Friday, May 7, 2021

It’s Going to Take Me a While to Come to Terms with Sean Hannity’s Interview with Bruce Jenner, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

(Is it becoming clearer yet? What?

Conservatives and DaGOP were ALWAYS controlled opposition - how else can you lose every freaking institution over the last 100 years - even a blind pig.....!
DaFix was in - all DaWay!
Anybody who still thinks we can work our way out of this politically is either willfully ignorant or simply incapable of escaping SHTUPID!
What do I mean? Maybe it's time to back to basics - - and this time read it all and try to get past your ingrained presuppositions in order to comprehend it. 
FACT - without DaPubicScrools they couldn't have done it! And we all paid for it - willingly! - CL)

As you are probably aware, the tranny Bruce Jenner is running for Governor of California as a Republican.

As you may not be aware, Republicans appear to be actually embracing the idea of a “conservative tranny.”

On Wednesday night, Fox News aired an interview Sean Hannity did with Bruce Jenner, wherein Hannity is sitting across from this man dressed up like a woman and talking to him about politics with a straight face.

I am not sure if I’ve ever said this before, but I’m saying it now: this is going to take me some time to process.

What I can say, and which I think everyone can agree on, is that this is SATANIC.

What Sean Hannity and Fox News, along with many other “conservatives” such as Jack Posobiec, are trying to do is normalize transsexualism.

What is shocking is that although homosexuality has been normalized in society for decades now, conservatives didn’t embrace it until very recently. Richard Grenell is the first prominent Republican (out of the closet) homosexual, and he’s faced pushback. Now, all of a sudden, the entirety of Conservative, Inc. is endorsing an actual tranny.

It is truly almost too much to process.

Clearly, the bottom has fallen out on reality itself, and now anything is possible.

But what you need to understand, what everyone needs to understand: if you support this stuff, you are going to hell.

I still don’t really understand what Sean Hannity’s game is, even after all these years. He seems to just be a dumb, weird person, but he is always pushing an agenda, which is not the same agenda as the majority of Republicans and conservatives. Apparently, trannies fit into this agenda.

But if conservatives go along with this, they are going to be punished for it – by God.

If the Republican Party and the conservative movement are going to go full tranny – and maybe they already have – then these institutions are no longer useful for Christians, and will in fact damn Christians.

I don’t know if Sean Hannity is going to face a backlash for this. I also don’t know that if he did face a backlash, anyone would know about it. But we need to run the opposite direction of this.

This is completely out of control.

I’m going to write more about it. I was really not expecting conservatives to go all in on Bruce.

But they have.

Here is another segment from Fox News, also from Wednesday, featuring Trey Gowdy (who I believe is gay) and other Fox News hosts defending Bruce Jenner – on the basis of his being a tranny!

This is some kind of organized campaign by these people to normalize trannies.

Surely, surely, surely they’ve crossed the line now.