Sunday, March 27, 2022

Coof Wars Post Mortem - by Karl Denninger

Spoiler alert:  The purebloods lost.  Do not mistake Karens ceding the battlefield for a victory.

I don't know if we are on hiatus and will be back on lockdown next month with the BA.2 variant.  Or maybe Putin really has cured the greatest plague in the history of ever.  One sign the war is over is some useless ******* (I’m looking at you, Rand Paul) leading the victory parade for ignored or expired mask mandates.

Either way, it’s a good time to evaluate the coof war.   To win a war the purebloods needed goals, milestones, and victory conditions.  There was no organized resistance, so all of us fought individual skirmishes. We had personal victory conditions, lines in the sand, and tactics.  We did what we could, but still lost.

Here’s why the current situation counts as Karen victory conditions:  

  • They got away with killing people.  No jail time, no law of scoreboards, no admission of guilt.
  • They demonstrated as a whole, Americans are a bunch of sheep.  They further demoralized and broke the American spirit.  How many purebloods think more than a few fellow warriors are going to fight against the next Satanic assault?
  • Some Karens made a **** ton of money and will continue to do so selling expensive and dubious cures for the health problems the shots caused.
  • All their pureblood enemies who they deliberately and gleefully abused are still ****ed.

In a previous guest Ticker I stated that many purebloods consider a return to normal a personal victory condition. I stand by that statement. There is nothing wrong with savoring success, no matter how it was achieved. If your life looks close to the way it did in early 2019, that is a huge win. Having a job, most of your sanity, and relationships cannot be understated.

However, as a whole, the purebloods lost. The brunt of war is never shared equally and this was no exception. Nobody got out of the past two years unscathed.  It’s important to remember what’s at stake for the next battle, either against the Karens or the next enemy.  Survivors can fight again. The dead cannot.

The past two years have been grueling.  Losses must be acknowledged before healing and moving on.  This is not the same as forgiveness. Sometimes this death was a loved one, others it was of an old way of life.

The human cost of the past two years requires math beyond my skills to calculate.  Here are a few of the heavy no-death-involved losses:

  • Unemployment and facing an uncertain future.  Thanks to vaccine mandates, people lost their jobs and homes. The housing bubble amplified suffering.
  • Health problems caused by stress.
  • Substance abuse caused by stress.
  • Mental health decline exasperated by lockdowns.
  • The American work ethic is ruined.
  • People lost trust in the medical system.
  • Marriages and friendships were destroyed.

But the most important, poignant loss is that of loved ones. Whether death due to medical malfeasance or plain bad luck, survivors mourn. No amount of flying flags at half mast is going to soothe the hurt and calm the turmoil of uncertainty.  If they’d been treated properly would they still be here? If they hadn’t gotten the clot shots, would we be celebrating another holiday together? Or even their first birthday?  How many empty cribs that should be filled with sleeping babies are there right now?

Kids were and are the biggest victims of the war.  This is something we will reap in time. Either directly or indirectly, this bitter harvest will give new meaning to “both holes.”

They lost two years of their lives. It was an unmitigated tragedy because they have no previous life experience to fill the gaps or make sense of it.  

Older kids had their junior high and high school ruined. Two years of screwed up graduations, birthday parties, prom, sporting events. It's all gone, and those years are never coming back. Two years is a significant chunk of a child's life and they were ****ed out of it.

More than one teacher has mentioned how uncontrollable certain classes are.  If you want to meet the soldiers of the next war, look no further.  These kids are angry and do not have the vocabulary to express it, but they are exploding. And we deserve it.

The CDC admitted that babies are behind on speech milestones now. Yes, Some fat ****’s sense of safety was more important than your baby learning to talk and read body language.  And don’t even get me started on those Karens who wanted babies masked.  Choke on that tard rag you horrible, selfish pieces of ****.

Additionally, we have no idea how wide the clot shot swath of destruction is on the youngest generation.  Congratulations, Karens, you sacrificed your children to Moloch.  Rot in hell you evil *******s.  Evil worshipers delenda est.

People’s mindset shifted over the past two years, dovetailing with declining work ethic.  It is impossible to make plans for the future.  Check out a company’s covid-19 policy website. Does it say vaccines are no longer required, or that the requirement is on pause? If it’s on pause, it can be demanded again at their pleasure. Ditto for the number of clot shots required to keep a paycheck. Who the **** feels secure in an environment like this? This uncertainty sucks up time and mental energy.

That’s some of what we lost, everybody has a personal list. 

Next, what did we learn? We must enumerate lessons and apply them in the future.

Purebloods learned a lot about human nature. The more cynical among us decided people are selfish enough to sell out the most vulnerable for the illusion of safety. We learned who had balls and who our real friends were. Sometimes we surprised ourselves with what we were willing to do. Or accept to get along.  Sometimes enlightenment is empowering, and sometimes it’s humbling.

We learned people were either convinced by logical arguments or they weren’t. No amount of logic penetrated a feelings shield, yet many of us wasted breath trying to reach our loved ones.  There was no perfect argument that made them understand.

We learned some people love clown world. They forget contradictory statements made a month apart. Maybe a goldfish memory allows them to function, but others cannot stand living in a land of liars and gas lighters.

The only successful peaceful protests involve withdrawing consent. Truckers blocking Ottawa received international attention, but only resulted in tiny changes.  The People’s Convoy in America had absolutely no effect, but I heard it was a pretty good parade.  

Vacationing in place either deliberately or due to fatigue is a more effective tactic because it costs the company money. I can’t wait to see the second quarter Productivity and Costs report from the Bureau of Lies and Scams.  If your company bent you over take advantage of the lube shortage when returning the favor.

We are on our own. No one is coming to save us.  As of yet, no widespread lawsuits have been filed against vaccine mandating companies. The whole “keep on waiting for it” really sounds familiar doesn't it? We've all heard this one before: Just wait, two weeks to flatten the curve. Just wait, in two weeks there will be an explosion in coof cases. Just wait, in two weeks some lawyer will file a lawsuit.  Maybe one will, maybe one won’t. Put not your hopes in men. 

Don’t count on political leadership either. Remember what a huge disappointment Trump turned out to be? Years of Qanon bull**** and all we got was terrorism charges for the January 6th protesters. DeSantis is a scummy politician whose every statement is calculated towards his victory condition: President of the United States.  The OSHA and CMS mandate hearings came too late for some. Even though the OSHA ruling was struck down, companies kept their vaccine mandates.  So far this insult has not been redressed by the courts.

Where does this leave us for the next war? We don't know how, we don't know when, but life is a series of battles.  Each of us fights our own.

Something I say time and time again is plan how you will react before you face a situation. First, you must identify the conflict and your line in the sand.  How will you react when it is crossed? Will you bargain? Will you punch the problem in the face? Will you run? Each fight is different, making a decision now is less stressful than in the moment.

In order to win the next war, it is important to acknowledge why we lost this one.

The purebloods lost because we compromised with evil.  As soon we did (and continued to do so), our defeat was certain. It simply took a while to arrive.

Many of us did not recognize our actions as compromises initially. That will not be an excuse the next time somebody pulls this bull****.  It started early in the war. Closing businesses and schools were the first ones.  Most of us believed that it would only last for two weeks before life returned to normal.  

One lesson is if there is widespread compromise in the next skirmish and there is no leader, your job as a soldier is to inflict maximum damage on the way to defeat.  With this mindset you are accepting that you have lost, so your goal is to run up the scoreboard.  There are numerous nonviolent ways to achieve a high score. Make a list of tactics now so when the time comes you shall act on them.

The most important lesson is to recognize evil and refuse to compromise with it. If after the fact you realize you have been duped, withdraw your consent immediately.

Masks were another compromise. Shortages were the only reason they were not mandated initially.  We put them on to keep jobs, to not cause social strife, or to shop and receive medical care. The Karens continue to wear them to feel good about themselves. 

Wearing a mask is a public humiliation ritual.  Now that you know how to identify one, do not participate.   This is a hard, painful lesson to learn, but it's an important one. If enough of us have the courage and foresight to recognize the next one, we might win. 

Participating in a public humiliation ritual is abusive and sets the targets up for progressive abuse.  Asking to be barefaced is asking permission to freely exist.  Such a ridiculous request should never be uttered!  Purge all such thoughts from your mind and call the abusers out.  Withdraw your consent and their power is hamstrung.

My final thoughts on the matter are very painful to articulate.  Sorrow leaves a great hollow in my soul.  America is over. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week or year. We compromise with evil too much to save it. We are not voting our way out of this.   The rule of law is mostly dead. Fire is inevitable. Fire is death and destruction, but also rebirth.  The best hope for a future, for our children and grandchildren is to learn from our mistakes. We shall, we must build something stronger on the ashes of our old way of life.  That is a victory condition worth fighting for.