Sunday, May 30, 2021

Vox Popoli: Fake democracy in decline

The Swiss and the Norwegians were the first to reject the grasping claws of the European Union. Now, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Swiss have confirmed that the European superstate is in decline:

Switzerland shocked Brussels by walking away from a closer relationship and into an uncertain future, but MP Thomas Aeschi says the Swiss will not be a cash cow eternally milked to keep the EU alive, preferring Swissexit instead.

Switzerland today is celebrating its breakaway status from the European Union, having finally tired of the bullying and rhetoric from Brussels and walked away from a proposed framework arrangement after seven years of negotiations, preferring to go it alone in Swissexit. 

Never a full member of the EU, that decision leaves its relationship with Brussels facing an uncertain future. The two are bound together by a collection of 120 bilateral agreements that, one-by-one, will lapse over time. However, choosing to walk away from deadlocked negotiations was, it seems, not so hard after all. 

With clear echoes of Britain’s divorce from the bloc, an imperious Brussels once again massively overplayed its hand and the Swiss eventually tired of the bullying, the rhetoric and the threats. They laid their cards on the table, stood up and walked away. That’s seven years of talks that amounted to nothing. Nichts. Rien. Niente. 

Aeschi said that following the abandonment of discussions, “People will see the EU’s real face. They will understand that the European Union may not be as democratic as it says it is and that it is not truly interested in what the people want.” 

The European Union uses the word "democracy" in much the same way that Stalin's Soviet Union or Biden's ersatz USA does, which is not even remotely synonymous with the customary usage as defined in the dictionary. What it really means to them is "in submission to the Promethean world order" and refers to something that the Arabs might describe as the Dar al' Tanwir.

Keep that in mind every time you hear Israel being described as "the only democracy in the Middle East".