Wednesday, March 23, 2022

To Understand Russia Turn Off DaEveningNews and Walk Away From American ‘Values’

First off, both DEN and AV are now controlled by DaSameGang - It’s not about ideology anymore. It’s not about politics. Even globalism versus nationalism is only the material form of the real conflict between Christians and virtuous pagans on one side and the satanic servants of the god of this world literally attempting to rebuild the Tower of Babel on the other. It is not an accident that both Putin and the official voice of the CPC have specifically condemned “the Empire of Lies” aka The Empire That Never Ended which Jesus Christ identified more than 2,000 years ago.

Both Putin and Xi know, as far too many Americans, Europeans, and Christians do not, precisely who – and what – is seeking to rule over them and heal the world by establishing a global order that is not even remotely new, but rather, is the modern manifestation of an ancient and wicked evil.

Think carefully about whom you are serving when you choose a side.

We’re just getting started……….

COVID-19 - A Biological Weapon Targeting Ethnicity and Body Systems, by Larry Romanoff - The Unz Review - There are more chapters to this story – all damning – dealing with the PCR test, the treatments and medications, and of course the injections (vaccinations). I will deal with them in subsequent articles. With all the pieces assembled, it seems impossible to avoid the conclusion that COVID-19 was a lab-created virus unleashed upon the world according to some master plan. It also seems impossible to explain why so many governments would have participated in this massive fraud, apparently willingly. Nevertheless, whatever the end purpose or motivation, this does not bode well for the common people, except perhaps in China and Russia and possibly one or two other countries who have not been party to this.

Larry C. Johnson: "The Ukrainian Army has been Defeated. What's left is mop-up", by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review – but you wouldn’t know it if you were not malinformed by the MSM – Moronic Stream Media.

MoA - More Sanctions On Russia Will Destroy Europe – by suicide and/or murder by Uncle Shmuel

MoA - Lavrov's History Lesson - Germany's Downfall - Russian Forces Develop Routine - There is some talk that Russia has screwed up its campaign and some even hope that it might be losing the war. That's nuts.

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry + comment on strategy | The Vineyard of the Saker – just a sample

The Great Russian Restoration VI: The Retreat of the Oligarchs – The Occidental Observer - by Rolo Slavski - Trump did indeed have his Rubicon moment and, as we all saw, he foundered in the current eventually selling out his own supporters and giving up any real chance to leave a lasting legacy. Putin, in sharp contrast, has already taken Rome. It’s worth mentioning that mercy is a trait especially prevalent in extraordinary men, which, consequently, has been the undoing of many a great man. We can only hope that Putin refuses any stranded optimates begging to be readmitted and pardoned for their disloyalty. Mercy should be reserved for the people, not the treacherous international oligarchic elites who more than anyone else deserve to reap the harvest of our discontent.

'People, ideas, machines' II: catastrophic thinking on nuclear weapons - by Dominic Cummings - Western theories re Soviet 'rationality' and nuclear strategy/ deterrence were revealed post-91 to be overconfident & wrong... Few realise... The rot of the UK nuclear enterprise...(SOBERING!)

Russia Will Go Nuclear... if necessary - Vox Popoli

Fortunately, the globalist narrative is entirely false. Which, no doubt, is why Cummings has reached the correct conclusion that should be shared by every Christian, every defender of Western civilization, and anyone who cherishes the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

If you care about ‘preserving western values’, I strongly advise that you focus on regime change in London and Washington, not in Moscow. Putin is less dangerous than our own idiocracy.

And a review from the past - Russia vs American Values? Translation: Christianity vs Globohomo!