Thursday, May 13, 2021

Science VS Christianity = IGNORANCE – (Prove ALL things!)

This is a word search in DLL for SCIENCE CHRISTIANITY - – a list of headnotes on multiple articles archived – much to read.

Here is part of just one - "Films About Scientists and Science that You and Your Children Should See • by Gary DeMar • (Christian history that most Christians don't know!)

While Egypt might be famous for the Pyramids, Rome noted for its roads, aqueducts, coliseums, and Greece celebrated for its philosophers and contributions to medicine, invention and the scientific method are almost exclusively a western enterprise that grew out of a Christian worldview. While not all the great scientists were Christians, they did operate within a worldview that was developed by Christians.

The idea that an experiment performed on one day would operate the same way under the same conditions the next day was foundational to the development of modern science. Christians believed in fixed creational laws because they believed that God had created the world in this way.

This is why science as an integrated worldview and methodology developed in the Christian West and nowhere else. " - copied from - 

Here is another - Why Christian Children Don’t Belong In Public Schools - By Aaron Ames

Public education neither teaches nor believes in the transcendentals of truth, goodness, and beauty, the very pillars of the education that built the western world and flow from Christianity itself.

……..- the sad fact is that most Christians don't know their history because their pulpits don't know it either. That is why DaLimbraw Library exists for those willing to learn and reclaim their history of conquering ignorance. Anyone can do it - so can you - just get started!