to pull the trigger - there is no other choice!

Both Trump and what remains of America are either all in or done!

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