Sunday, December 6, 2020

REALITY is about to deliver a Death Blow to Normalcy Bias!

After posting   Will President Trump Cross the Rubicon?

last Thursday, I had no specific plans to post anything else for a while – preferring to just watchfully wait.

When I said: Stay tuned at Vox Day – I meant it!

Today - Vox Popoli: That's not an accident

Anyhow, this suggests that the President should make his move sooner rather than later, lest the innocent suffer. And from the strategic perspective, a demonstrated inability to protect those around the elected officials who are already afraid to do their duty is not going to convince them to do it.

Vox Popoli: Biden delta = +26 percent

Now that the Dominion servers are in the possession of the Trump team and the algorithm has been broken and is being analyzed, it's beginning to appear that Biden didn't just lose, he was absolutely destroyed by the Trumpslide.

NOW – Imagine you are a judge, government or elected official involved in investigating electoral fraud – what does all of this mean for you and your family?

Repeat - When I said: Stay tuned at Vox Day – I meant it!