Friday, May 7, 2021

Biden’s Anti-White Speech Writer – The Occidental Observer - by Karl Haemers

On April 28, 2021, unelected President Joe Biden spoke the following statement in his address to the Joint Session of Congress: “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agency determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today: White supremacy’s terrorism.”

An examination of how “our intelligence agency” came to this determination will be reserved for another essay. Here let us explore how such a statement could have made its way into the speech of our current installed President, speaking to the entire US Congress (though due to displays of viral fear and social distancing policies, only a token few were actually present), and supposedly by proxy, the entire US population legal and illegal.

Here is the rest of Biden’s speech content relating to “racism” in America and implications that Whites are to blame:

We have to come together to heal the soul of this nation. It was nearly a year ago, before her father’s funeral, when I spoke with Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s young daughter. She’s a little tyke, so I was kneeling down to talk to her so I could look her in the eye. She looked at me, she said, ‘My daddy changed the world.’ Well, after the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer, we can see how right she was if, if we have the courage to act as a Congress. We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black Americans. …we have to come together to… root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system and to enact police reform in George Floyd’s name… let’s get it done next month by the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. …

We have a giant opportunity to bend the ark of the moral universe towards justice, real justice. And with the plans outlined tonight, we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues America and American lives in other ways.

You can see on television the viciousness of the hate crimes we have seen over the past year and for too long.

Who could have installed such blatant anti-White invective into the President’s speech, bestowing sainthood on the Black drug addict and petty criminal Floyd, invoking the spirit of Communist Party asset Martin Luther (Michael) King, hypnotically repeating the mantra “systemic racism,” directing equally hypnotized viewers to vicious “hate crimes” on TV, and above all identifying the greatest domestic terror threat to be “White supremacy”?

Speech Writer Carlyn Reichel

Biden’s two main speechwriters are Vinay Reddy and Carlyn Reichel. Much media attention focuses on Indian-American Reddy, as can be seen with a basic search for “Biden speech writer.” It is far more revealing to bring our attention to the Jewish member of the speech-writing team, Reichel. Veddy is the goyim BIPOC (Black/indigenous/people of color) cover and obligatory representative of “diversity, inclusion and equity” (itself an anti-White policy), while Reichel is at the core of Presidential messaging today.

Carlyn Reichel was Biden’s foreign policy speech writer back when he was Vice President, from 2015 to the end of the term in 2017. She was also the Director of Communications for the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, whose vision includes “Addressing Threats to the Liberal International Order” and “Advancing the Dialogue on Internationalism.” She formerly served as Hillary Clinton’s speech writer when Clinton was Secretary of State. Reichel wrote an essay for Foreign Policy Magazine in 2017 titled “Trump Has Reshaped Presidential Rhetoric Into an Unrecognizable Grotesque.” The article is an anti-Trump screed based on her experience in crafting presidential-sounding rhetoric. For our purposes, here’s the main denunciation Reichel has of Trump’s speech in Warsaw: “For Trump, the boundaries of ‘civilization’ only extend to those who share his definition of ‘God’ and ‘family’ — that is, a Judeo-Christian worldview and power structures that continue to be dominated by White men.” We won’t go into the chutz-pocracy of a Jewess denouncing a Judeo-Christian worldview, but focus instead on her denunciation of White men.

With this history of anti-White messaging, Reichel is almost certainly the source of Biden’s outrageous statement about the “lethal threat” of “White supremacy’s terrorism” in America today.

The Cabinet Guides the President – The National Security Council

On January 20, Inauguration Day, nineteen people were appointed to Biden’s National Security Council. Carlyn Reichel was one of them. Fifteen are women, an overwhelming 80% representation in a group that typically and historically was overwhelmingly White males. Five are BIPOC: Colombian Hispanic Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, Japanese-American Melanie Nakagawa, and Indians Tarun Chhabra and Sumona Guha. Linda Etim (not insignificant as senior advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton) is Black. At least three are Jewish: Reichel, Edgard Kagan and Laura Rosenberger, with at least a fourth, Caitlin Durkovich married to a Jew (Rosenberg).  This makes Jewish representation in the National Security Council over 20% at minimum, more than ten times Jewish proportion of the population in America.

Reichel took the role of Director of Speechwriting and Foreign Policy. Biden’s speech to the joint session of Congress, loaded with the anti-White and particularly anti-White-male messaging we’ve noted, must have come from Reichel’s Jewish sensibilities. Edgard Kagan’s role on the National Security Council is Senior Director for East Asia and Oceania, addressing such delicate areas as US/Vietnam relations.  Laura Rosenberger is the Council’s Senior Director for China, and formerly top advisor to Hillary Clinton and a member of Obama’s National Security Council. She claims it was her Jewish upbringing in Pittsburgh that drives her to serve America. Caitlin Durkovich serves as the Council’s Senior Director for Resilience and Response. She is married to Simon Rosenberg, who was a high-level advisor to the Obama Administration, particularly on “immigration reform.”

Rosenberg worked at the Democratic National Committee, almost becoming its Chair, and founded the New Democrat Network and the New Policy Institute, which “has become committed to modernizing left-wing politics and building a persistent Democratic majority.” Current immigration policies are ensuring that. Rosenberg joined the hysterics about the stage set-up at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this February, when the stage structure was said to resemble an obscure Germanic rune known as the Odal, displayed by a few German SS units in World War II. Rosenberg tweeted: “A short thread on #CPAC2021’s unusual stage, which is clearly in the shape of a well known Nazi symbol. It is also a symbol in use today by American extremists. … The CPAC leadership need to explain how this could have happened.” Undoubtedly Rosenberg’s influence on his wife Durkovich at the National Security Council will ensure Jewish paranoia elicits an intensive response to “Nazi extremism” in America today, civil liberties be damned. Of course, in the eyes of activists like Rosenberg, even mainstream conservatives and anyone who voted for Trump are considered be Nazis or proto-Nazis.

Please note, equating conservatives to “Nazis” amounts to “holocaust denialism,” since it is “belittling the attempted genocide of Jews and the memory of the 6 million,” according to Ellie Cohanim, former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism at the State Department. Does this make conservative White men safe from being called “Nazis” by the National Security Council? Doubtful.

Linda Etim’s Anti-White Hate Speech

Linda Etim is typical of many Black activists in projecting anti-White hate messaging. In her essay for Carnegie Endowment for International Peace of October 6, 2020 titled “Reimagining U.S.-European Development Cooperation,” as one of three main things to do for “leveraging the resources and capacities of the richest countries in the world to address global challenges,” Etim recommends:

Finally, we must prioritize the fight against global White supremacy and nationalist populism that verges on fascism, both in our own countries and internationally. The rise of xenophobic and ultranationalist populism is not only a domestic threat to our democracies, but it also leads to a dangerously perverted understanding of the world. The legacies of colonialism and persistent racism continue to impose a burden on the inhabitants of too many countries. There will be some in the Global North who push for an inward turn—who push to ignore what U.S. President Donald Trump infamously called ‘shithole countries’ in a racist quip.

Translated, this means that the popular movements to advocate for White interests in majority White nations amount to “Fascism,” a threat to democracy (tyranny), and abandoning the Third World to ruin.

Of course, Etim must reference the Neo-Marxist mobs rampaging through the streets of America’s cities: “The Black Lives Matter movement arose out of the specific context of the persistent race-based caste system of the United States.” It had nothing to do with activists like George Soros/Georgi Schwartz’s Open Society Foundations funding and organizing destabilization and crisis phases of the neo-Communist revolution such as funding public prosecutors who have essentially abandoned prosecuting Blacks and have ensured that rioting Blacks would not be charged with crimes. “But the movement’s fundamental claim—of the equal dignity and rights of all persons by virtue of their humanity—is one that needs to be driven through our perspectives and approaches to international development as well.” One doubts that she believes that White people should be included in such universalist platitudes.

Carnegie lists on its website that it has received “$1 Million and above” from Open Society Foundations.” Also in the highest category of donations at $2 million and above is the Pritzker Foundation.

The Chair of Carnegie’s Board of Trustees is Penny Pritzker, Jewish multi-billionaire of the powerful Pritzker family that includes the Governor of Illinois, J B Pritzker, and transgender billionaire Jennifer Pritzker. At least five other Jews are on the Carnegie Board.


No White people are safe in America today when the President evokes hysteria about “White supremacy’s terrorism” and “systemic racism.” In making these pronouncements, Biden is doubtless putting into words the attitudes of his Jewish speechwriter Carlyn Reichel and all the Jews and BIPOCs on the Biden National Security Council. Anti-White messaging has exploded in our nation over the last four years, inciting hatred, loathing, contempt and violence against Whites simply for being White. Now it is pouring from the podium of the President and a supportive US Congress and disseminated to all the American people of every race.