Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Crisis | The Z Blog

 Broadly speaking, a crisis comes in two forms. There is the internal crisis driven by irreconcilable contradictions. Then there is the external crisis that is driven by some unusual occurrence like a natural disaster. The latter tests mostly the ability of the system to weather the storm and recover. The former tests the ability of the system to radically alter itself in order to address the contradiction. This is the most dangerous crisis and the one that few systems survive.

Of course, the internal crisis can be papered over for a long time until some external crisis comes along and makes that impossible. The external crisis puts pressure on the system, forcing it to respond under duress. The internal problems are then made obvious as the system responds poorly. Efforts to quickly resolve those issues in order to address the immediate problems just create new problems. This was the process that led to the French Revolution.

It is also where the Global American Empire finds itself. In theory, the system relies on the trust of the people. The citizens of America trust that the way they choose leaders, while never perfect, eventually gets them leaders who address the needs of the people by respecting the will of the people. It may require a few elections, but the politicians eventually figure out what they need to do to make things right. This belief rests on the additional belief that the politicians want this result.

That is not reality and people are clearly beginning to understand this. Most Americans have no genuine representation in Congress. The Democrats represent abstract identity groups that get plenty of airtime but are a tiny minority. Most people, for example, only know crossdressers through the media, not in real life. Most black people can easily describe a woman. Of course, the GOP represents no one. White voters are well outside the ideological orbit of the Republicans.

After the 2020 election, it was generally assumed that Joe Biden would not finish out his first term in office. His physical condition was the main reason. During the campaign he was mostly kept out of the public eye. When he was in public, he looked like a man struggling with the ravages of time. There was also the fact that his second was clearly picked to be his successor. The Left has developed an obsession with elevating black females and Kamala Harris is supposedly one of them.

The betting initially was that Biden would make it through the midterms and then announce that he was stepping down for health reasons. This would allow Harris to finish Biden’s term and then run for two terms on her own. This was a left-wing talking point that was echoed by mainstream conservatives. It was mostly about depressing the populist opposition. That plan assumed every other part of their grand strategy would go according to theory.

Here we are seven months out from the November elections and it is clear that Joe Biden needs to be removed from office now. His insane rantings in Europe about Russia have terrified the rest of the world. More important, the world is adjusting to the fact that the Global American Empire has an incoherent figure head. The Russians call him grandfather, not out of respect but from pity. The world sees Biden as a doddering old man who is not in charge of his administration.

This is an untenable situation. Every political system requires energy in the executive, even if it is just symbolic. The North Korean public is regularly treated to images of Kim Jong-un looking vigorous and in charge. The Chinese make sure Xi Jinping looks like a CEO of a successful firm. American presidents have often been shown doing cool outdoor things like chopping wood or playing sports. Society needs a leader and one who looks like he is fit and ready to lead. That is not Joe Biden.

Of course, the times need a fit leader. The crisis in Europe has now become a global crisis because no one has a hand on the tiller. The inmates are running the asylum in the Biden Administration. In prior generations, this crisis would have featured one-on-one meetings between the ruler of the Global American Empire and the parties at the center of the dispute. In this case, it would have meant a summit between Russia, China and the Global American Empire.

Ukraine is not the only issue. The fallout from two years of Covid mismanagement are creating serious trouble for normal people. Food prices have been climbing for a year and are now rising at an alarming rate. Retail and wholesale inflation are at levels not seen since the 1970’s. Labor markets are now showing the first signs of crisis as the deliberate demographic changes turnup in hiring. This is the unsaid basis of the commercial pilot shortage in America.

In other words, the Global American Empire is facing both serious external crises and irreconcilable internal crises. The lack of energy in the executive is allowing these problems to spiral out of control. Compounding it is the fact that the plan to install Kamala Harris looks unworkable. She is mentally and emotionally unfit for the ceremonial position she has now. The weird cackling and general ineptitude say she can never be permitted to hold power.

Of course, the coming elections mean a blowout of historic proportions for the ruling half of the uniparty. Professionals who study these things suggest this may be the worst election conditions for either party in American history. As a practical matter, that means the Republican half of the uniparty will play a major role in selecting the person to fill the remainder of Biden’s term. They may be tasked with removing Biden and Harris in order to save the system from total ruin.

That sounds like good news for the system, but the Republican half of the uniparty is every bit as inept and morally bankrupt as the other half. Again, this is a party without a genuine constituency. Their voters are just choosing the least bad option. That option is built to deny those voters real power. In other words, leadership of the system will go from people obsessed over esoteric identity groupings to people focused on denying the majority any influence over the system.

For normal people, this means a system that becomes increasingly erratic and paranoid about the general public. The things that matter like employment conditions, food prices and energy costs will continue to get worse. The standard of living is about to drop precipitously for most people. The quality of life is also going to decline. This is the cycle that the aristocracy faced in 18th century France. It is also what the party faced in the waning years of the Soviet Union.

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