Saturday, May 29, 2021

Well Look What We Have Karl Denninger

I'll be damned.

U.S. House members plan to introduce two bipartisan bills Friday that address the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and would allow victims' families to sue China. 

The first bill, the "Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act," would establish a 9/11-style bipartisan commission to investigate how the pandemic started. It is being introduced by five Democrats and five Republicans. 

The second bill, dubbed the "Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act," calls for allowing families of coronavirus victims to sue China by stripping sovereign immunity from it and any other countries "that have intentionally misled the international community on the outbreak." It will be introduced by U.S. Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., and Conor Lamb, D-Pa.

It's about damn time.

Along with investigating the origin of the virus, the panel proposed by the first bill would also look into the response by the U.S. government and the private sector and determine precautionary steps to take for the future.


  • Does this count US entities that have kissed up to China when it comes to supply lines in the medical field, such as the mask factory here in the US that I have written about and which was screwed after the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak when they put on extra staff and bought machinery at the behest of the US and various medical centers only to have them go right back to China for supply after '09 which nearly put them out of business?

  • Does this count the single-minded focus on vaccines, including actual denials and refusals to investigate therapeutics we already had, including what appears to have been a deliberate false paper published in The Lancet, complete with falsified data from a firm that has now disappeared from public view and which collapsed that scam when they refused to release their source data?

  • Does it include our own NIH, FDA and other regulatory agencies, both federal and state, which following that false "study" (which was withdrawn, by the way) slammed the door on the fingers of doctors attempting to use repurposed drugs to blunt the impact of the pandemic, including but not limited to Ivermectin, HCQ and Budesonide, said interference which continues to this day among corporate medical providers and which, we now know, do in fact work and would have prevented a large number of deaths?

  • Does it include those inside our own NIH, FDA and CDC that opposed such uses and lied about myriad elements of the virus, including lying about physics and elements of expired breath which we knew in 1981 and followed right up until this pandemic broke out?

  • Does it include the NIH and CDC deliberately failing to immediately fund, recruit and run studies on every potentially-useful existing drug within weeks of the pandemic's outbreak along with all of the so-called "non-profit" public health institutes and educational institutions such as Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo?  There is no financial incentive for private firms to run these trials on off-patent, inexpensive drugs.  Who else is going to do it than non-profit and public institutions?  Nobody!  Then they all told us for more than a year "there wasn't enough data" after refusing to collect it.  What conflicts of interest exist between these institutions and the pharmaceutical industry and were they exploited to shut down such investigation, formally or otherwise?

  • Does it include both government and private sector censorship of any discussion of the origins of this virus, the single-minded focus on vaccines, the death that resulted from doing so as there was no possible way to get shots into arms quickly enough to prevent the winter surge and which did, in fact, largely cause the majority of said deaths?

  • Does it include accountability, including the ability to sue, such entities including Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Mayo, IHME, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the media who acted in collusion in apparent violation of 15 USC Chapter 1, including the felony criminal penalties therein?

  • Does it include entities, including politicians and other parts of both Federal and State Governments, who are almost-literally blowing Chairman Xi on a daily basis so that Nike, Apple, Amazon, WalMart and others don't have their stock prices go down, including folks like Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee?  Are they going to be held accountable?

  • Does it include US pharmaceutical and medical supply firms that have also offshored both precursors and production to China and India, and as such both had strong incentives not to******off China when this whole thing started?  How about all the so-called "public health" connected universities that have gotten very comfortable with China because they send students over here that pay full tuition and thus would be very nervous about doing or saying anything that might******off the CCP?

  • Does it include accountability for all entities that pushed and enforced any of this crap for the last year when by the data Sweden, which did basically none of that, has a curve that is for all intents and purposes identical to ours -- and materially less death?  In other words for all the screaming, yelling, masking and closing all we did was screw people, including screwing kids out of a year of education.

Don't get me wrong -- China's involvement should certainly be investigated as proposed.  But we cannot exclude US actors; Anthony Fauci, for example, who early on slammed Trump for suggesting that the virus had originated in the Wuhan lab, stating in public that was impossible when he, personally, knew damn well that the NIH had provided grant money to Peter Dazak's EcoHealth and they published results of laboratory work at Wuhan that, by any reasonable definition, was in fact gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses including enhancing their infectivity in humanized mice.

Peter gave a video interview where he described grafting spike protein enhancements onto bat coronaviruses for research purposes, and the work was being done at the Wuhan lab.

Not just Fauci either -- there are many people who were almost-certainly involved in this at the NIH including Fauci's wife who presumably had to sign off on the Bioethics aspects as she runs that department.

As I noted very, very early on there are two extremely suspicious codons (sequences of RNA) next to each other in the spike area of the virus, right at what is called the "furin cleavage area" which is essential for the virus to penetrate human cells.  Without those codons the virus would be very poorly infective in humans and in fact almost-certainly not have led to a pandemic at all.  They are in the preferred conformation for human cells, which is a virtual impossibility if the virus arose naturally through infecting animals, including pangolins, but are exactly what would expect if you were working in a lab and repeatedly passed the virus through human cell cultures in gain-of-function research.

We now know that there were cases of what appeared to be Covid-19 in China dating back to the middle of November and they were quite numerous, which confirms calculations I made back when Italy was being hammered in the spring of 2020 where, from the sequencing uploaded to public databases, it was quite clear that the virus had to be "out" in the wild no latter than October.  If I could run this calculation using nothing other than public data and reach that conclusion as an ordinary reporter in the early months of 2020 why didn't the NIH run said calculations or, if they did, why didn't they talk about the findings given that Fauci factually knew that grant money went to Wuhan through Peter's organization?

There are many, many further "coincidences" when it comes to both the origin of the virus and our response.  Many of those actions appear to have been informed not by science but rather be political and financial animus, including protecting the development of shots at the expense of human lives through deliberately refusing to study and use early treatments both here and abroad, and include the intentional suppression of such discussion by private actors in collusion with major news organizations including WaPo which is owned by Amazon's Bezos, the latter of which, incidentally, profited mightily from the pandemic while other American businesses and workers suffered and died.  In addition there were many newly-minted billionaires as a direct consequence of the single-minded focus on shots all of whom appear to have made their money at the expense of human lives by deliberate black-balling of both study and use of alternatives that we now know are effective and reduce both morbidity and mortality.

EVERYONE involved in this must be held to account -- not just China.