Sunday, May 30, 2021

Scandal: more black than white children in special schools., by James Thompson - The Unz Review

While the setting of this well documented article is in Britain, it certainly applies to all of Western Civilization. 

This concluding paragraph sums up the essence as it explains why we're ALL screwed because we as a society have lost all reason and any semblance of common sense - to the point that at some time in the near future we will look back fondly to the time we had indoor plumbing: 

"In a paradox which appears to have been lost on the makers of this program, altruistic societies often spend more money on those who cannot easily learn than those who want to learn as much as possible." - quote from referenced article -

Caring and planning for our own children and grandchildren matters - replacing them with Subnormal lower performing imports eventually kills our own golden goose which we tried to milk for maximum profit - while burdening our general public with the cost of 'educating' those replacements in preference to our own children.

Our children should have the right to accuse us of criminal parental neglect and malpractice in the Court of our Creator God whose instructions we have ignored for decades - absolutely shameful - and the reckoning soon will come the old fashioned American way - WE EARNED IT! - CL

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