Monday, May 3, 2021

Vox Popoli: Free Trade is literally evil

 Matt's Musings explores the Biblical perspective on free trade:

Communism is one of the dumbest forms of society conceivable. Nazism is just as bad, and feminism has a higher death toll than both of those two systems combined. But communism is so obviously dumb. It impoverishes a nation, it empowers the particularly wicked to get into positions where they can do maximum damage, it centralizes mediocrity into the halls of power, and it is inevitably self-defeating. The fact that communism is so popular still in the modern world after all the damage it has done, is all the proof we need that influential elements in film, media and academia, which are all responsible for shaping minds, are in the hands of its perpetrators and their descendants. That is the only way that its teachings can continually be whitewashed in the minds of young westerners.

I say this, so there is no confusion, nothing I say in criticism today of our modern economic system comes from a place of sympathy to communism. I despise communism as much as anyone despises Nazism. I think it is horrible and disgusting we didn’t outlaw communism decades ago when we had the chance. To me Nazism and Communism are different sides of the same evil coin.

But, what is interesting is that right now many former communist countries are on the rise, and virtually every western nation is on the decline. We have nicer things, that is for sure, but there is one thing in history that is more effective at destroying a people than any political ideology: that is unrestrained wealth and greed. That is what our system has become.

In real terms the government views us all as economic beings, and we spend most of our time acting as such, and this is not good. Prosperity can be both a blessing and a curse, and the Bible warns us, desperately, about this, and one of the most famous passages about the Devil in scripture is in this very context. Because being enamoured with your prosperity is exactly the mistake the devil made.

So, today I want to speak to the evils of our free trade system, and how the Devil uses it to corrupt us. I think this is so important for us all here, especially because of our wealth, because the Bible puts a lot of focus on warning those of us at ease, how dangerous that ease can be for our souls.

There is a LOT more to the article, including copious citations from the Bible, so read the whole thing there. It's fascinating to see that, once more, the Bible is well ahead of both the history and the science. I've mathematically proven that free trade is absolutely impossible for any nation that wishes to survive, and history has demonstrated that free trade is actually worse for a nation than communism, so it's fascinating to see that the truth of the matter was right there in front of our eyes all along in the Word of God.