Thursday, March 24, 2022

Poor Richard's Honest Rhymes For Treacherous Times - By Walter Gelles

Somebody needs to take out Lindsey Graham—remove him from public office, that is.  Shoot him out of a cannon so he lands in the lap of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the other half of the U.S. War Party.  Both halves of the War Party—the Demonrats and the Republi-conmen, work for the Military/Industrial/Security Complex, Wall Street, and Big Pharma.  They do NOT work for me or you.

Benjamin Franklin, American Founding Father, is perhaps best known in the public imagination for Poor Richard’s Almanack (1732-1758), his annual compilation of wit and wisdom, aphorisms, weather forecasts, poems, and astronomical data.

Inventor, statesman, Revolutionary War hero, publisher, pamphleteer, signer/co-author of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Franklin was the living embodiment of American democracy.  An examination of his words—from the Almanack, his letters, speeches, and essays—shows how far we have fallen.

Franklin was a staunch advocate of the free, uncensored exchange of opinion and information as the mainstay of democracy.  He wrote this prophetic warning:

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics…derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates.”


“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

A prolific poet, Franklin condemned press censorship as “Treason against Sense” in his timely poem “On the Freedom of the Press”:

And Liberty, thy thousand Tongues
None silence who design no Wrongs;
For those that use the Gag’s Restraint,
First rob, before they stop Complaint.

The above quotes should be emblazoned on the foreheads of today’s self-appointed censors, scumbags like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal of Twitter, and Google’s Stalinist honchos.  By censoring the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, they helped ensure his father’s installation in the White House.  By censoring the truth about the Covid scamdemic, the wildly inaccurate PCR tests, and the lethal “vaccines,” they misled millions of people into getting injected with harmful, wholly unnecessary genetic cocktails.  These criminal censors have blood on their hands.  And by suppressing crucial information about Russia’s reasons for going to war, they are whipping up an ignorant public into jingoistic hawkish hysteria.

Benjamin Franklin created the first political cartoon in America, “Join, or Die”.  Published in a newspaper on May 9, 1754, the cartoon later became a symbol of colonial unity during the American Revolution.

Today political cartoonist Ben Garrison (, whose dissections of the stolen 2020 presidential election and the Covid plandemic embody Ben Franklin’s liberty-loving, irreverent spirit, is heavily censored on social media and the internet.  Also censored are countless respected doctors and medical researchers who have presented irrefutable evidence that the COVID-19 “vaccines” serve no justifiable health need and are, in fact, killing and maiming many people.  Today’s so-called “liberals” and “progressives” do not support free speech or anything that challenges the official narrative.

Franklin is often quoted as saying: “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”  Even if apocryphal, this statement typifies his healthy skepticism as a vigilant patriot and a scientist.

For the past two years, more than half of all Americans kowtowed to authority, wearing useless, disease-spreading masks, observing absurd social-distancing rituals, and getting injected with harmful, experimental, often lethal Genetic Manipulation Agents falsely labeled “vaccines.”  Now many of these same Obeyers Of Authority swallow the Mainstream Media’s propaganda and lies spewed 24/7 regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.

The most accomplished printer in Colonial America, Franklin published his own pioneering newspaper as well as numerous books and pamphlets.

Today a tiny Globalist Cabal owns and controls all the major news media and the entertainment industry.  Six corporations control 90% of what people read, watch, and listen to in the USA; nine corporations control 90% of all news media worldwide.  These media giants are essentially one big interlocking corporation because a handful of super-wealthy oligarchs own all of them through Blackrock, Vanguard, and other investment houses.  Benjamin Franklin must be rolling over in his grave.

Franklin co-founded the nation’s first public hospital and the first hospital pharmacy.

Hospitals in America today are slaughterhouses which one enters at one’s peril.  People have been rushed to hospital based on the bogus PCR test which gives false-positive readings up to 97% of the time.  (The CDC and WHO have both quietly renounced the fraudulent PCR test, which can’t differentiate between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.  The replacement diagnostic tests are equally dubious.)  Once hospitalized, patients are forbidden to receive Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and many other effective, inexpensive remedies used around the world to prevent and cure Covid illness.  Instead, they are forced by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mandates to take only Remdesevir and ventilation.  Fauci knew full well from the disastrous Ebola trials that Remdesevir is a killer drug causing acute kidney injury and multi-organ failure.  Ventilators damage the lungs and exacerbate the illness.   Yet Fauci mandated Remdesevir and ventilators as the cornerstone treatment for Covid in US hospitals and clinics.

Note to Cancel-Culture wokeists:  Yes,  Franklin owned slaves for four decades, but his attitudes gradually evolved.  By 1789 he wrote forcefully against the institution of slavery, and by 1790, the year he died, he was a dedicated abolitionist.  On February 3, 1790, he petitioned Congress to bring slavery to an end.

Although Franklin rallied the 13 colonies to seek independence and led the opposition to Britain’s highly unpopular Stamp Act, he was no fan of war:  “All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones.  In my opinion, there was never a good war, or a bad peace.”

Still, Ben Franklin maintained that citizens are duty-bound to overthrow oppressive regimes.  “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” is the slogan he proposed as the motto for the Great Seal of the United States.

In that spirit, here are three pieces that try to remain faithful to Franklin’s ideals:

The U.S. War Party

Washington desperately wanted a war, so Washington got a war.  But maybe not the war it was looking for.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican In Name Only, was booed when he lied and urged the audience to get the Covid clot-shots, falsely claiming “Ninety-two percent of people in hospitals in South Carolina are unvaccinated.”  The opposite is much nearer the truth.

Now this RINO wants the US to send fighter jets to Ukraine, which could provoke World War 3, and he openly calls for Putin’s assassination.  “Somebody in Russia has to step up to the plate… and take this guy out,” Graham urges.  He praises the warmongering Biden, calling him ”as good a man as God ever created.”  Graham stabbed President Trump in the back over the 2020 election fraud.

Somebody needs to take out Lindsey Graham—remove him from public office, that is.  Shoot him out of a cannon so he lands in the lap of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the other half of the U.S. War Party.  Both halves of the War Party—the Demonrats and the Republi-conmen, work for the Military/Industrial/Security Complex, Wall Street, and Big Pharma.  They do NOT work for me or you.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was until very recently a soft-porn comedian, banging his male member on a piano to the tune of the Jewish folk song “Hava Nagila” along with his half-naked drumming band-mates.   Now this creepy, incompetent clown is destroying his deeply corrupt country while dragging the world to the brink of nuclear war at the behest of his globalist puppeteer masters.  Zelensky’s self-destructiveness finds a willing partner in the U.S. War Party.

The Russia-Ukraine conflagration has served as a convenient distraction from the massive deaths and injuries which Biden and Trump inflicted on the population with dangerous Genetic Biologic Agents falsely labeled “vaccines.”  These products have already killed and severely damaged millions of Americans, supposedly to protect us from a respiratory virus that is less harmful than the seasonal flu.

The vaxxed “normies” were waking up to the truth.  So the official narrative changed its tune overnight:  The shameful, evil unvaxxed have been replaced by the shameful, evil Putin.  The Monster Virus has been replaced by Monstrous Russia… new targets for The Righteous to hate and fear.

Yet Russia’s demands were sensible and reasonable all along: not to have NATO’s nuclear missiles placed in Ukraine, a couple of minutes away from wiping out Moscow.  For decades NATO and the United States lied repeatedly, broke every treaty and promise, creeping right up to Russia’s borders and encircling Russia with nuclear launch-pads.

The corrupt Biden pocketed millions of dollars in bribes from Ukraine through his son Hunter.  Imbecilic Biden, a puppet for his globalist handlers, pretends to act statesmanlike, meets with foreign dignitaries.  But not with Russia.  Biden’s sanctions against Russia will hurt the USA and Europe far more than they will hurt Russia.  You think inflation is bad now?  It’s about to go stratospheric.  High food prices and disruption of supply chains will threaten millions of people with hunger and starvation in America and around the world.

The U.S. War Party, which foisted the scamdemic on the people,

continues to wage war against Americans and the rest of humanity by different means.

Wear Your Mask

From The Wall Street Journal:

“Traveling somewhere? Bring your mask. The CDC and Biden administration said the federal mask mandate for planes, trains, and other mass transit will be extended to April 18 while they revise rules based on the latest science. The decision comes as most federal and state-level mandates are lifted amid falling Covid cases. The airline industry was one of the first to get a mandate and could end up being one of the last hold-outs. Hopefully, passengers take the news in stride….”

Wear your mask.  Wear your mask.
Do exactly as we ask!
Do exactly what we command
or you’ll be shut out, do you understand?
Wear your mask on trains and plains.
Wear your mask…  You’ve got no brains.
Masks are useless, you stupid fools.
These face-diapers collect your drool,
grow bacteria, make you ill,
cut your oxygen off as well.
They harm the children—but you obey,
you make them wear masks eight hours a day.

The mask is a sign of your obedience, subjugation,
humiliation, and slavish compliance.  It’s a tool of state control.
Otherwise it’s a useless appliance
that goes against all the science.

“We Don’t Need Gas Chambers—We’ve Got The Vaccine”

“We don’t need gas chambers.  We’ve got the vaccine.
All of you assembled here know exactly what I mean.”
Those were the words of one Klaus Schwab
at the World Economic Forum’s secret meeting Number 666.
“We constitute more than a quorum,
all 170 of us present here today.
We thrusted the kill-shots on every nation
through the W.H.O. in Bill Gates’s pay.
He did what he was supposed to do
and Biden and Fauci and BoJo did too
and plenty of others who answer to us…
Ardern, Morrison…we’re an Octopus!
That Pfizer loudmouth Mike Yeadon was right—
our vaccine IS a plan for depopulation
and we will implement it in every nation
to cut the riff-raff down to size,
make them manageable—at least in our eyes.
We’ll eliminate the useless eaters—
poor people, elderly, lazy excreters.”

“Our vaccine,” said Schwab, “is a marvelous tool
producing blood clots, massive or small.
Jabbed into every gullible fool
it causes multiple-organ system failure,
paralysis, tremors, shortness of breath,
heart inflammation and, of course, death!
Death   Death   Death…the word is so sweet
it keeps me nimble on my feet.
We’ll kill off six billion people or so.
The ignorant masses will never know
even though America’s FDA just released 55,000 pages
of damning evidence from the Pfizer trials
listing 1,300 adverse events.
To get this jab you’d have to be dense!
Heh heh heh,” Herr Schwab spoke,
planning death for even liberals and the woke.

“Think of what we’ve accomplished,” Klaus boasted,
“five billion human guinea pigs injected.
They’ll never be the same again,
their immune systems now defective
leaving them open to all sorts of illness
like you wouldn’t believe—even cancer!
Jawohl, this genetic cocktail of ours—
this so-called ‘vaccine’—is the answer!”

“And a vaccine passport we will mandate soon
for every man, woman, and child on earth.
Our good friend Tedros’s W.H.O.
will bring our master-plan to birth.
Then total dominion will be ours.
Yes!  We have unlimited powers
to track and control the useless eaters.
Our Appointed Puppets shall be their leaders
in a one-world techno-fascist state—
you’ll be lucky to get GMO food on your plate.
We’ll monitor their every move.
They get a bad score if we disapprove.”

the Washington Post and the New York Times
are blind to the globalists’ evil crimes.
They’re proud of their jabs, their vaccine compliance.
They think that Fauci is a man of science.
When they die they’ll blame it on the unvaxxed
as the Mainstream Media keeps twisting the facts.
It’s owned by Big Pharma and the CIA
and every presstitute is in their pay,
every Congress member too.
None of them represent me or you.

So what is anyone to do?
Shun the “vaccines”.  Speak the truth.
Protect the children and the youth.
To all their mandates, SAY NO.
Spread the truth wherever you go.
Let every friend and acquaintance know.
Pray to defeat this evil scheme
and end the New World Order regime
before it strangulates humanity.
They won’t stop with their Covid insanity.
The vaccine fraud was just the beginning.
It won’t end till We The People are winning.


Hundreds of TV, radio and newspaper outlets profited from Biden’s $1 billion vaccine propaganda campaign. Media ‘could be accessories to murder’. Leo Hohmann.

“The FDA last week released 55,000 pages of data about the Pfizer clinical trials showing that these injections carry a mortality rate of up to 3 percent, and many more suffered harmful side effects. This is data that the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep hidden from the American public for 75 years but were forced by a federal judge to start making available this year. The first installment of 55,000 pages was made public March 3.

“A 38-page report included in the documents…lists 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination.

“Placed in perspective, we now have proof that the government and its private corporate partners in the media lied to the American public for over a year about these vaccines, which were not really vaccines but experimental gene therapy.  They have blood on their hands and must be held accountable. They are complicit in an attempted genocide.”

Holocaust survivors join Lawyers, Dr Fleming, and Prof Luc Montagnier in demanding the International Criminal Court charge World Governments with Crimes against Humanity, Genocide, and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately By Rabbi Hillel Handler, Hagar Schafrir, et al.

“This death shot is killing & maiming people by the hundreds of thousands” (5-min video)

Paralysis, crippling, convulsions, uncontrollable tremors, Bell’s palsy, death.

We are Destroying the Lives of our Young with Experimental COVID Injections.

Year 2021 was America’s Holocaust: Unprecedented Lives Destroyed by Experimental COVID-19 “Vaccines”.  Brian Shilhavy.

“The U.S. Government’s own data, available to the public (at least at the time of publication), proves conclusively that more people died and were injured by the experimental COVID-19 shots than all other vaccines combined for the past 32 years.  2021 was America’s holocaust.  The Globalists and their puppet politicians are guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, and if the people do not rise up and take these criminals down, things are only going to get worse in 2022.”

The Population Is Being Killed Off with Covid mRNA “Vaccines”. Paul Craig Roberts.

The Vaccine Death Report by David John Sorensen and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. 52 pages. pdf downloadable free.

“The purpose of this report is to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and  hundreds  of  millions  of  serious  adverse  events  have  occurred,  after  injections  with  the experimental mRNA gene therapy. We also reveal the real risk of an unprecedented genocide….The  data  shows  that  we  are  currently  witnessing  the  greatest  organized  mass  murder  in  the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical question: will we rise  up  to  the  defense  of  billions  of  innocent  people?  Or  will  we  permit  personal  profit  over justice,  and  be  complicit?”

Operation Extermination–the Plan to Decimate the Human Immune System with a Lab-Generated Pathogen. Mike Whitney.

“The [COVID-19] vaccine has killed more people than any vaccine in history. So far, in the United States, the death toll is three times higher than the total of all vaccines in the last 35 years.  We’ve also seen a steady rise in all-cause mortality and excess deaths in the countries that launched mass vaccination campaigns earlier in the year.  Sometimes the increase is as much as 20 percent over the five-year average. That is a massive spike in fatalities, and it’s largely attributable to the vaccine.

“It was engineered to produce a delayed reaction that gradually but relentlessly erodes the health of the vaccinee. In other words, the full impact of the blood clots, bleeding, autoimmune issues and other vaccine-generated injuries will only be fully felt at a later date via increasing incidents of heart attacks, strokes, vascular illness and even cancer….

“It means the vaccine short-circuits your immune system which clears the way for infection, disease and an early death.  The vaccine is a man-made, lab-generated bioweapon that disables the body’s critical defense system which increases one’s susceptibility to disease by many orders of magnitude. With each additional injection, one is less capable of mounting a sufficient response to routine infections, flus or viruses. That’s going to lead to a tsunami of sickness that will likely overwhelm our public health system and plunge the country deeper into crisis.”

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