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Electoral Fraud in Black and White, by Chanda Chisala - The Unz Review

Who was behind the biggest election steal in American history?

Did the Democrats rig the 2020 presidential election? Any objective person should at least have some nagging suspicions of possible malfeasance, especially when one listens to the testimonies of the many poll watchers placed in battleground locations: the coincidental events that necessitated conveniently long counting pauses and brazen efforts to restrict their ability to “watch.” An article in the Spectator, written by a professional pollster, makes a strong case for some healthy skepticism of Biden’s win. The more important question, of course, is who did it? And even more curious, how?

In one of his usual gaffe-laden speeches on the campaign trail, Joe Biden may have given the most Freudian of his many slips of the tongue in his career when he said: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” As the many stories of fraud allegations keep unfolding, it is incredible how true Biden’s statement might turn out to be: the operation to steal the US elections were indeed possibly the most extensive and inclusive operation the Democrats have achieved, involving just about all minority groups in this mother of all electoral schemes.

One of the reasons many people find it hard to believe that you can have so many people involved in this scheme is that it would be difficult to issue instructions to all those people without some record of communications being leaked. But they are looking at this the wrong way: you don’t have to issue any instructions to the vast majority of the people you hire in your ballot harvesting schemes etc. You just need to make sure that you have enough people who believe that Trump is the Second Coming of Hitler — and that this time he has come for the blacks, the Asians, Arabs, Latinos and yes, to also finish off the Jews. They only need to be told to do “whatever it takes” [‘Whatever it takes’: how black women fought to mobilize America’s voters. The Guardian, November 12, 2020].

I am not yet convinced that the Dominion System actually played a direct role in rigging votes (at best, it may have been used for real-time internal updates to enable swift action where more ballots were needed), but if it did, we can say that that was the main role of whites in this impressively diverse operation. I would imagine that in such a case, they may have added votes to Biden in places where Trump still won, to avoid suspicion; but that is still not clear. What seems to be much more conspicuous is the role that black operatives played: the job of good old ballot box stuffing and (especially) well-organized illicit ballot harvesting.

For taking such a big risk, the black community will need a few more favors than ordinarily granted to them. The most senior black Congressman, Jim Clyburn, has already started making demands for Biden to start paying up. After Biden announced his economic team appointments, with virtually no white person on it and signalling what is to come, the different minority groups immediately demanded more diversity from him!

This amused even the reporters of Politico, who opened their article with some veiled sarcasm: “The faces of the economic team President-elect Joe Biden unveiled publicly Tuesday included an African American woman, a man born in Nigeria, an Indian American woman and just one white man. The response from Asian American, Black and Latino Democrats: It’s not enough.” [incidentally, the token white man and woman on his economic team – Janet Yellen and Jared Bernstein – are both Jewish].

The strongest demands by far are coming from the black community, and they have already scored the first black Defense Secretary in US history. After all, if blacks can pull off the biggest electoral heist in the history of the world, then maybe they should be in charge of overseeing the nation’s military strategy!

But how plausible is that story? Could blacks really have played the biggest and most organized role in Biden’s stolen election? It sounds too much like the stuff of Hollywood.

In 2007, a movie based on the true life story of Frank Lucas, a black gangster in 1960s and 70s New York who ended up displacing the powerful white drug lords at the top of the business, captured the imagination of America. According to the movie (and Frank Lucas’ Wikipedia page), the DEA detectives wasted many years trying to figure out who had started supplying a specially lethal but unbelievably cheap drug called ‘Blue Magic’ and consequently dominating the drug business in New York (before expanding to other parts of the country). They had failed to solve the mystery because they kept looking at the usual suspects: the infamous Italian mafia. It did not cross their minds that a once-poor black family was the one pulling off a level of organized drug crime that they had never seen before.

Lucas, who usually dressed more professionally than most gangsters in order to elude suspicion from authorities, kept getting wealthier and wealthier as these officers kept chasing the wrong leads. Even when they did finally identify him as the real drug lord, their investigators could not figure out how he was importing this drug without being traced by border security agents at any American ports of entry; they believed it was practically impossible for all their detection systems to fail.

But the best criminals are innovators by definition. Using a close trusted network of black Americans in the US army, Lucas had devised a way of transporting the drugs from Vietnam through the coffins of deceased servicemen that were regularly repatriated to American soil. In short, the US government did not know that they were the ones transporting the drugs of one of the biggest criminals they were investigating!

In 2020, the FBI reported that wide scale electoral fraud, enough to shift a general election, is practically impossible. They could not imagine any method by which this can be accomplished on a large scale without the systems put in place by the government detecting it easily, especially since it would have to involve a large network of people working together with a high level of trust.

Even for those who believe it happened, the biggest suspects have been either the sophisticated white criminals using cryptic software algorithms or, at worst, the Italian Mafia. Indeed, one of President Trump’s lawyers tweeted out a story alleging that the Italian mafia had rigged Pennsylvania for Biden. The mafia profusely denied the story, giving some convincing arguments about their inability and unwillingness to pull off such a large, complex operation.

In fact, the only visible “Italian” in this whole drama seems to be the president’s tenacious New York lawyer, who has the most experience to intuitively recognize the results of organized crime, as a former prosecutor who famously defeated organized crime networks in America’s biggest city. But first he has to zero in on the ‘who.’


The state of Texas provides the first clue on at least the social group that was primarily at the center of this massive operation.

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton (with the cooperation of the Secretary of State) has been extremely vigilant at fighting and preventing electoral fraud in the Lone Star State. Firstly, he forestalled any potential white fraud by rejecting the dodgy Dominion Voting Systems for use in Texas after experts expressed security and efficiency concerns. Secondly, the state also made huge strides in preventing large scale organized voter fraud by essentially banning “ballot harvesting” – the system of collecting and submitting ballots for another voter, after “helping” them to vote. It is astonishing that this is actually legal in many states, despite the strong protestations of many Republicans.

This doesn’t mean that some criminals won’t still try to rig elections in Texas, but this is where the serious AG comes in. In September 2020, AG Paxter announced the arrest and prosecution of a group of four that almost succeeded in rigging an election through organized ballot harvesting in the 2018 Democratic primary races. The way they did it can give us a clue on the main weaknesses exploited by such electoral criminals.

Taking advantage of a Texas law that allows disabled people to vote by mail, this group somehow registered a large number of able-bodied people as disabled, in some cases without their consent, so that they could have more mail-in ballots for their fraudulent scheme to work. Thus, whereas the FBI might assume that it’s difficult to rig through mail-in ballots in a county with a relatively small number of disabled people, this group saw a loophole and innovatively found a way of expanding that segment of ballots.

The fact that they went through all that trouble to try to create mail-in ballots confirms that such ballots are the most valuable resource for these schemes, and those Democrats who defend the expansion of mail-in ballots must know exactly what they are doing.

Thus, it is only common sense that the mass shift to mail-in ballots that came on the pretext of the Coronavirus pandemic was an activation call for such electoral fraudsters everywhere to get to work immediately. It made their job so much easier since the government had just unknowingly done the hardest step in the process for them, as they did for Frank Lucas.

When I first saw the Texas fraud story, I was not expecting any racial pattern; I unconsciously assumed that it was at best a mixed-race operation. Until I saw the mug shots of the arrested fraudsters (the state is 74% white and only 12% black).

All of them were black!

This led me to start looking at the videos of all the election counting centers where there have been allegations of major process irregularities in battleground states from sworn testimonies of witnesses, including stories of new ballot boxes being dropped there in the middle of the night. The workers in those offices were almost always predominantly black too!

I had to ask myself again: is it really possible that black political operatives had pulled off the biggest electoral crime in American history? And if this is true, how could they have achieved what the political scientists, the FBI and even the Italian mafia claim is a practically impossible task?

Once again, my answer to the ‘how’ came from the good state of Texas. The state (this time through private investigators) managed to expose another much bigger voter fraud operation before it could complete its project, this time targeting the presidential election itself, and allegedly involving enough ballots (700 thousand) to decisively turn the great conservative state blue. You would think that such a big story would have made it to CNN and the front pages of the New York Times since some Democrat officials were implicated, but it was only reported locally in Texas and other red states:

The investigators—a former FBI agent and former police officer—claim that Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his cohorts have been “hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots” and ordering operatives to fill them out for people in Harris County illegally, including dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents in the 2020 presidential election.

A part of the sworn affidavit from the investigators lays down the scheme:

“…Based on interviews, review of documents, and other information, I have identified the individuals in charge of the ballot harvesting scheme. These individuals includes political consultant Dallas Jones who was recently hired by the Joe Biden for President campaign to oversee their Harris County initiative. District 13 Texas State Senator Borris Miles, who is the handler of Mr. Jones, political consultant Gerald Womack, and Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. One of the companies these individuals are using as a front for this operation is AB Canvassing, although there are others that have been identified that we are investigating.”

I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.

This entire operation is being run by the elite politicians of the Democrat Party in Houston/Hams County.

When I found the photos of all the people mentioned in this damning affidavit, the hypothesis that blacks were the ones executing the groundwork for the 2020 fraud in the different battleground states was very nearly confirmed.

Dallas Jones
Dallas Jones
Commissioner Rodney Ellis, source: Wikipedia
Commissioner Rodney Ellis, source: Wikipedia
State Senator Boris Miles, source: Wikipedia
State Senator Boris Miles, source: Wikipedia
Denzel Washington as the impeccably-dressed innovative black gangster, Frank Lucas, in American Gangster.
Denzel Washington as the impeccably-dressed innovative black gangster, Frank Lucas, in American Gangster.

When I looked a bit more into Jones, I discovered a few more interesting facts. Firstly, he used to be a “Regional Field Director” in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This means that whatever electoral “skills” he has are well-known in the NAACP, and can be easily distributed to their wide network in different states on demand.

Secondly, I discovered that Dallas has even internationalized his electoral “consultancy.” His elections consultancy company was hired to help an opposition party candidate to the highest position in Trinidad and Tobago named Keith Rowley in 2015. He won.

I was curious to know why Jones would want to help a Trinidadian win an election that has nothing to do with America (or even the NAACP). Did he share a similar economic ideology with the candidate? Or does Jones perhaps have his ancestral roots in this island?

The answer, I soon realized, is simpler than that.

Rowley’s People’s National Movement party represents the black population of Trinidad and Tobago, while the major party he took out, the United National Congress, represents the South Asians (Indians) led by an Indian woman whose first name just happens to be ‘Kamla.’ Rowley needed all the help he could get from black American “consultants” because Indians are actually the largest ethnic population in Trinidad and Tobago. (In 2020, Rowley defended his Prime Minister position against Kamla.)

The description of Jones’ role in that election that brought Rowley to power is instructive:

“Brought on by partner firm Vestige Strategies as part of a team of five consultants, Jones was tasked with designing and executing the comprehensive, nation-wide “Get Out The Vote” efforts for Dr. Rowley and the People’s National Movement campaign.”

Get Out the Vote” is how a lot of these ballot harvesting schemes are euphemistically characterized. It is what Georgia politician Stacey Abrams calls her scheme that aggressively registers all kinds of unlikely voters to supposedly vote by mail with renewed enthusiasm.

What makes blacks more able to pull off such large-scale ballot harvesting operations is the ready supply of the one asset required for all organized crime: a large network of trust. I think groups like the Italian mafia and the Jewish mafia may have almost disappeared precisely because of a dwindling supply of people among them who still see themselves as surviving outside the mainstream American community that despises them while belonging to an ethnic “family” that values them. Blacks, on the other hand, still largely see themselves as part of such an outsider “family” that is expected to trust each other, as they collectively figure out how to survive that common enemy who has all the power and wants to “systemically” harm them with it. At least this is what they grow up hearing every day from schools, colleges, news media, music, uncles and even church leaders. (The black conservatives who somehow escape this lifelong programming are much more heroic than immigrant black conservatives who never really had to deal with the pervasive indoctrination).

This black family consciousness can be used not only politically (the family is expected to vote together for the same party, one that is at least led by servile whites), but even for other less legal collaborations, if necessary. When you truly believe that you are under some Hitlerian existential threat, it is actually rational to bend some rules to help your survival, especially if those rules are made by the same evil power that systemically seeks your destruction.

At the Michigan House hearings to consider the Trump campaign’s case, one recent Indian immigrant who was one of the GOP poll watchers, witnessed this familial spirit in action. The black poll workers in the room thought she was a Democrat because she’s from a dark-looking minority race, and they confidentially told her that “we have to get those m-fers out of here.” According to her, they were referring to all the “white, male Republican” poll watchers, who were apparently insisting on monitoring everything going on (a.k.a doing their job). They successfully booted them out.

When the Trump campaign in Michigan sued for being denied access to properly watch what was going on at some important counting center in Detroit, their case was quickly dismissed by the judge. When they tried to sue to get access to surveillance videos of ballot box drops, which could also possibly prove their allegations of illegal ballot boxes brought in, the same judge denied them the access on some bizarre technicality. Ironically, the media kept mocking the Trump campaign for bringing allegations to court in the absence of strong evidence, without mentioning how their requests for access to the same evidence was being denied by the same courts!

Out of curiosity, I looked up this Michigan judge (Cynthia Stephens) whom I thought had a particularly hostile tone to Trump’s plaintiffs.

Judge Cynthia Stephens
Judge Cynthia Stephens

Stephens has been a leader in the Black Judges Association of Michigan, a life member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority which was founded by “college-educated women dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that assist the African American community,” etc.

In October 2020, a higher court reversed a revealing ruling that Stephens had given in another case. She had ruled that anyone should be allowed to submit someone else’s ballot for them, despite state law clearly saying it is only family members that can do this (which at least makes the work of ballot harvest schemers a bit harder). The same higher court also reversed a ruling by Stephens that said late ballots should be counted in the 2020 general election even if they arrive two weeks late – which would have been another boon in the ballot fraudster’s toolbox!

A judge who is a member of ethnocentric organizations is already a bad sign. If a white judge was a member of a sorority that “assists the white community,” his objectivity would be questioned, especially in an election in which ‘race’ is at the center. Why should we assume that a black judge would be free of bias when she belongs to race-based groups and the election is about a man that is considered “one of the most racist presidents” in American history?

The Trump campaign should have moved heaven and hell to get those surveillance videos of ballot boxes being brought into these counting centers, instead of moving on to Hugo Chavez conspiracy theories. I’m also pretty sure William Barr could immediately get all those videos of security footage around every polling station if he really wanted to, but maybe I’ve just watched too much ‘24.’

Black electoral fraudsters of course know that they can count on the media to help them fight against any pressure to fully audit black counties by simply flashing the race card as a shield when needed.

The Washington Post already sent an early warning shot by publishing a story entitled “Anger builds in Black community over Trump’s claim of voter fraud in big cities.” According to the Post, Trump checking for fraud in these areas is “prompting Black leaders, political analysts and historians to cry foul at what they described as tactics reminiscent of those used to suppress the voice of Black voters following the Civil War.”

They don’t quote any actual historian who would say something that radical. Instead, they quote a professor of African American studies, Carol Anderson. “It’s a very narrow, slippery slope, from saying ‘illegal votes’ to ‘illegal voters,’”she chides, “so this attack on Black voters is real.”

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. An investigation of crime is obviously not an attack on anyone.

Trump’s team is predictably now inured to the endless accusations of racism, so something more had to be done to stop them. On Saturday, November 21, a group of Detroit voters took the race card all the way to federal court, alleging “disenfranchisement of black voters” by the Trump campaign. Basically, a lawsuit to stop someone from checking if the law was followed.

Georgia, Georgia

If the state of Texas and its AG provide a blueprint for disciplined Republican warfare against black and white fraud, Georgia is the sad cautionary tale.

Georgia has had a very long unique relationship with voting machine vendors which looks quite corrupt. Because the mainstream media assumed that this corrupt intrusion into Georgia politics by voting machine companies was going to benefit Trump (and Russia) in 2020, they did some thorough investigation into it. Of course after the 2020 election suggested that the newest beneficiaries (if any) are Democrats, the same media has frantically rushed to defend the integrity of Georgian officials — presenting them as honest and objective Republicans for standing up to Trump. Even the venerable Wall Street Journal has published an editorial from the CEO of Dominion. Any suggestions of malfeasance are now dismissed as “baseless.”

Fortunately, we still have the investigative articles the same media did when they thought Georgia would rig for Republicans, as our basis.

A 2019 article by the New Yorker was merciless:

“In the past decade, Election Systems & Software (E.S. & S.), the largest manufacturer of voting machines in the country, has routinely wined and dined a select group of state-election brass, which the company called an “advisory board,” offering them airfare on trips to places like Las Vegas and New York, upscale-hotel accommodations, and tickets to live events. Among the recipients of this largesse, according to an investigation by McClatchy published last year, was David Dove, the chief of staff to Georgia’s then secretary of state, Brian Kemp.”[Kemp is now the governor.]


“Georgia turns out to be a prime example of how voting-system venders, in partnership with elected officials, can jeopardize the democratic process by influencing municipalities to buy proprietary, inscrutable voting devices that are infinitely less secure than paper-ballot systems that cost three times less.”

The McClatchy investigative report, cited in the New Yorker article, makes a prediction from an expert interviewed for their story:

“… the next foreign attack on U.S. voting machinery will likely be initially directed at an equipment vendor’s server before migrating to county systems and voting sites, said Scott, co-founder of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

He said the malware can poison vendors’ update servers with a “decimalization feature” — a program to manipulate the vote outcome as desired.

“Then you add a second layer to the exploit that geo-targets that malware to hit swing regions of swing states,” Scott said. It embeds in the touch-screens and “carries through to the central (vote-counting) tabulator at the state level,” before destroying itself upon final tabulation.

While Homeland Security officials have alerted the vendors about such a threat, Scott said, he’s seen little effort by the manufacturers to build a defense.

In 2019, Dominion Systems received over 100 million dollars from the state of Georgia to supply 30,000 machines for the state’s 7 million voters, to be rolled out in a few months: the biggest and most ambitious rollout of voting machines in the history of the United States.

Even if there was no direct corruption involving Georgia officials in this handsome contract, these officials — the Governor, the Secretary of State and even their suspiciously vocal elections implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling — would still not want the weaknesses of the system to be exposed because it would also effectively end their careers since everyone, including election security experts and managers in other Secretary of State offices, had warned them about this reckless project.

When the state held its presidential primaries in June 2020 with this new Dominion system, it turned out to be one big mess, just as everyone had warned. It is a miracle that these officials actually survived the chaos from that election.

It is worth quoting large portions of an article from PBS that sums up what Georgia went through with Dominion software in that catastrophic presidential primary election of 2020:

“Faulty software or poorly calibrated vote-tabulation scanners used to count mailed-in ballots in this week’s chaotic Georgia primary may have prevented thousands of votes from being counted, election officials and voting integrity activists say…

“The fact that it is in multiple counties tells me that it’s probably systemic,” Richard DeMillo, a Georgia Tech computer scientist who has testified for the plaintiffs,… because identical scanners and software were used to count all absentee ballots across the state. DeMillo said the only way to know for sure is through audits.

A top Georgia voting official, voting implementation manager Gabriel Sterling, said Friday that he had seen no evidence yet of the issue and found it difficult to believe the reports were “an active description of what is happening on the ground.”

“These are activists who have an ax to grind,” he said.

…In post-election reviews, bipartisan panels in all four counties detected unregistered votes while examining ballot images flagged by the vote-tallying scanner’s software for anomalies.

In Morgan County, Republican-dominated and just southeast of Atlanta, panelists discovered at least 20 votes on scanned ballot images that the program had not recorded, said Jeanne Dufort, a Democrat on the panel. She said it appeared the votes did not register because ovals that were supposed to be filled in were instead checked or marked with X’s.

All three panelists agreed to add the unregistered votes to the electronic tally, said Dufort. But on Thursday, the county elections board voted 3-2 not to audit the rest of the roughly 3,000 absentee ballots…

In Clarke County, vote review panelist Adam Shirley estimated at least 30 ballots out of about 300 flagged for anomalies had votes that “the system had not marked at all, that had not processed at all.”

Shirley, a Democrat, recommended a review of all 15,000 absentee ballots.

In an email Friday to fellow board members, county election board chair Jesse Evans said “it’s not just possible but probable that a ballot whose voter had clearly but not completely marked their vote would not have its votes counted by the software.”

In an email to Evans, Shirley said he found it disturbing that the software did not flag the uncounted votes. “We only noticed them by sheer luck as we were adjudicating other, flagged contests on ballots.”

…In DeKalb County, review panel member Elizabeth Burns estimated finding between 20-50 uncounted votes on 530 flagged ballots and said her team had so far only reviewed half its 100,000 absentee ballots. Like Shirley, she said her team had stumbled upon the issue. She said she wondered how many other counties were aware of it.

“Maybe not everyone has been as thorough as us and noticed this,” she said.

“The detection of this major problem was only because of diligent citizen oversight. The officials charged with the duty to fully test the equipment recklessly failed to responsibly do so, or to audit it,” said Marilyn Marks, executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance, which is demanding in court that the state scrap the ballot-marking devices.

Dominion spokeswoman Kay Stimson referred questions to the state…

Voting security expert Harri Hursti said inadequate pre-election testing may be the cause of the issue…

The Dominion election system used on Tuesday is proprietary. Hursti said it has never been subjected to an independent security review.

It was, however, denied certification by Texas, which cited “multiple hardware and software issues” identified by state-appointed examiners…”

Many readers might find it hard to believe the possibility that these officials might just be protecting their jobs at the expense of full electoral integrity in their state when they stubbornly refuse Trump’s reasonable request for a robust audit (instead of a mere pointless recount), if anything just to prove him wrong. But you have to see it from their perspective (assuming that we are right): since their state won’t make any difference to Trump’s chances of winning the electoral college as it stands now, why should they sacrifice their careers for what they believe is likely a meaningless consolation result for Trump at best? If there is a chance that they have even knowingly lied about the efficiency or security of the system, their careers could be the least of their worries.

Had the Governor and the Secretary of State not entangled their reputations on their implementation of the Dominion system, they would have been as aggressive in going after Stacy Abrams and other suspicious players as Texas did. In fact, they have already started going after her in other ways that do not involve exposing the Dominion Systems. Abrams may have misread their unwillingness to cooperate with Trump after the election as some kind of sign that they are willing to let her continue with her scheme even in the senate run off elections. She was wrong; their only fear is exposing Dominion’s security and efficiency issues to the public again, as they would not survive a fiasco in the presidential election.

Probably to prove his loyalty to the GOP, Secretary of State Raffensperger has already announced that he is launching investigations into Stacy Abrams’ group, for seeking to “aggressively” register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” before the state’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections. I am very confident that he will destroy her before that election.

Raffensperger’s office detailed instances in which “The New Georgia Project,” (founded by Abrams and previously led by senate runoff candidate Warnock) tried to solicit voters living out of state and people who have passed away (the usual tactics.)

It should be obvious that these groups did not become dishonest only for the runoff elections. There is no way the Secretary of State really believes that Abrams’ groups did nothing wrong for the November 3 election.

It is clear that both the Governor and the Secretary of State genuinely want Republicans to keep the Senate and even wanted Trump to win the presidency. They were simply caught up in a difficult situation of their own making with Dominion Systems, which has made them stubbornly resistant to a full audit (with signatures, system accuracy checks, etc) that would probably reveal Abrams’ malfeasance, but only while also revealing their own incompetence, if not outright dishonesty, for recklessly implementing one of the most risky voting systems.

The GA officials share this mutual interest with the executives of Dominion who would lose their business in the US if it is found that they are indeed unsecure, inefficient or unreliable. They are happy to continue addressing the Hugo Chavez rumors for as long as this keeps the public from the real problems. If it is found that someone had remote access to their machines, for example, that would certainly end their business, as it ends the careers of Georgian officials.


Why am I opposed to the black takeover of power in America through illegitimate means?

It has nothing to do with black or white.

I do not know why this happens, but every time people (try to) gain power by organizing themselves along ethnic lines, it brings out the worst demons in them, especially if the organizing principle is some imaginary evilness of another ethnicity. I recall how some very friendly Hutu people seemingly became overnight monsters when their elite leaders successfully “organized” them against the “evil” Tutsi in Rwanda, leading to over a million mindless murders in a tiny African nation.

A newly emboldened elected official in Michigan, Cynthia Johnson, may have given us a glimpse into such demons when she basically issued an order to harm “Trumpers,” in a chilling video released on 9th December:

At this stage, the one last Hail Mary hope America has to save itself from an inevitable decline into the darkness of both ethnic warfare and clueless socialism might lie with the Lone Star State of Texas, as the state’s good AG has now sued all these incompetent states that allowed themselves to be invaded by organized electoral crime.

Chanda Chisala, originally from Zambia, has been a John S. Knight Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a Reagan-Fascell Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy.