Saturday, December 19, 2020

How Stupid Are We – (HSAW?) The evidence is here – you be DaJudge! – CL

How Stupid Are We? Let me count the ways - just count DaMask wearing ZOMBIES! (HSAW?) I guess the manufacturers of these masks are telling the truth.

Covid-19 Testing Scandal Deepens - By Joseph Mercola (How Stupid Are We? - Continued)

……the total mortality for 2020 is normal…..

How the State Spreads Mass Hysteria - By Philipp Bagus

The Gyre Widens - by Kunstler (How Stupid Are We? - HSAW?)

China? Iran? Russia? They’re a match for America’s own domestic enemies, who must be neutralized first before we’re capable of dealing with outsiders.

The End Is Coming Very Soon, and Few Americans Are Willing To Do Anything To Stop It - By Gary D. Barnett (HSAW?)

I can tell you, most all in this country are voluntarily allowing this takeover today, and are doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Civil disobedience and mass dissent would be enough to quell this onslaught of government lies, carnage, murder, and liberty destruction, but while you condemn others, you sit idle and watch your own freedom taken away without ever lifting a finger to stop it. Shame on all of you who refuse to disobey, and refuse to defend your own freedom!

TIME TO HEEL – OR FIGHT – The Burning Platform

If you think we have time to fight at a future date, you are badly mistaken. As we have seen during the four-year attempted coup against a non-cooperative president and this stolen election, these Marxist globalists will resort to anything to prevail. And once they gain complete control, they will not relinquish their power. That is when retribution against Trump supporters will commence. If we do not take the fight to these evildoers now, we will burn in the camps later. Heel or fight. The time has arrived.

(……..And the above is just for starters! – CL)