Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Big Lie Revealed - By Alexandra Bruce

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Listening to this audio podcast will forever dash any dreams one may have of the US Military swooping in and rescuing us from the mire of corruption and the Unrestricted Warfare that is strafing us. Douglas Gabriel at AIM4Truth and Michael McKibben at Americans4Innovation drop the bombshell that CENTCOM orchestrated the theft of the 2020 Election.

Moreover, CENTCOM founded Scytl USA, LLC in 2009 and in 2010, they transferred 100% of the ownership to the Spanish corporation, Scytl Election Technologies, S.A. That, alone should be enough to overturn the election. Then, on October 30th, 2020, the Spanish Scytl merged into the British Paragon Group Limited, while claiming they had gone bankrupt, which wasn’t really true.

Paragon has 118 subsidiaries. The sheer number of subsidiaries of related companies is head-spinning and this is how they feel that they can lie so brazenly. Dominion feels like it can sue for defamation because the crimes of which it is being accused were actually carried out by related subsidiaries.

For years, the two have been describing a slow-moving global coup d’état by the British Pilgrims Society that’s being incrementally achieved by manipulating elections via their digital machines.

They say the roots of this operation were in the founding of OpTech, which made the voting machines used in Venezuela and elsewhere during the Jimmy Carter administration and in Carter’s founding of the Senior Executive Service, which Doug has described as a cadre of British assets operating at the core of the US Federal bureaucracy.

Today, every single voting machine in the US ties into their system and after testing their technology and manipulating elections worldwide for several years, they opened up all the stops in 2020.

Mike says, “It’s real clear now from looking at the information, is that was a Central Command operation and that it was specifically regarding election-rigging…what it looks like is that SOE Software [which was later acquired by Scytl] was hired by CENTCOM to build what would become the Scytl system and get it ready for Prime Time, which appears to have occurred in 2010.”

Doug reminds us that CENTCOM is an attack group.”There is no doubt they are the Department of Defense component that’s been controlling this all along.

“What we’re seeing here is the end of America. If we cannot stop this election for being the most fraudulent in American history – plainly, with 40,000 affadavits, thousands of pictures of people committing fraud. We have videotape of poll workers committing fraud before our very eyes; and if we can’t find a judge, then we need to set up our own courts, we need to have Citizen Grand Juries…and bring the verdict down and bring justice to bear, here.

“So I’m hoping that we can still work through the system. I didn’t know that we would have this opportunity this late in the game. But if we can, it will be historic and it will be powerful to be part of the Second American Revolution, that we had to fight the Senior Executive Service establishment bureaucratic system; those un-elected members of our Federal Government who basically are controlling everything.”

Mike says, “It’s all been a set-up of our Department of Defense. That is shocking to me. I was always hoping that there were good guys within our Department of Defense, but now that we see CENTCOM is behind this…”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.