Monday, December 28, 2020

Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – Intro - (Jun-Dec/2020- Latest first)

As you know or will soon discover, I do not write most of the 6000+ articles archived here in DaLimbraw Library – my job is to be the librarian.

What I do write occasionally are summary connect-the-dots theme posts which link recent or related articles by various authors – simply a convenience. Your best option still is a word search guided by your own interest and purpose.

Expanding this list will be a work in progress, going backward in time, but it will make available to you a quick topical reference for the last 6 months.

To catch them all as they accumulate – just put Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST in the search window and voila!

As you get familiar here, I also strongly suggest you develop your own sources, in addition to those links listed here on the right side of the full website page.



106 Years Ago Today………………JOYEUX NOEL!

How Stupid Are We – (HSAW?) The evidence is here – you be DaJudge! – CL

Are we Americans Human Beings or Lab Rats? You decide!

REALITY is about to deliver a Death Blow to Normalcy Bias!

Will President Trump Cross the Rubicon?



We All See Through the Glass - DARKLY! There's always a larger picture - and we do NOT see it CLEARLY! - CL

Are We Governed by Humans?

Beyond Shameful! Why? It all developed under OUR watch! – CL

Holy Smoke? There is so much smoke, it is hard to see DaFire – actually, you have to be blind not to see it! – CL

If you wonder why I often archive Vox Popoli – you need wonder no more! - CL



Everything old is new again – or is it the other way around? - CL

So - Who is your local sheriff? Do you know his name? Even more important - do you know him? If not - why not? - CL

The Pushback Has Started! (……..and there ain’t gonna be anything stopping it – So “Let’s ROLL! – CL – connecting more dots as usual)



In plain and simple language – whether in Government/Religion/Politics/Culture – the fundamental battle in all realms is between Christianity and Satanism - PERIOD! Therefore, choose carefully the side you’re on! – CL (Connecting more dots.)

Politics Simplified! (Crush connects more dots.)



Deuteronomy 6-8 NIV - Love the LORD Your God - (What happens to empires throughout history - notice the pattern? - CL)

Ezekiel 33:1-11 NIV - Renewal of Ezekiel’s Call as Watchman - Bible Gateway

New York - New York! (Then..... and NOW!!!!! - CL)



The Face of Evil is Now in Plain Sight!


One more thing - learning takes time - and it comes incrementally in fits and spurts. The most important part is desire and intellectual curiosity - in order to overcome wrong presuppositions and binary thinking - and have I come to understand that factor in me and others! 

We all tend to jump on a new horse of epiphany which we will ride right into the next trap set for us by our adversary Old Scratch.

What's my point?

I learned over 5 years ago when I started my website and DaLimbraw Library that very few people had the capability to coherently explain how Government/Religion/Politics/Culture play an interactive role in our lives - ALL of them. Vox Day is one of the few who can address ALL of these and intertwine them into a coherent vision if you're willing to look.

Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous, especially if you think you now 'got it'. No you don't - you're just getting a glimpse - and it NOW becomes YOUR responsibility to start digging deeper. With knowledge comes responsibility - and the more you learn - the more you need and should desire to learn!

DaOnus is now on you and me, dudes - to prove ALL things! We just got ourselves a lifetime job - Congratulations!