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My Readers (American And Indian) Comment On "The Indian CEO Virus", by Eugene Gant - The Unz Review


Like Westbrook Pegler, I’m a member of the rabble in good standing. So when I want to hang out with my kind, I click into the comboxes under my articles, or consider carefully emails about them. I did this after reposted my piece on the Indians who control Big Tech, who have become CEOs of the most influential and potentially dangerous platforms that virtually control modern communications. ( doesn’t have a comment section because it doesn’t have Ron Unz’s charmed life and would be blamed for whatever is posted, but you can write a Letter To The Editor.) What an education! A heck of a lot of well-read people are out there, including some Righteous Indians who agree that giving their co-ethnics such power is bad for America.

I closed my first effort with an obvious truth. Indians like immigrant Twitter chieftain Parag Argawal offer big smiles and a warm, friendly manner. But that’s all show. Those who have conquered Big Tech and now censor real Americans are, I said, are “ruthless, grasping foreigners and they’re bent on using their power to import fellow “blacks with brains” and form a new Ruling Class.”

Little did I know.

The “blacks with brains” pose a threat mainly because they are “unprincipled sycophants,” a poster to Unz (calling himself Xavier) wrote:

Morality is irrelevant in Indian culture (due to Hinduism’s emphasis on escapist metaphysics) and even a cursory reading of Indian literature (from the Mahabharat to the Panchatantra) will reveal the opportunistic nature of the Indian. Put an Indian in a room full of strangers and in 10 minutes he will know exactly whose ass is worth kissing.

This sycophantic behavior is rooted in the caste system. Hinduism stresses that the greatest virtue is serving the upper castes (mainly the Brahmins). Take charity for example. Hinduism stresses the importance of charity …. but also insists that the greatest charity … that which is given to Brahmins. Hinduism also ritually humiliates the lower castes while encouraging deference for the upper castes. If a lower caste individual serves the Brahmins well, he might accumulate enough positive karma to be reincarnated as a Brahmin himself in the next life; thus allowing him to now lord over his former lower caste comrades. Hinduism is the world’s first pyramid scheme disguised [as] a religion.

That pyramid scheme has meant “superiors must be worshiped while those below must be humiliated.”

No wonder Agrawal ordered a new round of firing squads at Twitter about 30 seconds after he took over. Twitter shut down conservative Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and mRNA pioneer Robert Malone. I’m in charge now, he seemed say, and I don’t give a damn about what you stupid whites care so much about: free speech and open, vigorous debate.

Another Unz poster noted View of the State of Society among the Hindoo Subjects of Great Britain, particularly with respect to Morals, Chapter Two of a larger 1790 work by Charles Grant of the British East India Company. Grant offered a not-too-flattering assessment of Indians that comports with mine. Grant thought the Indians depraved, largely due to greed and selfishness that the “the best administration of law will not eradicate.”

“[M]oney, the grand instrument of selfish gratifications, may be called the supreme idol of the Hindoos,” Grant wrote. Indians are ever “absorbed in schemes for the gratification of avarice.”

He continued:

The people of the lower provinces in particular, with an exception of the military caste, are as dastardly as they are unprincipled. They seek their ends by mean artifices, low cunning, intrigue, falsehood, servility, and hypocritical obsequiousness. To superiors they appear full of reverence, of humble and willing submission, and readiness to do every thing that may be required of them; and as long as they discern something either to expect or to fear, they are wonderfully patient of slights, neglects, and injuries. But under all this apparent passiveness and meanness of temper, they are immovably persisting in their secret views.

Grant believed that sending Christian missionaries to India would change the character of its people. But he minced no words in describing them. Their “deliberate malice, the calumnies,” and the avowed enmity [among them] … offer a very mortifying view of the human character,” he wrote:

No stranger can sit down among them without being struck with this temper of malevolent contention and animosity, as a prominent feature in the character of the society. It is seen in every village, the inhabitants live among each other in a sort of repulsive state, nay it enters into almost every family. Seldom is there a household without its internal divisions. … The women partake of this spirit of discord. Held in slavish subjection by the men, they rife in furious passions against each other, which vent themselves in such loud, virulent, and indecent railings, as are hardly to be heard in any other part of the world.

Reading Grant’s evaluation of the “Hindoo” character proves the old adage: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

“I am an Indian and damn, this is so true,” an Indian commenter on Unz (who calls himself “R.J. MacReady” ) wrote. “Lmao.”

Having “tried to understand the Indian psyche all my life,” he wrote, “the conclusion I have come to is that nature is a huge factor, and one nobody addresses”:

India is perhaps the most temperate-tropical nation on earth which ensures a lazy body and zero desire to explore. Add to this the Indian diet which is unhealthy and lethargy inducing and what you get is a race of greedy, self-obsessed, self-centered, immoral and inward-looking masses—there is a link I am 100 percent sure. This is also the reason India has always been invaded and taken over all throughout her history.

The writer quoted from Al-Biruni, a Muslim scholar of the late 10th and early 11th century, explaining why Hindus and Muslims don’t get along even apart from the former’s idol worship:

The Hindus believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, no science like theirs. They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid. They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, and they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people, still much more, of course, from any foreigner. According to their belief, there is no other country on earth but theirs, no other race of man but theirs, and no created beings besides them have any knowledge or science whatsoever …

… all their fanaticism is directed against those who do not belong to them – against all foreigners. They call them mlechha, i.e. impure, and forbid any connection with them, be it by intermarriage or any other kind of relationship, or by sitting, eating, and drinking with them, because thereby, they think, they would be polluted.

[What the Iranian scholar Albiruni said about Hindus, echoed centuries later by VivekanandaScroll.In, September 24, 2019]

The Indian commenter believed that “nature (environment) and genetics is also a huge contributory factor why Indians are the way they are,” and why nothing has changed since at least Albiruni’s time.

Another poster noted that Indians are the “con artists of the East.” Scam calls come mostly from India, particularly those from “tech support” at Apple and other Big Tech firms.

One reader emailed me directly. “I’d mostly agree with you except for the conclusion,” he explained. “Even Indians in India are pained by these folks.”

“Excellent article,” another wrote:

East Indian influence and power completely overlooked by Right and Left. If you want to see what America would like if these people have control, look no farther than the mess modern India is.

An email from a tech engineer in Silicon Valley offered the history, or at least some “clues,” that explain the Indian takeover of Big Tech.

This writer worked in Silicon Valley, and believes the Indian invasion began at Oracle. Although he had worked with Chinese, Koreans and “even an Iranian or two” in the industry, he hadn’t worked with an Indian…until he landed at Oracle. “Oracle was a huge employer, even back in the early 1990s, with over 5,000 employees, and they were just beginning to sell Oracle in India,” he wrote.

He also observed that Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison is Jewish. “The entire f [deleted]’ corporation was Jewish.” And the people who ran things had a lot in common with Indians. “Control of the corporation, itself, became the thing over which battles were fought—setting Jews against Jews.”

They were “aware that Indians’ dietary requirements were actually aligned in many respects with Jewish dietary laws.” But even better, the Indian “didn’t have opinions about the Holocaust [presumably in contrast to the Iranians mentioned above] and if they did they kept them to themselves,” the writer continued:

They cost half what white employees cost. They didn’t have any delusions of equality, in fact, they had their own caste system. And they couldn’t try to take the corporation away from him—the majority of the stock was firmly in Jewish hands.

As an extra benefit, the Jews and the Brahmins both hate and fear Muslims. And so Larry could rest easy, knowing that with the Brahmins in charge of hiring decisions, no Iranians—and, in fact, no Muslims, whatsoever—would be employed.

Basically, the Brahmins and the Jews discovered that they had a lot in common.

Lo and behold, the writer continued, “the H-1B was born … and Larry started replacing his American employees with H-1Bs. Others began to copy him. The rest is history.”

The writer hastened to point out that the struggle against the Indian takeover is not racial. It’s not a “white-versus-brown struggle”:

This is a rich-white-people-using-poor-brown-people-to-destroy-poor-white-people struggle, or, more simply, this is class warfare, with the rich making covert war upon those less fortunate. This has nothing to do with race or culture. It is all about money, and, secondarily, about people who don’t want “their” microwave ovens contaminated with profane pork products.

As well, the writer’s survey of employees’ unlawful termination lawsuits against Oracle showed that they stopped after 2005. Why? Because Oracle replaced “ungrateful Americans and argumentative Jews with compliant, obedient Indians.”

Indians are “fronting for the company.” But “the stockholders are still in REAL control,” he continued. “The Indians are just figureheads. Showroom dummies.”

Indeed. A look at boards of AdobeIBMGoogleMicrosoft, and Twitter tells the tale. The almost all-white and heavily-Jewish corporate leaders hire Indian button men to get rid of white Americans, who demand decent salaries, and replace them with low-wage brown Indians, who’d like nothing better than to escape the squalor of the country they created.

Problem is, India comes with them. Where religion and culture are concerned, again, little if anything about India or Indians has changed since the East India Company’s Grant wrote his book 300 years ago.

And it won’t change before these companies are completely staffed by grasping, tyrannical Indians who demand obsequious deference toward superiors, yet whose “fanaticism is directed against those who do not belong to them—against all foreigners.”

We’ve already seen what Parag Agrawal plans for whites who say things he doesn’t like. One must wonder what life is like for his white employees.

Then again, they’re suffering will soon end. It won’t be long before Agrawal kicks this lower caste out the back door…and replaces them with his countrymen.

Eugene Gant [email him] no longer lives in Baltimore.