Monday, May 31, 2021

As We Observe Memorial Day - Remember: War is not only hell, it is from HELL!

Vox Popoli: Memorializing a massive mistake

This post today both stings and also justifies the building of my Library (DLL).

Why the sting?
"But before I begin showing the written evidence, let me first confess that prior to 20 years ago I was all in on America’s foreign policy adventures – I was just as na├»ve, ignorant and clueless as most Americans today. After all, we’re all public school grad-u-ates and......." - copied from - which is just one post from a word search on WHO WANTS WAR. You can do the same and read for weeks.

The 20th century is undoubtedly the capstone for the Satan worshippers. 
I literally get sick to my stomach reading some of the essays which review the events leading up to WWII.

Yeah - Happy Memorial Day?
Remember - TRUTH HURTS - and by God, we need it today!